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Should I use self-adhesive laminate flooring instead of glued vinyl flooring?

Self-adhesive laminate flooring There is pre-adhesive layer on the base so it is quite convenient to install. Realistic wood grain patterns and PVC plastic material make the floor create a noble space without worrying about termites. Except for the installation method, this material is no different from glued wood imitation plastic flooring. To be able to make the right choice, please refer to the information below!

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install
Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install

What is self-adhesive laminate flooring?

Self-adhesive laminate flooring is a plastic floor with built-in glue on the base surface (Peel Stick Vinyl Flooring). This material is highly convenient, so many households buy it and install it themselves. However, the pre-installed glue layer is quite small, so the adhesion is not as good as plastic floors using external glue (glued plastic floors). In addition to the glue layer, the structure self-adhesive plastic floor Not much different from glued plastic flooring.

Self-adhesive plastic floor construction includes 6 classes, specifically:

  • 1st class: Anti-fading layer due to UV rays.
  • 2st class: Nano coating prevents wear caused by friction.
  • 3st class: The color film layer is printed to create a decorative wood grain pattern.
  • 4st class: The PVC layer is flexible and does not crack when bent.
  • 5st class: The floor base layer, this is a hard plastic screen that helps keep balance.
  • 6st class: The glue layer is available on the base and is protected by a layer of paper.

Instructions for installing self-adhesive laminate flooring

Thanks to the glue available on the plastic floor, the installation operation is shortened. This product is the easiest to install compared to glued vinyl flooring and locking vinyl flooring. Homeowners can buy floors to install at home without the intervention of experts. Installing self-adhesive laminate flooring includes 3 steps as follows: renovating the construction surface, marking the mounting position and installing.

Step 1: Improve the construction surface to be flat and dry

Self-adhesive laminate flooring must be installed on a flat surface. Uneven foundation will directly affect the guest experience. The installation of this material on the tile floor is extremely easy, just vacuum and dry. Note, we will dry the floor before installing without letting the floor get wet. The glue on the board is not much and is not water resistant.

Step 2: Measure and mark the position to be installed

We use a tape measure to measure the position to be installed and then mark it with chalk or pen. In this step, you must be skillful so that the boards are connected seamlessly and evenly. At angular positions, we need to fine-tune the floorboards accordingly. This type of floor can only be shaped by using a knife.

Easily cut the plastic floor peeled off with a paper cutter
Easily cut the plastic floor peeled off with a paper cutter

Step 3: Remove the protective layer of glue and stick the floor to the floor

The glue layer is already equipped on the base of the board. We can directly glue the floorboard to the floor after removing the adhesive protective paper. First, we glue the first point of the board down first. After that, we gradually lower the board to the floor. Finally, we use strong pressure and stroke the board in the direction of the glue.

Construction of peel-and-stick plastic floor by removing the protective layer of glue and then gluing to the floor
Construction of peel-and-stick plastic floor by removing the protective layer of glue and then gluing to the floor

Compare self-adhesive laminate flooring and glued plastic flooring

To answer the question: "Should I use self-adhesive plastic flooring or laminate flooring?” then we will compare 2 types of materials according to 3 factors: production material, design and installation method.

Production material

Self-adhesive imitation wood plastic floor and glued wood imitation plastic floor both have the main materials are plastic PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride. This type of plastic can be hard or flexible depending on the ingredients. PVC plastic without impurities (primary) is non-toxic and odorless. And obviously, this material is absolutely waterproof and not damaged by termites.


Self-adhesive plastic floors and glued plastic floors both have beautiful designs from the class Decorative Film. Both types of products bring the rustic beauty of wood into the space at an affordable price. Choosing either of these products contributes to reducing the amount of wood harvested every year. On the other hand, plastic floors easily show off a different beauty depending on the manufacturer's Film layer design.

Vinyl floor designs from the decorative Film class are extremely diverse
Vinyl floor designs from the decorative Film class are extremely diverse

How to install

Install self-adhesive plastic floor or glued plastic floor are Use special glue. The only difference between these 2 types of flooring is mounting operation.

  • Self-adhesive laminate flooring does not need to be glued to the floor.
  • Adhesive vinyl floors need to buy additional glue outside and apply glue on the floor when installing.
How to install peel-and-stick plastic flooring
How to install peel-and-stick plastic flooring
How to install glued vinyl flooring?
How to install glued vinyl flooring?

No matter which product you choose, you still have to avoid water impact on the floor. Special glue is not waterproof. Laminate flooring using glue is very easy to peel off if exposed to water for a long time. The bond with the floor of the glued plastic floor is likely to increase if the glue layer is evenly and thickly applied. If the project is often wet, you should consider the type plastic floor lock.


Self-adhesive laminate flooring is a flooring material that is easy to install. However, the glue layer on the floor does not adhere to the glued plastic floor. On the other hand, we should use vinyl flooring for areas prone to moisture. If you are interested in these two types of plastic flooring, please visit for product information Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage or leave questions in the section contact. Kosmos Vietnam is the general warehouse supplying glued plastic flooring and TOP 1 locking plastic flooring in HCMC.

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