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Is water-resistant vinyl flooring really that good?

Water-resistant faux wood flooring is the item with the highest search volume since the beginning of the year and shows no sign of cooling down. Kosmos will reveal all about this waterproof plastic floor right to you!

Waterproof laminate flooring.
Waterproof laminate flooring.

Construction of water-resistant imitation wood plastic floor

Water-resistant faux wood flooring what you are looking for is none other than the product of the plastic floor lock. Since there is no need to use glue during the installation process (glue adhesion can be reduced if exposed to too much water), the floor's water resistance is 100%. This type of floor has 4 layers as follows:

SPC đế sole layer

The base layer of the floor is manufactured from a mixture of virgin pvc and stone powder (stone plastic composite). The durable and sturdy material makes the water-resistant plastic wood floor still have good bearing capacity with only a thickness of 3-5 mm.

To eliminate the need to install foam when installing, you can look to plastic flooring with IXPE lining. This is a lining made of polyethylene plastic with low thermal conductivity, increasing the thermal insulation of the floor. The lining also makes walking on the floor smoother and better against noise, improving your living space.

Water-resistant faux wood flooring with rubber soles.
Water-resistant faux wood flooring with rubber soles.

Wood grain paper

The layer of wood grain paper on the water-resistant plastic floor is extremely attractive. True color, delicate wood grain, no one can expect that the "wooden floor" surface as shown in the illustration below is made of plastic material, right?

Waterproof vinyl flooring has a variety of wood grain.
Waterproof vinyl flooring has a variety of wood grain.

Nano anti-scratch layer

Face wood grain plastic floor Waterproof not easily scratched by 0.3mm thick anti-scratch nano layer. We can freely run and jump, move on the floor without worrying about making the floor worse after a long time of use.

Note: The floor is not resistant to scratches from sharp objects. Do not drag heavy objects on the floor and absolutely do not scrub the floor with a brush.

Anti-fading layer due to UV

The decorative finish of water-resistant vinyl flooring is at risk of fading due to UV rays (ultraviolet rays present in the sun). Therefore, we can only install the floor in the interior space. However, to protect the color of the floor as best as possible, the manufacturer has covered the floor with a layer of UV protection.

Lock button

The appearance of the lock has brought the title of "waterproof wood plastic floor" to this product. Flooring is installed "floating" on the floor, not fixed to the floor with glue. The boards are closely linked together into a unified floor by a smart yin-yang coupling system right on the edge of the board.

Construction of water-resistant wood-plastic floor.
Construction of water-resistant wood-plastic floor.

Advantages of waterproof plastic flooring

Plastic flooring is water-resistant, waterproof, and mildew-proof.

This is the biggest plus point of water-resistant laminate flooring. With superior water resistance, this type of flooring can be used in high humidity areas such as: kitchens, near bathrooms, or areas with hot weather.

Waterproof plastic floor installed well in the area near the toilet.
Waterproof plastic floor installed well in the area near the toilet.

Easy to clean, maintenance free.

The plastic surface is waterproof and does not stain easily, making cleaning easier. We only need to clean the surface regularly to maintain a clean floor.

Wide range of designs and colors.

Waterproof vinyl flooring comes in a variety of wood grain patterns and colors, making it easy for you to choose according to your style and space.

Digital printing technology allows vinyl flooring to possess wood, stone, and pattern textures, creating a diverse range of design options.

Waterproof vinyl flooring has many models for us to choose from.
Waterproof vinyl flooring has many models for us to choose from.

Bring sound and heat insulation.

SPC flooring has better sound insulation than other hard floors such as tile or stone floor. It also has thermal insulation, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

The flooring is durable and scratch resistant.

Water-resistant laminate flooring often has a surface protection layer to help prevent abrasion and scratches. Laminate flooring also has good impact resistance, ensuring a long service life.

>>> See more: Warranty policy of waterproof plastic floor.

Construction of water-resistant faux wood flooring is easy.

Waterproof vinyl flooring often comes with a locking system, making installation easier. Even those with no installation experience can do this on their own.

Video tutorial for construction of waterproof laminate flooring.

Water-resistant laminate flooring is affordable.

Compared to natural wood flooring, faux wood flooring is more affordable. This is a good option for those who want a wood-like appearance without the high price tag.


Disadvantages of waterproof plastic flooring

Water-resistant plastic floor does not withstand the impact of rain and sun directly. Please DO NOT install the product in an outdoor space. If there is a need to decorate the balcony with water-resistant imitation wood materials, plastic wooden blister, outdoor plastic flooring would be an ideal choice.

Specialized water-resistant plastic floor in the interior area.
Specialized water-resistant plastic floor in the interior area.

Notes when using and constructing water-resistant wood plastic flooring

  • The surface of water-resistant wood-plastic floor construction must be flat and dry.
  • Carefully check the lock of the waterproof plastic floor when assembling.
  • The lock bar of the thick floor 1.5 mm should use thick foam lining from 1 - 2mm.
  • The foot of the door should be about off the floor 15 mm.
  • Need to put the floor level away from the wall 10 mm for space to expand.
  • T-brackets should be installed to connect the floor in a larger area 10m.
  • Do not use water-resistant faux wood flooring in outdoor balconies.
  • Do not pour water directly on the plastic floor to clean.
  • Do not clean the floor with concentrated detergents and sharp tools.

Kosmos – A reputable water-resistant wood plastic flooring supplier

Kosmos is a general warehouse providing reputable waterproof plastic flooring for dealers across the country. If the agent buys the order, 50m2 and get FREE SHIPPING by Kosmos within Ho Chi Minh City.

Kosmos Vietnam provides quality waterproof plastic flooring.
Kosmos Vietnam provides quality waterproof plastic flooring.

Besides durability and aesthetics, Kosmos also puts health safety first. Waterproof vinyl flooring is provided and distributed by Kosmos Vietnam to the market (Kosmos SPC) use only primary plastic, does not contain impurities, does not emit toxic gases, does not cause unpleasant odors.

Owning a spacious warehouse with a large capacity (more than 10.000 m2), Kosmos ensures a stable and uninterrupted supply. Dealers can find Kosmos as soon as an order arises without entering it in advance.

Kosmos is always ready to supply water-resistant laminate flooring in bulk.
Kosmos is always ready to supply water-resistant laminate flooring in bulk.

If retail customers have a need to buy waterproof plastic wood flooring, just contact Kosmos Vietnam at (+84) 903 093 221, we will provide you with information about the nearest sales agent.

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