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Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring – The perfect solution for wet spaces

Egger Aqua Laminate Flooring 8mm is one of the types of Egger laminate flooring that is applied modern water separation technology, used for indoor flooring. Learn more about Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring with Kosmos through the article below!

Features of Egger Aqua 8mm . laminate flooring

Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring is known as Europe's No. 1 super water-resistant laminate flooring, 8mm is the thickness of the floor. Products manufactured by the corporation Eggers Group. Featured with absolute waterproof, anti-termite and not deformed after a long time of use.

Egger aqua wooden floors attract all eyes with wooden tones
Egger Aqua wooden floor attracts all eyes with wood tone

The surface of the wooden floor is produced in the form of a rough texture that is resistant to slipping. Contribute to ensuring user safety and easy movement. The product also attracts viewers by the innovative wood tones, bringing novelty to every space. Users can use Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., which are suitable.

Structural features of Egger Aqua laminate flooring include the following layers:

  • Water-resistant wooden backing: Its main use is to trap water, create balance and protect the bottom of the wooden floor.
  • HDF hard core layer without dopingt: Made from natural wood, modern technology is applied.
  • Floating pattern layer: Designed with sophisticated wood grain, giving wooden floors many different colors.
  • Laminate surface layer: Has good water resistance, scratch resistance, good heat resistance, etc.

The latest collection of Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring

Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring has a fixed size of 1292 x 193 x 8 mm in the form of bars. Here is the latest collection of Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring:

Product code Color Matching style Illustration
EPL178 Light Gray Soria Oak Modern and elegant interior style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL178
EPL174 Brown Agira Wood Pure rustic style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL174
EPL208 Natural North Oak Light modern style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL208
EPL075 Dark Dunnington Oak Pure rustic style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL075
EPL080 Light North Oak Modern style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL080
EPL067 Dark Langley Walnut Pure Nature (Pure Nature) san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL067
EPL179 Natural Soria Oak Modern, rustic style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL179
EPL180 Gray Soria Oak Modern, natural style san-go-egger-aqua-8mm-EPL180

Outstanding features of Egger Aqua 8mm . waterproof laminate flooring

It is not simple that Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring is considered a European quality product. The following information will help you better understand the outstanding features of this wood floor:

Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring is water resistant

The product has absolute waterproof feature because of the application of modern Aqua technology. Egger Aqua Water resistant up to 1000 hours. At the same time, possessing a 72h surface water lock feature that has been recognized by the North American Wood Floor Association. Users can use the installation for the whole bathroom without worrying about damage.

Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring has good water resistance
Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring has good water resistance

At the same time, the surface is covered with a high-grade protective layer, users can enjoy cleaning without worrying about scratches. The scratch resistance index of Egger laminate flooring at AC4 level also meets the needs of high-traffic spaces such as commercial centers, offices, etc.

On the other hand, due to being manufactured on advanced technology, Egger laminate flooring does not contain harmful substances. Ensure the safety of users, especially families with the elderly and young children.


Egger Aqua 8mm water-resistant wooden floor is also impressed by its ability to resist termites. This feature has been tested by Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Egger's exclusive distributor) and has exceeded expectations.

Long lasting durability

Applying modern technology to the production process, Egger Group has launched quality product lines with long-term durability, including Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring. In addition, the product is also equipped with a high-class locking system. Contribute to bring high aesthetic value to living space. At the same time limit peeling, increase durability and certainty for the floor.

Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring has long lasting durability
Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring has long lasting durability

Distributor of quality Egger Aqua 8mm wooden flooring, long-term warranty policy

Egger laminate flooring in general and Egger Aqua 8mm laminate flooring in particular are hot-selling products in Europe as well as in other countries. In Vietnam, Kosmos Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of Egger laminate flooring products.

Kosmos Vietnam has issued a permanent termite warranty policy for Egger Aqua laminate flooring. In addition, the company also stipulates a water-resistant warranty level for products up to 1000 hours (2 months). These are elements that no unit has implemented so far.

Not only that, Egger Aqua water-resistant wooden floor is also guaranteed to be completely replaced if the product is damaged by water according to the time specified in the warranty policy. Kosmos Vietnam commits up to 20 years quality warranty for 8mm Egger Aqua floor. Bringing users the best quality products and services. The article introduced readers to information about Egger Aqua wood floor 8mm. This is a line of European quality laminate flooring chosen by many users today. If you have more questions about Egger laminate flooring, don't hesitate to contact Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here Please. Kosmos will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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