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Plastic imitation stone panels – The leading wall cladding material today

Plastic sheet imitation stone is a plastic interior wall/ceiling cladding material that looks like natural stone. Thanks to its lower cost and convenience than granite, this is the first choice of material for construction projects.


What is imitation stone plastic sheet?

As the name suggests, imitation stone plastic sheet is a decorative material produced to replace natural stone with the main ingredient being Polyvinyl Chloride resin (PVC). The surface is covered with a decorative layer like stone pattern, giving the plastic panel an aesthetic look. They can wear designs and colors of many types of gemstones such as marble, diamond, etc., which are extremely diverse.

Construction of pvc plastic sheet imitation stone

The imitation stone pvc sheet is composed of 4 layers including: plastic base layer, Hot Melt Pur glue layer, decorative paper layer and surface protection UV coating.

  • Surface protection UV coating: This is a top coating of the product, which increases scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and water resistance.
  • Decorative paper layer: This layer is printed on a delicate marble pattern.
  • Hot Melt Pur glue layer: This layer has an adhesive effect stone grain PVC sheet with a layer of textured paper on top of a solid, durable block, preventing peeling and blistering, increasing product life.
  • PVC Plasker layer: The plastic layer represents the quality of the product, the thicker this layer, the higher the hardness of the board. Many manufacturers also increase the hardness of the product by mixing more stone powder ingredients.
Structure of composite pvc wall panels imitating wood - imitation stone
pvc composite wall panels structure imitation wood - imitation stone

Watch more videos: The composition of the stone grain pvc sheet.


Should I use faux stone interior panels?

Although stone-grained plastic panels are a favorite product of many people, there are still people who are worried about the quality of the plastic material line. This type of material is suspected of longevity, easy to deform, fade quickly and worry that they will make the room hot, etc. Is this true?

Clean materials – Long life

Plastic sheet imitation stone on the market are supplied from many different manufacturers. Ingredients or manufacturing methods may not be the same. To ensure the construction has a long life and does not cause unpleasant odors, you should choose a reputable distributor in the market. Find suppliers of products made from virgin plastic.

Unlike plastic items containing many impurities, imitation stone plastic panels are made from primary plastic that does not emit toxic gases. If it is reinforced with stone powder, the toughness and durability of the product will be increased many times. Therefore, the average lifespan of this product line is high, can be up to 15-25 years if used properly.

Imitation stone plastic wall panels are highly durable
Imitation stone plastic wall panels are highly durable

Features of adapting to high interior conditions

The stone-grained plastic sheet has a super durable scratch-resistant UV surface, helping the stone pattern not to fade. The product is very suitable for wall and ceiling use while maintaining high quality. Besides, this product is also fireproof, heatproof and soundproof effectively for your home space.

In particular, PVC wall panels are waterproof, so the walls are not moldy, peeling like when using wallpaper products. Especially, the fake stone wall panel does not worry about blistering when used for a long time, when cleaning is also very simple.

Various and aesthetic imitation stone plastic panels

Plastic sheet imitation stone are industrially produced on an advanced closed line, so the patterns are uniform when applied in a large area. Customers will not encounter shortage of materials of the same type as wood panels or natural stone.

The model has a variety of plastic panels, simulating marble veins with high similarity. Their delicate, eye-catching aesthetics are hard to recognize as a plastic product. This type of faux stone wall paneling is the perfect choice for the space to your liking.

Kosmos stone pattern pvc panels are diverse and aesthetic
Kosmos stone pattern pvc panels are diverse and aesthetic

The price of stone-grained plastic panels is suitable for many segments

Imitation stone plastic materials will certainly have a lower cost when compared to real granite or natural wood. With only a small budget, you have a luxurious imitation stone space and maximum cost savings for your family.

The homeowner noted that, on the market today, there are many different prices for PVC wall paneling materials - imitation stone ceiling tiles. This depends on many different factors such as: Size, thickness, component ratio of each type, model, manufacturer, distribution agent, etc.

>>> Please refer to the price of plastic stone panels here!

Easy and cost-effective construction

Today's high-quality wall and ceiling decorative materials are designed to be easily connected and installed with accessories. That word helps the process Construction of plastic imitation stone wall panels quickly, without revealing defects after completing the project.

Construction of stone grain pvc panels is easy
Construction of stone grain pvc panels is easy

Application of stone grain plastic sheet

After a series of useful features and features as above, stone plastic panels are gradually being used popularly, replacing traditional materials such as natural ceramic tiles, granite slabs or artificial stone panels. We can use this product in interior decoration items as follows:

  • Living room TV wall decoration combined with fluted panel is very modern and luxurious.
  • Decorative tiles for the lobby of large buildings such as apartments, hotels, restaurants, schools, ...
  • Used as a decorative partition between rooms, spas, luxury resorts, ...
  • Use elevator covers in high-rise commercial buildings.
  • PVC woolen skirting board has anti-mold effect.
  • PVC imitation stone wall tiles for stairs.
  • Used for wall murals.
  • Use decorative leveling.
  • Effective anti-mold toilet wall tiles.
Plastic imitation stone panels are used to decorate interior spaces.
Plastic imitation stone panels are used to decorate interior spaces.

It can be seen that stone imitation plastic panels are decorative materials with high applicability, so many contractors and architects advise their customers. Experience right into the world of rich stone patterned plastic panels below.


3 types of imitation stone plastic panels available today

Whether you are an architect looking to design a new building, or just someone looking to renovate a kitchen, imitation stone plastic sheet can all meet your needs. This option can potentially save you money. Not only that, it also owns a variety of different models for you to choose from.

Currently, on the market there are many models of plastic panels with a variety of patterns and colors. Each type has many different decorative stone patterns such as rattan, plain white, marble, wood, etc. Regarding thickness, there are 3 types of imitation stone plastic panels: 2.8mm, 3.2mm and 3mm, different thicknesses. Different installation locations will be appropriate according to user needs.

Name the size
2.8mm . stone imitation plastic sheet 2.8 1220 x x 2440mm

(2.9768 m2/plate)

3.2mm . stone imitation plastic sheet 3.2 1220 x x 2440mm

(2.9768 m2/plate)

3mm . stone imitation plastic sheet 3 1220 x x 2800mm

(3.416 m2/plate)

Stone grain pvc panels meet all design trends
Stone grain pvc panels meet all design trends

With modern production technology, pvc imitation stone products meet the quality criteria of wall cladding materials. In addition to choosing by product thickness, customers can choose products according to their favorite color, style of available space, etc. Here!

Some notes when using stone-patterned PVC panels to know

Although it is a very popular material for wall and ceiling decoration, pvc imitation stone panels still have some limitations when compared to granite panels such as hardness. Plastic sheets are thinner and weaker than real stones. Because the bearing capacity is lower than stone, absolutely do not use the product to tile the floor. When the plastic sheet is subjected to strong force for a long time, it will cause the panel to be broken, deformed and damaged.

An important point to note that many customers unintentionally ignore is that the plastic sheet is only for the interior area. The use in outdoor areas will cause plastic panels to easily crack, fade, etc. So, when customers have needs for exterior decoration, please choose decorative panels specialized for this area. like plastic wood.

Plastic wall panels can only be installed in interior spaces
Plastic wall panels can only be installed in interior spaces

Thus, our article has shared about wall cladding materials imitation stone plastic sheet popular in Vietnam. Hope this article is useful for you to read. Want to know more about product information, you can leave a question in the section contact. Kosmos Vietnam warehouse is always ready to advise you.

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