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What is Green Core Wood Flooring? Green HDF . characteristics and safety

Green wood floor What is the famous waterproof product on the market? Is its moisture resistance as effective as rumored? Does it affect health? What are you waiting for, let's dig deeper with Kosmos about this flooring right here!

Green core wood flooring – Green core HDF laminate flooring

What is Green Core Wood Flooring?

Green wood floor is an industrial wood floor using a green core HDF layer (Green HDF), a man-made material with more than 80% of the ingredients coming from natural wood. The characteristic green color of this wood core comes from the coloring agent, the purpose is to distinguish it from other types of wood.

Blue Core HDF (Green HDF) is produced to replace natural wood planks in construction, furniture making, etc. in places with low temperature and humidity conditions. The moisture resistance of this material comes from many ways such as: adding Copper Oxide in the ingredients, using a water-resistant binder, or simply increasing the compressibility.

Video testing the quality of Thai green wood flooring - Thaixin.


Green wood floor structure – Green HDF wood floor

Like other laminate flooring, green core wood flooring is composed of 4 layers and a locking system:

Anti-scratch surface coating.
Decorative layer simulates natural wood grain.
HDF wood core layer (here we use green core HDF).
Plastic base layer to keep the board balanced.
Hem wood floor (designed right next to the plank).

Seeing the green color, we will realize that this is a wooden floor using high moisture resistant wood (High Moisture Resistance – HMR). And green wood floor is an industrial wood floor that is water resistant, less affected in humid environments.

Structure of green wood floor - Green HDF wood floor

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Green core HDF laminate flooring is toxic or not?

Green core HDF laminate flooring is toxic or not depending on colorants and adhesives, specifically:

Coloring agent.

As mentioned above, the blue color of HDF HMR wood core is just a form of marking to differentiate. If the manufacturer uses natural organic color then congratulations, this is a safe product for health. On the contrary, if the manufacturer uses colors of unknown origin, it is difficult to ensure that they do not affect human health.


Using too much adhesive will cause the product to produce gas Formaldehyde big. Normally, wooden boards used in the house will use glue with index E0, E1 (the type with the amount of Formaldehyde allowed by the government).

The wood plank production process of each factory will significantly reduce Formaldehyde emissions. When purchasing, you need to check the E index (the indicator indicates the concentration of formaldehyde emissions) to determine the safety. Green wood floors that are safe for health will have an index E1.

According to the report of the European Food Safety Authority on May 25, 5 copper oxide No impact on consumers' health. Therefore, the article can correct that, wooden floors using copper oxide powder are not really harmful to health as many rumors say.

Currently, under the development of technical technology, many green wood flooring manufacturers have taken advantage of compression to increase the water resistance of the floor. Without the need for additive intervention, the compacted wood core itself prevents termite attack and moisture.


Compare green and white wood floors

Today's high-grade white wood floors are water-resistant and moisture-resistant not inferior to green wood floors. Therefore, there is no specific difference between these 2 types of flooring.

The truth about some types of green wood flooring in Vietnam

Although not water-resistant, many units still take advantage of the reputation of green wood floors to increase product prices. Just changing the color of the wood core, consumers were easily deceived by bad guys.

Be smart consumers. Before buying, you should learn product information on reputable forums. Buying goods from agents and large distribution units will limit the situation of buying fake and counterfeit goods for customers.


TOP 3 best quality green core laminate flooring today

TOP 3 best quality green core laminate flooring on the Vietnamese market today are: Thaixin, Povar and Kosmos Herringbone.

Water-resistant green wood floor – Thaixin

Thaixin is a green wood floor imported directly at Vanachai factory (Thailand). With moisture-resistant HMR wood core, Thaixin can withstand up to for 200 hours. As the exclusive distributor, Kosmos Vietnam commits to guarantee the flooded floor for the floor in accordance with the factory policy.

Classify the size Packing specifications
Green core wood floor 8mm 1205 x 192 x 8 mm 1.8509 m2 /8 bars/box
Green core wood floor 12mm 1205 x 193 x 12 mm 1.628 m2 /7 bars/box
Thaixin is a water-resistant green core (HMR) floor imported from Thailand

Anti-termite green wood floor – Povar

Povar Green core wood flooring has a beautiful design, sharp wood grain with many cool tones of European style. Not only that, with the ability to withstand scratches and scratches, the quality of the floor is guaranteed for a long time is 15 years!

Classify the size Packing specifications
Green core wood floor 8mm 1225 x 132 x 8 mm 2.4255 m2 /15 bars/box
Green core wood floor 12mm 1223 x 128 x 12 mm 1.5654 m2 /10 bars/box
Povar is a Vietnamese wooden floor with HDF green core

Green HDF herringbone wood floor – Kosmos Herringbone

Breakthrough in the industry of laminate flooring in Vietnam – Kosmos Herringbone. This is Herringbone wood floor with high quality Green HDF wood core. Not only does it create a unique and eye-catching space, this product line also ensures that the building is not easily attacked by termites.

Kosmos Herringbone is Green HDF herringbone laminate flooring

With the aim of bringing quality products to Vietnamese consumers. Committed Kosmos Warehouse quality warranty: is 15 years for the herringbone wood floor we produce.

Classify the size Packing specifications
8mm . green core HDF herringbone laminate flooring 606 x 96 x 8 mm 2.09434 m2 /36 bars/box
8mm . green core HDF herringbone laminate flooring 606 x 96 x 12 mm 1.3962 m2 /24 bars/box
Kosmos green herringbone wooden floor with beautiful design

Hope you can better understand about green core wood flooring (wood floor using green core HDF - Green HDF). Although the difference between this type of flooring and the white wood floor is increasingly fragile, they still bring peace of mind to Vietnamese consumers. If you have any questions that need to be answered by Kosmos Vietnam, please contact us at: (+84) 903 093 221

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