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What is laminate flooring? Classification, advantages and disadvantages

Laminate Flooring is an extremely popular interior decoration material in the world and Vietnam. Although ubiquitous, many people still rarely hear about Laminate, this is another way of calling high-density laminate flooring. We invite you to learn more about this material with Kosmos!


What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring is another way of calling laminate flooring using the surface Laminate for coating, the full name is floor High Pressure Laminate. The product is manufactured from natural wood pulp pressed hard into a sturdy high-density board HDF cốt core.

Laminate flooring is HDF wood board covered with laminate surface
Laminate flooring is HDF wood board covered with laminate surface

Since its inception, Laminate flooring has gradually replaced natural wood floors because it can overcome many limitations of wood. The floor has a coating surface that is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-slip, and highly heat-resistant. In particular, Laminate flooring is very diverse in color and texture.

Over time, increasingly advanced production technology helps wooden boards not to warp. On the market, there are many brands of Laminate flooring that are waterproof for 1000 hours, permanently anti-termite, attractive to users. This material line is the perfect solution to the inadequacies of using natural wood floors.

High Pressure Laminate has good water resistance thanks to the application of high technology
High Pressure Laminate has good water resistance thanks to the application of high technology

Structure of laminate flooring

All types of laminate flooring before being put on the market need to meet all 4 structural layers. Each class has different components and uses as follows:

  • Surface protection layer: This layer is usually covered with a layer of aluminum oxide, which is anti-scratch, anti-burnt, and anti-fading from cleaning chemicals.
  • Decorative paper layer: This layer creates a variety of laminate floors from imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation brick, etc. After creating the texture for the paper, it will be dipped in Melamine glue, which is pressed under high temperature and high pressure to prevent scratches. .
  • HDF layer of plywood: HDF board is made of wood fiber powder with high fiber density that is compressed under great pressure. This layer determines the thickness of the board, has a high moisture resistance and bearing effect.
  • Balanced paper grade: This is also a layer of paper dipped in Melamine glue but does not create decorative patterns on the paper, which has the effect of balancing the board when there is an unexpected temperature change, helping the board to stay flat and resist moisture.

In addition, laminate flooring also has an outstanding advantage: Smart lock system. The locking jaws also help the boards to be tightly bonded together without the use of glue. Thanks to this locking system, laminate flooring can be reused. The lock is usually coated with oil or paraffin to prevent water, bacteria and mildew.

Laminate flooring construction
Laminate flooring construction

How many types of laminate flooring are there?

There are many ways to classify laminate flooring on the market, such as by wood core, decorative motifs, thickness, origin, etc.

Classification of laminate flooring by decorative motifs

In terms of surface decorative pattern design, Laminate flooring has 3 most popular types: wood grain, stone-cement grain, and 3D wood grain.

Laminate laminate flooring 3D wood grain

This is the most modern line of industrial flooring, applied 3D printing technique advanced. They feel like real wood, have depth to the touch, provide a very pleasant realism and closeness. 3D wood grain, depending on the color, is suitable for classic or modern interior decoration styles.

Laminate Flooring 3D Wood Grain
Laminate Flooring 3D Wood Grain

At the same time, the delicate 3D surface of the floor creates a roughness like walking on a real wooden floor, not slippery when moving in the presence of water. In particular, when moving on the 3D floor in the summer, it will create a cool feeling, as well as bring warmth to the feet in the winter.

In order to produce beautiful 3D laminated industrial floors, it is necessary to apply other high technologies with flat surfaces with a larger investment. Therefore, the 3D floor line is classified as a high-end segment floor product.

Laminate laminate flooring with wood grain

Laminate flooring designed with wood grain patterns is the most popular line on the market today. The surface of the floorboards is decorated with textures designed according to natural wood grains such as walnut, oak or incense, etc. They are suitable for most interior design styles from antiques. classic to modern.

Laminate flooring has a variety of wood grain designs and colors
Laminate flooring has a variety of wood grain designs and colors

In addition, this product also uses the popular, solid HDF wood core, giving the feeling of real wood planks. Vietnam market is very rich with many brands of laminate flooring from many famous brands in the world. And many high-quality Vietnamese products appear that are suitable for today's needs.

Laminate laminate flooring imitation stone - cement

Laminate flooring has a textured surface with stone and cement textures that are more unique than wood grain floors. Trendy neutral colors such as cement gray, rough gray stone create luxury and high-class for the space. The floor is suitable for decorating industrial, minimalist and modern interior design styles. They are suitable for both residential buildings, cafes, restaurants, commercial centers, etc.

Laminate floor imitation cement stone
Laminate floor imitation cement stone

Classification of laminate flooring by thickness

The thickness of laminate flooring is the most important factor when consumers choose laminate flooring. In Vietnam market, the commonly used laminate flooring is 8mm and 12mm . thick

Laminate floor 8mm

This laminate flooring is a standard flooring manufactured for residential installations with a scratch resistance rating of AC3 or AC4. With a reasonable cost, 8mm wooden floor is always the number 1 choice for civil housing projects.

Laminate floor 12mm

This type of floor is thicker than 8mm, so in addition to installing at home, it is also installed in offices, stores, commercial centers, etc. 12mm floors have a scratch index of AC4, AC5 or higher, travel. will be quieter and will last longer than 8mm floors. At the same time, the cost of 12mm floor will also be higher than 8mm floor.

Laminate Flooring 12mm with high strength
Laminate Flooring 12mm with high strength

Classification by origin

Laminate flooring is classified by origin, there are 2 types: domestic wood flooring and imported wood flooring.

Domestic wooden floor

This is a laminate floor manufactured directly in Vietnam, large wood flooring factories are located in the northern provinces such as Hoa Binh, Hanoi, Hai Duong, etc.

Imported wooden floor

This is a type of product that is directly produced in foreign countries and then officially imported to Vietnam. Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are many big brands imported from countries such as Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, France, etc. Usually, imported wooden floors will have better quality than domestic wooden floors. but the cost will be higher.

Before deciding to buy any type of laminate flooring, customers also need to make requirements. From there, we will proceed to consider which type of laminate is suitable to make an accurate decision.

Laminate flooring imported from Germany with good quality
Laminate flooring imported from Germany with good quality

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring

Laminate laminate flooring offers many optimal solutions for users very effectively. But, the product also has certain shortcomings. Customers should consider both sides to get the most overview.

Advantages of Laminate flooring

Similar to other wood floors, this type of Laminate floor is loved by users for its outstanding features such as good water resistance, effective termite resistance, scratch resistance, good bearing capacity, and anti-warping. If you are looking for a floor model that is both aesthetically pleasing and close to natural wood, this is the perfect choice for you.

Laminate flooring has an effective anti-wear feature thanks to the Laminate surface covered with a hard durable Al2O3 layer. In particular, the floor is lined with a bottom sole to help balance and prevent moisture from under the floor, ensuring a perfect 2-way waterproof.

Laminate flooring has many outstanding advantages
Laminate flooring has many outstanding advantages

Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is relatively water resistant. Currently, laminate flooring is becoming more and more water-resistant thanks to increasingly advanced technology, however, the nature of laminate flooring will absorb water over time. Therefore, we should pay attention and maintain according to the instructions to keep the floor beautiful for the longest time, avoiding subjectively not cleaning the water when using.

In addition to this feature, high-end laminate floors have outstanding features to meet the needs of today's use. Some conditions of termite attack, damage due to force, warping, etc. may come from poor product quality, not meeting quality standards. We should avoid these product lines to save maintenance and repair costs.

Kosmos Vietnam provides quality genuine laminate flooring
Kosmos Vietnam provides quality genuine laminate flooring

So, what did Kosmos share about Laminate flooring? Classify products and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this material. Hope this article is useful for you to read. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us Fanpage Or call directly via Hotline (+ 84) 903 093 221.

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