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Are quartz floors good? Prices of all types 2024

Quartz floor is a new type of flooring material widely used in today's life. Besides the usual flooring application, the quartz stone component in the floor also contributes to attracting good feng shui energy to the family. Kosmos has researched and compiled the following information to help you better understand this material line.

Wood grain quartz stone floors create a highlight for the living space
Wood grain quartz stone floor creates a highlight for the living space (Source:

What is wood grain quartz flooring?

Quartz stone has undergone the process of deposition, metamorphosis and crystallization for up to millions of years, so quartz floors will bring high durability to your home.

Quartz stone (Source:

This is not only a new line of flooring materials but also a symbol of modernity and luxury in interior design. The product also brings many feng shui values ​​to the living space. Using quartz flooring is also considered a way to bring positive energy, attract fortune and success in life.

Flooring made from quartz stone has significance in feng shui and increases aesthetics
Flooring made from quartz stone has meaning in feng shui and increases aesthetics (Source:

German standard quartz floor structure

As well as lines laminate flooring, the product is composed of many different layers:

  • G-UV Coating: Applying modern technology from Germany and applying unique double UV coating technique. Helps double the protection effect, keeping the floor's color vibrant and durable for many years. In particular, the Microban Protection feature on the floor also prevents the growth of bacteria, protecting the health of users.
  • Scratch-resistant Sapphire layer: Helps the floor meet AC6 standards for scratch resistance, keeps the floor from being worn or faded by external factors and increases space aesthetics.
  • Decorative film layer: Exclusively designed by Kobler Group, the product has a variety of unique colors, with a bold European style.
  • Quartz core layer: Highly durable and meets European standards EN 13329, this is also an ingredient that increases positive feng shui energy for users.
  • IXPE base layer: Helps absorb sound, creating a comfortable and smooth feeling when moving while also contributing to increasing grip on the surface. This structural layer has a thickness of 1mm - 1.5mm depending on the type of floor.
Quartz floor structure
Quartz floor structure

Quartz stone floors are also equipped with a V-lock system to make the installation process easy and precise. V seams can also help prevent water from penetrating the floor between joints, increasing water resistance, creating uniformity and enhancing the beauty of the project.

Quartz stone floors are highly aesthetic
Quartz stone floors are highly aesthetic (Source:

Outstanding advantages of quartz floors

  • Quartz stone powder: The core layer composed of quartz stone powder not only enhances the hardness and durability of the floor, but also carries other feng shui properties. According to feng shui concept, quartz stone is considered a type of stone The ability to stimulate positive energy.
  • G-UV technology: This is an exclusive technology that not only helps protect the floor from the effects of time but also ensures Outstanding color fastness. Every step on the floor is a new experience, not only beautiful and durable but also ensure safety for users.
Quartz stone floors improve the quality of living space
Quartz stone floors improve the quality of living space (Source:
  • Cool-Mixing technology: Thanks to this technology, quartz stone floors are possible Antibacterial, anti-termite, effectively limits warping. This technology also exists prevent mold and mildew, helps maintain a dry and comfortable living environment.
Quartz floors create a comfortable living space
Quartz floors create a comfortable living space (Source:

2 popular types of quartz floors

Based on finished thickness, we have two popular types of flooring:

6mm quartz stone floor:

Usually 7.5mm lighter than the floor and is a suitable choice for spaces with not too high traffic density. Characteristics of the 6mm floor structure are:

  • Coating: 2 layers
  • Scratch resistance layer: 5 layers
  • Base layer: 1mm thick
The 6mm thick floor is suitable for living spaces with normal traffic density
6mm thick floors are suitable for living spaces with normal movement density (Source: Internet)

7.5mm quartz floor

Has very good durability and scratch resistance, suitable for projects with high traffic density. Large floor weight may affect the transportation and installation process. Below is information about the structural layers of 7.5mm flooring:

  • Coating: 3 layers
  • Scratch resistance layer: 10 layers
  • Base layer: 1.5mm thick
7.5mm thick flooring ensures quality space with high traffic density
7.5mm thick flooring ensures quality space with high traffic density (Source:

On the other hand, if based on the lock system, we also have two types:

  • The floor is equipped with high-quality V seam
  • The floor does not have a V groove.

Latest quartz flooring price list

Below is the price list of quartz floors on the market that Kosmos compiled in January 1:

Wood grain quartz flooring price list

Quartz stone floor Reference price
Floor 6mm About 700.000 VND/m2
Floor 7.5mm About 760.000 - 1.000 VND/m2


  • The above price list is for reference only and may change from time to time and from supplier to supplier.
  • The above price list does not include installation costs, shipping fees, etc.

To calculate the cost of completing a quartz floor, we can use the following formula:

Completion cost for 1m2 of quartz stone floor = floor price per m2 + accessory cost + shipping cost + installation cost + other incidental costs

Note: Specific costs also depend on the cost levels of each different region.

Quartz stone floors are affordable
Quartz stone floors are affordable (Source:

Top Q&A

Is quartz flooring colorfast?

Manufactured according to high German standards and equipped with G-UV coating, the product has high color fastness and effectively protects the floor from impacts from external factors. From there, it helps users have a highly aesthetic living and working space with durable and impressive colors.

How is quartz stone floor different from imitation stone plastic floor?

Quartz stone floors and imitation stone plastic floors are both commonly used flooring materials today. However, between these two types of floors there are some basic differences as follows:

Characteristics Quartz stone floor Plastic floor imitation stone
Main ingredient Quartz stone powder core Plastic core + Stone powder
Feng shui effects Bring positive energy No feng shui effect
Weight Medium Light
Color fastness Castle Pretty good
Reliability is 30 years is 10 years
Sound restriction Good, thanks to the IXPE base layer Has noise reduction support
Structure High hardness, good bearing capacity Low hardness, relatively resistant
Price High Lower than quartz stone floors

Quartz stone floors are not only the perfect combination of high aesthetics and durable quality, but also bring outstanding benefits in terms of scratch resistance, moisture resistance, termite resistance and comfortable experience. for users. Hope that information Kosmos The research and synthesis will bring you good knowledge and a better understanding of the new type of quartz flooring on the market.


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