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Natural pine wood flooring: Price list, advantages, disadvantages and classification

Are you looking for a cheap natural wood floor with good quality? Pine wooden floor is the right choice to meet the above requirements. In this article, Kosmos will help you answer why natural Pine wood floors are not as valuable as other types of wood floors but they are still so popular.

Pine wood floors bring natural beauty into your home
Pine wood floors bring natural beauty into your home (Source: Internet)

What is pine wood flooring?

Pine floor is a material made from natural Pine wood in the form of Solid or slatted floor Engineered. This type of wood flooring has many applications, including flooring, wooden ceilings or wall coverings.

Natural pine wood floors have many wood knots
Natural pine wood floors have many knots (Source: Internet)

Pine trees grow quickly, it only takes 20 - 25 years to be able to harvest wood for processing. This makes this plant popular and its supply is also abundant in the market.


How many types of pine flooring are there?

Around the world, there are up to 125 species of pine trees distributed in many different places. However, based on the characteristics observed with the naked eye, Pine wood can be classified into three main groups, which are Red Pine, White Pine and Yellow Pine.

Flooring made of red pine wood

Red pine belongs to group IA in the classification of wood groups, this is the rarest wood among the Pine wood lines. In Vietnam, the supply of Red Pine wood is almost exhausted and wood blanks are mainly imported from countries in North America.

The floor is made of red pine wood
The floor is made of red pine wood (Source: Internet)

Flooring made from Red Pine wood usually has a higher selling price compared to natural wood flooring lines same type and size. Red Pine wood flooring has a main color of pink red with a light fragrance and is 3 times heavier in weight than other types of Pine wood. It is known for its hard wood, smooth surface, and not easy to crack.

Flooring made of white pine wood

White pine wood has a fast growth rate so the price is also quite cheap. Therefore, White Pine wood flooring has the highest production and consumption output among all types of Pine flooring. This product usually has a light wood color, with many wooden knots of diverse sizes and designs, and widely distributed light pink wood panels, creating a unique look for the product.

White Pine wooden floors
White pine wood floors (Source: Internet)

Flooring made of yellow pine wood

The characteristic of this type of floor is its eye-catching golden color and beautiful wood grain lines. However, the weight of Yellow Pine wood is lighter than that of Red Pine and White Pine, making the price more reasonable.

Yellow Pine wooden floors
Yellow pine wooden floor (Source: Internet)

In general, pine wood flooring types have differences in color, wood texture and grain, but they all contain essential oils that can prevent termites and carry a light fragrance, creating comfort. roof for users.


Characteristics of pine wood flooring

  • Wooden flooring Usually costs less than many types of boards natural wooden floor Other popular in the market such as Cam Xe wooden floor, Walnut wooden floor, Giang Huong wooden floor, Oak wooden floor, Teak wood floors, Chiu Liu wood floors, Red Oak wood floors,...
  • Pine wood contains special essential oils, giving it outstanding termite resistance. This also means that pine wood does not lose color during use.
Pine wood floors create a pleasant fragrance for the bedroom
Pine wood floors create a pleasant fragrance for the bedroom (Source: Internet)
  • Pine wood flooring has a variety of specifications, not as limited as other precious woods. Therefore, you can buy this product at any time and choose from many quality wood products available at wood flooring stores and showrooms.
  • Pine wood planks have bright and gentle colors, perfectly suitable for modern, simple and youthful designs.
  • Pine wood is light in weight, so transporting and installing it becomes easy.

Distinguishing natural pine wood floors from other types of natural wood floors

Unlike natural oak floors, each type of wood has its own distinguishing characteristics. How to recognize natural pine wood flooring is not too difficult, you can rely on the following 3 outstanding characteristics:

About the scent

With a characteristic scent that is gentle, soothing and warm but not at all pungent, Pine floor wood is often extracted into essential oils to treat stress, fatigue, and promote good sleep.

Pine wood has a characteristic aroma
Pine wood has a characteristic aroma (Source: Internet)

Often, this type of wood floor is often confused with Oak wood floors because they are both white in color and quite similar in light weight. However, Oak wood does not have the same fragrance as Pine wood, you have to smell it deeply to feel it.

About color and weight

The weight of pine wood depends on the type, on average 600-700kg/m3. Among them, red pine wood has the heaviest weight. The most common colors are white with a pink center and golden yellow gradually fading to the center, while Red Pine is very rare.

Pine wood flooring is light in weight
Pine wood flooring is light in weight (Source: Internet)

About the grain and knot of wood

Pine wood usually has many knots, so this is considered a unique feature of this type of board. Pine wood planks have few grains, with soft, light-colored grain lines, completely different from the slightly curved straight grain and long beams with thick grain density of Oak wood.

Wooden floors usually have many wooden knots
Wooden floors usually have many wood knots (Source: Internet)

Is it popular in Vietnam to make pine wood floors?

The answer is yes. Because in Vietnam, the trend of modern design, emphasizing minimalism and lots of light, is increasingly popular. Therefore, choosing wooden floors with light colors will meet the above requirements.

Pine wood floors bring comfort to users
Pine wood floors bring comfort to users (Source: Internet)

With pine wood floors, they not only bring impressive beauty but also create a pleasant scent, making the house fragrant and attractive. Therefore, many young couples prefer to use pine wood flooring in their interior design.


4 things to note when choosing pine pallet wood flooring

Each individual will have their own criteria when choosing to buy wooden floors. However, for Pine wooden floor pallet, you should pay attention to the following 4 important notes.

About classification

There are two common types of pine pallet wood floors: solid floors and slat floors. During the product selection process, you need to pay attention to the structure of both types because they have differences in price, installation method and unique characteristics.

Pine wood paneling
Pine wood planks (Source: Internet)

About the price

Solid panels have a higher price than laminated floors because they use flat, solid wood planks to ensure the best hardness and bearing capacity. The installation process requires using glue or screws to fix.

Use solid pine wood flooring for the bedroom
Use solid pine wood flooring in the bedroom (Source: Internet)

In addition, the expansion of a solid floor is also higher than a laminate floor, so you should use this product in dry places with little temperature variation.

About structural characteristics

Engineered laminate flooring consists of 3 layers of laminated wood stacked on top of each other, including:

  • The top layer is a thin pine wood panel about 3mm thick, usually the most aesthetically pleasing for decoration.
  • The second layer is thicker wooden bars, cut into small pieces and arranged perpendicular to the upper layer to minimize the expansion of the board.
  • The final layer is a layer of wood that balances and waterproofs the floor.

This type of floor is often designed with a convenient lock during installation. With low expansion, laminate flooring can be installed in locations exposed to high humidity such as bathrooms or balconies, without causing warping of the planks.

About the model

Normally, pine wood for floors is often covered with a layer of gloss paint on the surface to protect the floor structure. However, if the homeowner likes the rustic and natural look, using original pine wood floors is no problem.

Pine wood floors are covered with glossy paint
Pine wood floors covered with glossy paint (Source: Internet)

But Customers should note that wooden knots on the floor surface can form holes, or even peel off the wooden panel, reducing aesthetics and causing dirt accumulation, making it difficult to clean. Therefore, if you want to use original wooden floors, you should choose panels with as few wood knots as possible to ensure the aesthetics of the floor is maintained long term.


Latest updated price of natural pine wood flooring

The price of pine wood flooring is a topic of concern for many people. Therefore, Kosmos has researched and updated the latest price list on the market that you can refer to.

STT Product's name Dimensions (Length x width x height) Price (VND/m2)
1 450mm Pine wood floor 450 x 90 x 15 600.000
2 600mm Pine wood floor 600 x 90 x 15 650.000
3 750mm Pine wood floor 750 x 90 x 15 700.000
4 900mm Pine wood floor 900 x 90 x 15 750.000
5 Pine wood flooring with slats 1800 x 152 x 18 500.000

The above price list was updated in November 12 and only includes pine wood flooring prices, excluding shipping and installation costs.


Kosmos – A reputable wooden flooring distribution warehouse today

Kosmos is a reliable address specializing in providing quality wooden floors and diverse designs. The warehouse, which is up to 10.000 square meters wide, always stocks a large quantity of products from many famous brands such as:

  • Egger – Germany's number 1 water-resistant wooden floor in the world
  • Thaixin – Green core Thai wooden floors are effective against water
  • Robina – Malaysian wooden floors are top-notch termite resistant

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Currently, Kosmos is not only a reputable wooden flooring distribution warehouse but also a companion in many interior and exterior decoration projects across the country. Kosmos' nationwide agent system has more than 500 units, always ready to supply a variety of products to customers including: plastic wood, plastic flooring, bamboo charcoal panels, decorative braces,...

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Through the above article, it can be seen that, Natural pine wood floors is a cheap and quality material that you can refer to for application in your living space. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below for Kosmos to answer.

In addition, if there is a need to buy laminate flooring, you can also contact here for fastest purchasing advice.


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