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Plastic Flooring


Plastic flooring is a product used for flooring, made from PVC or PVC mixed with stone powder (SPC). They have decorative layers of imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation cement and many other textures, providing many rich design choices.

This product has many advantages such as water resistance, termite resistance, anti-slip, fire resistance, low price, many designs and long lifespan (from 10 - 15 years). However, it also has some disadvantages such as thin thickness and fading when exposed to sunlight for too long.

Dr. John Smith, Professor of Materials Science at MIT: “Resin flooring has come a long way in recent years and it is now a viable option for many homeowners looking for a durable flooring solution , affordable and stylish.”

On the market, there are currently 4 popular types of plastic floors: lock plastic floors, glued plastic floors, self-adhesive plastic floors and roll plastic floors.


  • Kosmos SPC 4mm
  • 4mm rubber sole
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring
SPC flooring

Instructions for installing Kosmos SPC wood-imitation plastic flooring

Warranty policy for SPC flooring

    Warranty policy for SPC flooring

    • 01 The product is warranted in case the Customer uses it properly.
    • 02 Products are warranted in the following cases: Warping, shrinkage, color fading due to manufacturer's fault.
    • 03 The damage of the product must be really obvious
    • 04 Product warranties take into account wear and tear during use.
Kosmos spc lock plastic floor policy warranty

Quality certification


Kosmos SPC vinyl flooring (sheet 1) is certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.


Kosmos SPC vinyl flooring (sheet 2) is certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.

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Customer reviews

Evaluation of plastic flooring in Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen
Sister Lan
Mr. Lam and his wife
Ms. Uyen
Ms. Dinh
I was completely surprised about a plastic product with such delicate wood grain. This plastic floor tile in my house is completely luxurious.
Mr. Nguyen
Reasonable cost, thanks to the lock that does not require glue, my old property is still protected, so I like it very much.
Sister Lan
Online Business
Laminate flooring is very water resistant, I have used it for more than 5 years without any problems with termites, slips. I am 100% satisfied with the product
Mr. Lam and his wife
Freelance Business
I have pets at home so I am very concerned about the scratch resistance of the floor. Since using Kosmos SPC flooring, I no longer worry about pets playing on the floor.
Ms. Uyen
Spa Owner
After a long time getting used to ceramic tiles, I decided to switch to wooden flooring as the cost was limited. With advice from an expert, I chose vinyl flooring to install for my home. Wow, the room becomes so much warmer and more luxurious
Real estate expert
A great product that is waterproof, termite-free and especially affordable, very suitable for young single people like me.
Ms. Dinh
Beauty consultant

Plastic flooring: Advantages and disadvantages, classification, price, beautiful models

Plastic flooring is a product used to cover floors made of PVC (or PVC mixed with stone powder - SPC). They are covered with decorative layers of imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation cement and many other textures, providing many rich choices.

Wood-imitation plastic floors can replace natural wood floors, helping to save costs for users, bringing a luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the living space.

7 general advantages of plastic floors are:

  • Waterproof.
  • Anti-termite.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Anti-fire spread.
  • Cheap.
  • Many models.
  • Long service life.
Advantages of plastic floors

2 common disadvantages of plastic floors are:

  • Thin thickness (about 2 - 4mm).
  • Color fades when exposed to sunlight for too long.

There are currently 4 types of plastic floors on the market: 

  • Plastic floor lock
  • Glued plastic floor
  • Self-adhesive plastic floor
  • Rolled plastic flooring
4 types of wood-imitation plastic floors

2 beautiful and popular plastic floor models are:

  • SPC flooring
  • Plastic floor imitation stone

Advantages of plastic floors

7 general advantages of plastic floors are:

  • Waterproof.
  • Anti-termite.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Anti-fire spread.
  • Cheap.
  • Many models.
  • Long service life.


Plastic floors have excellent water resistance because the main component of the product is plastic, suitable for installation in environments with high humidity.

Anti termite

The floor is made from PVC, does not contain cellulose - the favorite food source of termites. Therefore, it is absolutely resistant to termites, ensuring a long life.


The floor surface is designed with a certain roughness, helping to prevent slipping, especially when exposed to water. This is very important for families with young children or the elderly, limiting the risk of falling.

Plastic floors have good grip and are not easy to slip or fall

Anti-fire spread

Plastic floors are less flammable than natural wood floors, which helps increase home safety in case of fire.


Plastic floors are cheap, which helps users save on construction and floor maintenance costs.

For example:

  • Natural wood floors cost from 600.000 to 3.00.000 VND/m².
  • Wood-imitation plastic floors cost from 85.000 to 390.000 VND/m².

Many models

The product has a variety of designs, from natural wood grain to stone grain, concrete grain,... making it easy to choose the type that suits the home design style.

Plastic floors have many diverse designs

Long service life

Plastic floorboards have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, even longer if maintained and used properly. Therefore, we can save on floor replacement costs in the long run.

Disadvantages of plastic floors

2 common disadvantages of plastic floors are:

  • Thin thickness (about 2 - 4mm).
  • Color fades when exposed to sunlight for too long.


The plastic board has a thin thickness (about 2 - 4mm). This makes them have poor bearing capacity and are easily damaged by strong impacts.

Color fades when exposed to sunlight for too long

Plastic floors, thanks to the color film layer, can imitate wood and stone. This film will fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

The disadvantage of plastic flooring is that it will fade when exposed to sunlight for too long

There are several types of plastic floors

There are 4 types of plastic products used for flooring: locking plastic flooring, glued plastic flooring, self-adhesive plastic flooring and roll plastic flooring.

Plastic floor lock

This is a plastic floor installed floating on the ground using joints (locking joints). Because no glue is used, the floor has high flexibility and good water resistance. We can easily install and remove floorboards without much effort.

Construction of plastic floor with imitation wood lock

Note: This type of plastic floor needs to be lined with foam sheets when installed. Foam floor mats help protect the lock and create smoothness when moving. Recently, many manufacturers have launched a line of locking plastic floors with built-in rubber soles, increasing convenience of use.

Plastic floors with rubber soles do not require an additional layer of foam when installed

Laminate flooring with imitation wood glue

This is a type of plastic floor where we have to buy extra glue to apply to the floor when installing. Glue will be the key factor so that the board sticks tightly to the surface and does not move during use. Made from PVC plastic, the product is flexible, does not fold and is safe for health.

Structure of plastic floor glued with wood imitation glue
Construction of plastic flooring glued with wood imitation glue

Self-adhesive plastic flooring mimics wood

This is a plastic floor with built-in glue on the base layer. The glue is protected by a layer of paper that we just need to remove to fix the board to the floor. No need to buy additional glue and eliminating the need to apply glue has made this type of flooring highly sought after in recent years.

Structure of self-adhesive wood imitation plastic flooring
Self-adhesive plastic floors come with built-in glue to help us save a lot of time

Wood-imitation rolled plastic flooring

Rolled plastic flooring is also known as “rolled vinyl flooring”. This is a plastic floor designed in large panels (2-3m width, 20-30m length). Because of its large size, this type of floor has few connection points.

The product is often used in large spaces such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc. Besides the standard type, you can choose antibacterial or anti-static types to ensure safety.

Structure of wood-imitation rolled plastic flooring
Construction of faux wood rolled plastic flooring is quick, without many joints

How much is plastic floor per square meter?

Classify Price
Plastic floor lock ~338.000VND/m².
Plastic floor with locking rubber sole ~368.000VND/m².
Herringbone locking plastic floor (A/B) 310.000 – 390.000 VND/m².
Glued plastic floor 150.000 – 195.000 VND/m².
Self-adhesive plastic floor 85.000 – 89.000 VND/m².
Rolled plastic flooring 120.000 – 290.000 VND/m².

Note: This is only a market reference price in April 4, not fixed. To accurately determine the price, we must consider factors such as: labor costs (about 2024 - 40.000 VND/m²), shipping fees, discount prices,... 

2 beautiful plastic floor models

The 2 beautiful plastic floor models most sought after by users today are floors with wood grain and stone grain.

Wood grain imitation plastic flooring

Wood grain imitation plastic flooring brings natural beauty and warmth to the living space. With modern printing technology, wood grains are simulated delicately and vividly, making it difficult to distinguish from real wood. From warm colors like walnut, ironwood, and oak to bright colors like oak and ash, wood-grain plastic floors meet all design styles, from classic to modern.

Imitation stone-grained plastic floor

Imitation stone-grained plastic flooring brings luxurious and classy beauty to the space. The stone patterns are exquisitely simulated, diverse in color and size, from marble patterns to imitation concrete and cement stone patterns.

Frequently asked questions about plastic floors

Can plastic floors be used outdoors?

The floor will fade if exposed to UV rays (sun rays). Therefore, the product can only be used indoors and not outdoors.

The difference between imitation wood plastic flooring and plastic wood

SPC flooring Laminate flooring
Material Made from PVC or plastic powder and stone powder Made from a mixture of plastic powder and wood powder
Structure Has a multi-layer structure. Has a monolithic structure or is covered with an additional layer (if any).
Advantages Easy to construct, many diverse designs. Durable and beautiful, good bearing capacity, less prone to warping/shrinkage.
Disadvantages Not as durable as plastic wood flooring, susceptible to scratches and fading. Difficult to construct, must use a skeleton frame for installation.
Price Lower Higher
Application For indoor use only, avoid direct sunlight.

Installed in outdoor spaces, balcony areas.

Not only flooring, there are many other plastic wood products that are confused with wood-imitation plastic such as: panels, slats,... learn more in the article. The difference between "plastic wood imitation" and "plastic wood".

How to install plastic floors?

  • Glued plastic floor: Glued directly to the substrate with specialized glue.
  • Self-adhesive plastic floor: Peel off the adhesive layer on the back and stick it on the substrate.
  • Rolled plastic flooring: Unroll the flooring roll and stick it firmly to the substrate.
  • Locking plastic flooring: Joining floor boards together using a locking system.

How to clean plastic floors?

  • Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt.
  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use strong detergents.

You should install wood-imitation tiles or wood-imitation plastic floors

Below is a table comparing the pros and cons of the two materials so you can easily choose according to your needs:

Imitation wood tile floors SPC flooring
Price High Short
Reliability High medium
Avoid slippery medium Good
Easy to construct medium Easy
Toilet Easy Easy
Beauty Diversity Diversity
Advantages Good water resistance and sturdy. Moves smoothly, does not cause cold feet.

Imitation wood tiles or imitation wood plastic floors are both highly aesthetic flooring materials. The choice will depend on needs, preferences, space and budget.

Why are herringbone plastic floors popular?

Herringbone plastic floor is a plastic floor with planks installed diagonally, forming a herringbone/V shape. Whether the floor has oak or walnut wood grain, gray or dark brown color, just install This unique style board has successfully created interest in the room.

If you have a need for the product, you can fill out the form below. We are a plastic flooring distribution warehouse with more than 10 years of operation in the market, ensuring to provide quick and accurate information to you. 500 Kosmos affiliated agents spread across 63 provinces and cities are always ready to serve.