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Is cheap wood flooring good? Cost saving tips

Cheap wooden floor still meets our needs well (both in terms of aesthetics and durability) at a fairly low cost. This article will list some beautiful and good natural wood floors and cheap laminate floors (Vietnamese wood floors) for everyone to choose from. At the same time, give tips to save more costs when buying flooring.

Cheap wooden floors still meet the needs of use
Cheap wooden floors still meet the needs of use

Cheap laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a line of flooring materials that replace natural wood floors. They help us to reduce logging, and significantly reduce costs when we want to bring the beauty of wood into our living space. Under the development of technology, laminate flooring is increasingly diversified and divided into many segments.

Cheap laminate flooring is a type of flooring produced and distributed domestically (Vietnamese wooden floor). Looking for this type of wooden floor, we can save a huge amount of fees such as: import fees, shipping fees, customs fees,...

Low cost engineered wood flooring
Low cost engineered wood flooring

Is Vietnamese wooden floor good?

According to VnEconomy . electronic magazine "75% of technology and equipment of Vietnamese enterprises originate from abroad". Therefore, the quality of Vietnamese domestic wood floors is not inferior to the imported wood floors on the market, they also bring attractive experiences such as:

  • Vivid design, much cheaper than natural wood flooring.

Natural wood flooring is a flooring material that increases the value of space. However, their cost is extremely expensive, especially in the current scarcity of crops. Meanwhile, under modern printing technology, the wood grain lines on industrial flooring are delicately sketched, hard to take your eyes off.

Wood floor designs made in Vietnam are diverse and lively
Wood floor designs made in Vietnam are diverse and lively

Cheap laminate flooring still meets aesthetics well because the decorative layer simulates true natural wood grain. Reproduces well the beauty of oak, teak,... rare natural woods, bringing luxury to the house.

Real cheap wooden floor model, good aesthetic response
Real cheap wooden floor model, good aesthetic response
  • Create a comfortable, comfortable living space.

The temperature of Vietnamese wooden floors transmitted to users is always in the right range. Whether it's hot weather or a cold winter night, the floorboards also regulate the temperature appropriately, providing a comfortable feeling for users when walking barefoot.

Laminate flooring creates a comfortable and pleasant living space
Laminate flooring creates a comfortable and pleasant living space

Vietnamese laminate flooring is also a suitable flooring material for children. They do not affect children's health when playing on the floor, limit slips and do not cause injury when bumping.

  • Fast and easy construction.

With the design of the lock, Vietnamese laminate flooring does not need to be fixed to the floor, which increases the flexibility of the product. It is easy to install, as well as dismantle the floor for reuse. The operation of assembling flooring is also extremely fast, both saving labor for workers and saving construction costs for homeowners.

Install laminate flooring quickly and easily
Install laminate flooring quickly and easily
  • Lifespan 15 years.

If the lifespan of high quality wooden floor can up to 20 - 25 year This type of cheap wooden flooring only stops at that level is 15 years. That's the comparison, but 15 years is also a long time for us to use. Especially when the need to decorate and renew our living space continuously follows the vortex of the market.

Cheap laminate flooring life up to 15 years
Cheap laminate flooring life up to 15 years
  • Cost savings.

Buying Vietnamese wooden floors is contributing to supporting domestic production and reducing the trade deficit. In addition, domestic wood flooring does not have to pay the fees that imported wood floors must have such as transportation costs, import taxes, loading and unloading fees at the port, document fees, etc. suitable for all segments.

Vietnamese wooden floors still meet all the needs of users
Vietnamese wooden floors still meet all the needs of users

TOP 3 prestigious and quality Vietnamese wooden floors

Top 3 laminate flooring brands originating in Vietnam that you cannot ignore are: Kosmos, Galamax and Povar.

  • Kosmos – High quality Vietnamese laminate flooring.

Kosmos Laminate Flooring With a high-grade surface protection coating, the floorboards are resistant to friction, less scratched and resistant to the effects of ultraviolet rays. The beauty of the floor is always sustainable throughout the years of long-term use.

Kosmos parquet and accessories corresponding to the design
Kosmos parquet and accessories corresponding to the design

Always wanting to bring the best to consumers, Kosmos Laminate Flooring also adds Kosmos Herringbone herringbone laminate flooring. With a unique design, Kosmos Herringbone brings depth to the apartment. The floor surface is linked more closely, increasing friction, better anti-slip for users. Green wood core makes the product resistant to termite attack.

Kosmos cheap wooden flooring ensures durability and aesthetics for users
Kosmos cheap wooden flooring ensures durability and aesthetics for users
  • Galamax – Vietnamese wooden flooring applying German technology.

Galamax Laminate Flooring It saves time on cleaning thanks to the hard-to-stick surface. Any stubborn stains on the floor are easily removed with just a damp cloth. Daily cleaning is enough to keep the floor looking new with no maintenance – costly maintenance. The product also ensures safety for users' health with low Formaldehyde (E1) standards.

Galamax laminate flooring with matching accessories
Galamax laminate flooring with matching accessories
  • Povar – Vietnamese wood flooring with green core, termite resistant.

Povar is one of the best quality green wood floors made in Vietnam today. Under the talented design hand, the wood grain effect on the floor brings an irresistible attraction. There are many interior designers who choose Povar wood flooring for their projects. Besides, the anti-termite ability of the floor is a huge plus that consumers cannot ignore. Povar Laminate Flooring Manufacturer warranties up to 10 years.

Povar green wood flooring and accessories with 10-year termite warranty
Povar green core wood flooring and accessories have a 10-year termite warranty.

Price list of wooden floors in Vietnam

STT Wood flooring company Dimensions (mm) Unit price Note
1 Kosmos Laminate Flooring 1225x202x8 ~360.000 VND Completed works*
2 813x132x8 ~350.000 VND Completed works*
3 1223x132x12 ~400.000 VND Completed works*
4 Kosmos Herringbone parquet 606x96x8 ~510.000 VND Completed works*
5 606x96x12 ~575.000 VND Completed works*
6 Galamax Gold Laminate Flooring 1225x150x8 ~360.000 VND Completed works*
7 Povar Laminate Flooring 1225x132x8 ~405.000 VND Completed works*
8 1223x128x12 ~545.000 VND Completed works*

*Completed project price includes: material price (agency price), construction price, accessories (wool + splint + foam), transportation, etc. is not fixed.

**Prices are for reference only in January 1, not listed prices and will fluctuate over time.


Cheap natural wood flooring

Natural wooden floors are wooden floorboards shaped from natural wood trunks such as: Cypress trees, Walnut trees, Lim trees, Huong trees, etc. Taking advantage of the beauty of mother nature. To decorate the house, it helps the homeowner assert his position.

Natural wood floors affirm the class of the owner
Natural wood floors affirm the class of the owner

And obviously, the price of natural wood floors is not low. To save costs, you can consider switching to another type of flooring with a cheaper price such as: laminate flooring, laminate flooring, etc. If you really like this item, we can turn it on. Some types of cheap natural wood floors are as follows:

Quote and characteristics of cheap natural wood floors
Classify Characteristics Unit price
Chiu Liu wooden floors
  • Just spend a moderate price, you can own cheap natural wood flooring from Laos. With outstanding golden tones on an extremely characteristic dark brown background.
  • Widths range from 50mm to 90mm and reach a thickness of 15mm.
595.000 – 850.000 VND/m²
Lao Chamwood wooden floor
  • This is a cheap wooden floor originating from Laos, with cockroach color.
  • The floor has a thickness of about 15mm and a width ranging from 50mm to 70mm.
650.000 VND – 800.000 VND/m²
Parquet Perfume Padouk
  • This is a cheap type of wooden floor originating from South Africa.
  • The floor is a typical dark reddish brown color, with a width of about 70mm - 90mm and a thickness of 15mm.
750.000 VND – 950.000 VND/m²
Laminate flooring South Africa
  • This is a wooden floor originating from South Africa with beautiful twisted wood grain.
  • Common widths of flooring are 60mm, 70mm and thickness 15mm
700.000 VND – 900.000 VND/m²
Teak wood floors
  • The floor originates from Laos, with gray or bright yellow stripes interspersed with black streaks, which can be straight or mountain grain.
  • A special feature is that the color of Teak flooring will have unique seasonal changes. They will turn yellow in the dry season and turn dark gray in the rainy season.
  • There are 2 thicknesses for customers to choose from: 15mm and 18mm. With a width of 90 - 120mm
780.000 – 1.100.000 VND/m²

Note: These are prices referenced on the market in July 7. They are not fixed prices and will change over time as well as have differences by region, store,...


Tips to save money when buying cheap wooden floors

To save costs, we should install wooden floors at home and choose to buy the right flooring for our needs.

Self-installation at home

Whether it's laminate flooring or natural wood flooring, their installation method is not much different. You just need to connect the tongue and top groove on the edge of the board to complete the floor without fixing with nails. You can install it yourself to save money.

See more: Construction instructions for laminate flooring and installation notes.

Self-install laminate flooring to save costs
Self-install laminate flooring to save costs

Choose the floor that suits your needs

Laminate floors have many levels of scratch resistance (AC) ranging from level 1 to level 5. The higher the scratch resistance index, the more durable the floor and the corresponding price increase.

  • AC2 wooden floor: Suitable for installation in bedrooms, places with low traffic density but not recommended for use.
  • AC3 laminate flooring: Suitable for installation in private homes, living rooms where there is an average density of movement.
  • AC4 laminate flooring: Flooring can be installed in corporate offices, clothing stores, commercial buildings.
  • AC5 laminate flooring: This is a highly scratch-resistant floor, often in the high-end wooden floor segment.

If you only want to install wooden floors in the bedroom area, cheap wooden floors are available AC3 index, 8mm thick It is affordable and meets all needs.

Wooden flooring for the bedroom has a low price
Wooden flooring for the bedroom has a low price

Where to provide cheap wooden flooring in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City area, you can go to Kosmos warehouse to choose the cheapest wooden flooring in the market. In addition to cheap Vietnamese wood flooring brands, the imported wood flooring lines here also have extremely competitive prices because they are imported directly from the factory.

Kosmos total warehouse has wooden floor warranty policy clear, transparent, benefit oriented towards customers. If you want to become an agent selling Vietnamese wooden floors, please contact us immediately at: +0903 093 221 XNUMX. And Kosmos also hopes that the information gathered after the above market reference process can help you choose. cheap wooden floor suitable for your family.

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