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Product Type Square hole plastic wood floor
Models 2D wood grain - Striped grain
Size: 140 25 x x 2900mm
Specification 0.406m2/bar
Tolerance ± 5mm
Guarantee is 3 years
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Galawood G140V25-Yellow outdoor plastic wood flooring is made from 35% plastic powder, 55% natural wood powder and 10% additives, bringing many outstanding advantages such as: termite resistant, water resistant, non-slip, warping.

Galawood G140V25-Yellow outdoor flooring has a bright yellow color, bringing modern beauty and luxury to the space. The product is designed with one 2D wood grain surface and one striped grain surface, which you can reuse after the other surface has become old. Just remove the floor and use the other surface again and you have a floor like new.

The size of G140V25-Yellow plastic wood floor is 140 x 25 x 2900mm, with a specification of 0.406m.2/bar. The product has a thickness of 25mm, helping to increase rigidity and bearing capacity.

Galawood G140V25-Yellow flooring has a genuine 3-year warranty, bringing peace of mind to users.

Specifications of Galawood G140V25-Yellow outdoor plastic wood flooring

Parameter Test method Result Meaning
Humidity BS EN 322: 1993 0.7% The moisture content of the product is only 0.7% after drying at ~103 degrees Celsius.
Anti-denting ability ISO 24343: 2007 0.03 mm The floor only appeared a dent of about 0.03mm after placing an extremely heavy load on it.
Anti-fouling ability BS EN 438 – 2: 2016 Stains from toothpaste: level 5. Stains from coffee: level 5. Stains from Sodium Hydroxide 25%: level 5. No visible change after exposure to the above stains.
Specific weight ASTM D792 – 20 1.37g/cm3 On a volume of 1cm3, Galawood plastic wood has a weight of 1.37g.
Intensity curling ISO 178: 2019 34.7MPa Galawood plastic wood can withstand a maximum bending force of 34.7MPa before breaking or being damaged.

The above technical specifications show that Galawood G140V25-Yellow outdoor plastic wood flooring has high durability, good bearing capacity, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-warping, termite, and mold. These are important characteristics needed in an outdoor plastic wood flooring product, helping to ensure the aesthetics and longevity of the product during use.

With the above technical specifications, Galawood G140V25-Yellow outdoor plastic wood flooring is an ideal choice for outdoor projects such as terraces, balconies, swimming pools,...

Galawood plastic wood floor cross section
Galawood plastic wood floor cross section

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