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7 reasons why apartments need laminate flooring

Most consumers today are selects laminate flooring for apartment buildings, simply because they put comfort and aesthetics first. One of the notable benefits of wooden floors is the ability to regulate temperature, not causing cold feet like stone tile floors. Let's point out more reasons why apartment wooden floor It's become a popular trend right now!


The apartment's wooden floor has the ability to adjust the temperature

In many countries and regions around the world, there is a common habit of Leave your shoes outside before entering the house, including Vietnam. Moving with bare feet makes apartment dwellers feel uncomfortable with the cold temperature of traditional tile floors. As a consumer who values ​​comfort, laminate flooring is the first choice.

Apartment wooden floors have good temperature control ability
Apartment wooden floors have good temperature control ability

Laminate flooring provides a warm and comfortable surface during use in the rainy season, cold winter. At the same time, with superior temperature control, wooden floors also help cool the space in the summer, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the apartment.

In particular, we can install an underground heating system underneath the imported European laminate flooring, which has high thermal conductivity such as: Egger (wood floors imported from Germany).


Effective noise-proof laminate flooring for apartments

The laminate flooring is linked together by the locking clamp. The tightness of the hammock and the support of the floor foam board have made this flooring material effective against noise. They reduce noise from other apartments and block noise from top to bottom. This is one of the extremely useful features for condominiums.

Industrial wood flooring in apartments limits noise
Industrial wood flooring in the apartment reduces noise

Installing wooden floors in apartments is easy and convenient

As mentioned above, laminate flooring is installed by means of a lock. Because it is not fixed with glue or screws, the material is highly flexible. They can be easily installed as well as dismantled.

Not only saving time and effort, making wooden floors for apartments is also quite suitable for those who change their living environment.

Installing laminate flooring for apartments is easy
Installing laminate flooring for apartments is easy

Non-slip wooden floors - safe for apartments

The surface of laminate flooring is designed with a slight roughness, simulating the feeling of impact on a natural wood surface, so it limits the possibility of slipping and falling when moving. In addition, the selection of wooden floor with design instead of Seamless wooden floor also improve the situation significantly.

If you are an investor, you will make a strong impression on apartment residents with a corridor with wooden floors. Types of high-class laminate flooring from Vietnam such as: Kosmos, Galamax, Povar... or imported wooden floors such as Robina, Thaixin, Egger,... all have good scratch resistance, suitable for installation in areas with high traffic density such as hallways and halls.

Wooden floors in the apartment protect children's safety
Wooden floors in the apartment protect children's safety

Not stopping there, wooden floors are also resilient flooring materials. They do not leave too severe injuries to the user in the event of an accidental fall. This is a huge plus point in the eyes of parents with young children living in apartments.


Laminate flooring is safe for health - environmentally friendly

Behind the need for experience is the need for health. Laminate flooring is required to have emission concentration Formaldehyde low, not affecting human health, just caught the eye of apartment residents.

On the other hand, laminate flooring also protects the common living environment of the world by reducing the logging of logs. A small amount of input wood can produce a large number of laminate flooring.

In addition to harvesting from planted forests, many laminate flooring manufacturers also reuse branches and branches instead of solid wood.

The process of producing industrial wood floors for apartments
The process of producing industrial wood floors for apartments

There is a wide selection of colors and patterns

The apartment becomes more luxurious with the floor made of industrial wood. Modern printing technology has smashed the boundary between real and fake, bringing the floor to life like natural wood even though the cost is not high.

In addition to traditional wood grain patterns, designers have brought more choices to users when combining many colors and patterns together.

Laminate flooring is not just a wood grain, we can find imitations of stone, cement or 3D printing of many famous wood flooring brands in the world. However, the wood grain pattern still occupies the majority of users' favor.

To bring uniqueness to the apartment room, people can refer to herringbone wood floors.

The apartment is more beautiful with industrial wood floors
The apartment is more beautiful with industrial wood floors

Making wooden floors for apartments - items that bring investment value

Making laminate flooring for apartment buildings brings great investment value to household owners. Besides aesthetics, the durability of today's laminate flooring cannot be underestimated. High-tech technology has made the floor integrated with many impressive features such as bearing capacity, fire prevention, anti-scratch, .... especially resistant to moisture and termites. The product has all the above features, typically "super wooden floor Robina Aqua".

Robina Aqua laminate flooring is termite resistant thanks to its tropical wood core. The representative of importing this type of shoe from Robina factory (Malaysia) to Vietnam, Kosmos, also commits to termite warranty for users to make the most of it. is 15 years. Besides, the floor is also resistant to flooding throughout 10 day without worrying about damage. See specifically the reason why Robina wood flooring is termite resistant here.

It can be seen that today's laminate flooring is worth the investment of contractors in their items. It is this decision that will significantly increase the value of the apartment. Buying, selling and transferring apartments will become easier than ever.

Apartment wooden floors bring investment value to household owners
Apartment wooden floors bring investment value to household owners

The above 7 reasons have really convinced contractors, investors, apartment owners to install laminate flooring!

Most apartments in Vietnam have wooden floors in the bedroom area, providing the best experience for people living here. If you have a need to learn more about laminate flooring, you can get a quick consultation here or Hotline (+84) 903 093 221

Notes when installing wooden floors in apartments
Close the windows carefully when it rains to avoid rain water splashing on the wooden floor.
The floor to install laminate flooring must be flat and dry.
Avoid dragging heavy objects on the floor and do not use sharp objects to scrub.
Clean the floor with a damp cloth wrung dry, avoid using strong detergent to clean.
When installing a wooden floor for an apartment building, it is necessary to place the board at a small distance of 10 to 15mm from the wall surface.

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