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Glued vinyl flooring – Bearing pvc flooring

Glued plastic floor is also known as load-bearing pvc flooring. This type of floor is installed with specialized glue and is a quick decoration solution for houses. The beauty of the sophisticated texture layer helps the floor to meet all modern interior design styles!

Laminate flooring is also known as load-bearing pvc flooring
Laminate flooring is also known as load-bearing pvc flooring

What is laminate flooring?

Glued plastic floor is a type of plastic floor installed with glue. The plastic board is firmly bonded to the floor surface with special glue. With a thickness of about 2-3 mm, this product is easy to transport and install. High-grade plastic flooring will be manufactured from virgin pvc instead of mixed plastic of unknown origin on the market.

Glued vinyl flooring is a floor installed with glue
Glued vinyl flooring is a floor installed with glue

As a load-bearing pvc floorboard, the product has a long lifespan. Flooring can last from 10 to 15 years if installed and maintained properly.

Construction of glued plastic floor

Glued plastic floor is composed of 5 layers and firmly linked together by modern machinery system. Each layer on the floor has a certain function such as:

  • UV Coating

The UV coating has the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays from fading the texture. Not only that, the coating also has the effect of increasing hardness and limiting surface dirt.

  • Wear Layer

Nano coating has a thickness of 0.3mm to prevent friction from affecting the decorative texture underneath, protecting the beauty of the floor for a long time of use.

  • Printing Layer

This is the layer that determines the beauty of the floor. Manufacturers apply a layer of pattern on the plastic core so that the floor has a variety of designs with delicate lines and vivid colors.

  • Plastic core layer

The plastic core layer of this type of floor has the characteristics of toughness thanks to being made up of virgin pvc powder mixed with plasticizer oil. The interior is also equipped with a small amount of additives to add features to the floor.

  • Balance layer

The base layer has 100% virgin pvc plastic composition, which protects the floor from the foundation layer. The base surface is the location of direct contact with the glue layer, which helps to increase the adhesion between the floor and the floor when installing.

Construction of glued plastic floor
Construction of glued plastic floor

Application location of load-bearing pvc flooring

PVC flooring is a specialized product for interior spaces. Because it is applied with adhesive, you need to avoid installing the product in wet areas often. The most suitable locations for installing glued plastic floors are: bedrooms, living rooms, offices, ...

Heavy-duty pvc floorboards are only used in interior spaces
Heavy-duty pvc floorboards are only used in interior spaces

At commercial buildings such as clothing stores, milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc., it is often necessary to change the model to refresh the space. Therefore, the application of load-bearing pvc flooring is extremely suitable because of its low cost, easy installation, and attractive decorative patterns.

Laminate flooring is commonly used in small retail stores
Laminate flooring is commonly used in small retail stores

How many types of load-bearing PVC floorboards are there?

Heavy-duty PVC flooring is classified by construction and design.

Classification by construction method

There are two types of PVC laminate flooring: glued plastic flooring and peeled plastic flooring. In fact, these two are completely different.

  • Peel-off plastic floor is a plastic floor with pre-glued adhesive just below the base. You only need to peel off the protective paper to install this type of floor immediately.
  • Glued plastic floor is a plastic floor that needs to be prepared with a special glue outside for installation. You will first apply a layer of glue on the floor and then begin to glue the plastic board on top.
Classification of laminate flooring by construction method
Classification of laminate flooring by construction method

Although the plastic floor is convenient to peel and stick, the glue layer is not as sticky as the plastic floor using external glue, you need to consider when using it.

Sort by model

The most sought-after plastic flooring models are imitation wood and stone. The floor has an artificial but equally true beauty under advanced printing technology. So, price of imitation vinyl flooring is 2 to 3 times lower than the real thing and is a perfect substitute for wood and stone.

Plastic floor imitation stone

The ultimate beauty from natural stones such as marble and granite brings luxury and class to the apartment. Laminate flooring with imitation stone Copy this beauty meticulously down to every detail such as stone grain lines or randomly mixed colors that attract all eyes. The plus point of plastic flooring is that the pattern is uniform, easy to install in large areas without being distracting.

Plastic floor imitation stone
Plastic floor imitation stone

Real stone has a shiny, smooth surface with high hardness. Meanwhile, the plastic floor is not shiny but has friction - reducing slippage. In addition, the plastic floor is not as cold as stone and safe for children's health.

SPC flooring

Wood grain is the magical beauty of nature. For a long time, the beauty of wood has been an inspiration in interior design. Laminate flooring with imitation wood glue recreates the simple beauty but full of nobility for your space.

The scarcity of forest trees, which affects the ecosystem, has pushed up the price of natural wood. In the future, wood will gradually be replaced by imitation wood materials and bearing pvc flooring is a typical example. PVC flooring also avoids risks such as termites and mold.

SPC flooring
SPC flooring

Is glued vinyl flooring good?

To answer the question of whether glued plastic flooring is good, it does not need to be felt by each person. The article states that the objective answer is good by the listed characteristics as follows:


  • PVC flooring has good bearing capacity despite its thin thickness;
  • Carrying light weight, the floor is easy to transport and install;
  • Using glued plastic flooring saves a lot of costs;
  • Diverse floor designs, impressive design, uniformity;
  • Flooring uses primary plastic, safe for health;
  • Plastic floor is not cold feet and anti-slip;
  • Insulating floor, anti-fire spread, safe in daily life;
  • The surface of the board is equipped with anti-scratch coating, anti-fading by UV rays;
  • Floors limit slippage and reduce impact injuries;


  • The product is not intended for outdoor use.
  • Laminate floors using glue are more difficult to remove plastic floor lock.
Glued vinyl flooring is a reasonably priced flooring material
Glued vinyl flooring is a reasonably priced flooring material

General, glued plastic floor low cost flooring material. Carrying many preeminent features, this load-bearing pvc floorboard has been much sought after in recent times. If you have any questions about product information, you can call immediately at (+84) 903.093.221 or leave a question in the section contact. Total warehouse of decorative materials Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company will reply to you as soon as possible.

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