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Instructions on how to properly clean fake wood wall panels

Wood imitation plastic wall panels materials are no longer strange to many families today. However, not everyone knows how to properly clean the fake wood wall panels. The following article will help readers know how to clean and maintain wall panels so that they are as beautiful as new.


Why is it necessary to properly clean the fake wood wall panels?

Unlike natural materials such as ceramic tiles, wood, stone, ... PVC wall panels have a special structure. Therefore, we need to have a different way of cleaning and preserving than those materials. Users need to properly clean fake wood wall panels for the following reasons:

Plastic wall panels make the room space more luxurious and clean
Plastic wall panels make the room space more luxurious and clean
  • Remove dirt: Not only the fake wood wall panels, any product will be dusty when exposed to the air for a long time. Cleaning is a way to remove dirt from the surface of PVC panels. Contributing to ensuring user health and eliminating harmful bacteria.
  • Limit insect, termite damagei: If the stains stick for a long time, the wall will appear termites and insects. When you know how to clean wood plastic wall panels. Please clean regularly to limit the impact of insects and termites on the quality of the product.
  • Maintain new durability for the product: Regular cleaning will help keep the wall panels clean. Contributes to maintaining new durability and extending product life. This is also a wall panel protection measure that you need to do regularly.
  • Ensure product color fastness: Each type of product will be suitable for different detergents. You need to clean it properly, the fake wood plastic panel will be durable. Using too strong a detergent or improperly will affect the surface of the product. Reducing the value as well as losing the aesthetics of wall panels.

How to clean fake wood plastic wall panels

Depending on the purpose, you can choose the appropriate way to clean the wall panels. Here are the ways to clean PVC wall panels you may be interested in.

Regular cleaning will help the panel always look like new
Regular cleaning will help the panel always look like new

For dirt in the long run

For long-term dirt, you just need to use a soft cloth dipped in water to wet. After that, clean the surface of the wall paneling. With dirt for a long time and can't be wiped clean. You can use specialized cleaners. It is also a way to clean the fake wood wall panels.

Note: Depending on the type of product, consider choosing a chemical with an appropriate strong or mild detergent. Some suggested detergents for you are dishwashing liquid, washing powder, etc.

There are many particles in the air that are invisible to the naked eye. To limit dust and dirt on the wall panels for a long time, it is difficult to clean. Make sure you clean it regularly to keep it clean.

Plastic wall panels are always clean when cleaned

How to clean the fake wood wall paneling when it gets ink

For families with small children, ink stains on wall panels are inevitable. When the PVC panel is stained with ink, you can use toothpaste to dry it.

In case the ink stain has been stuck for too long, please use the solution acetone on a towel. Next, use a towel to clean the wall panel, be careful not to pour acetone directly on the wall panel.

For food, grease

If you accidentally make food or drink sticky and fake wood wall panels. You also need to handle it immediately, use a damp cloth to wipe the stain.

During the cooking process, if grease splashes on the PVC panel, you just need to use alcohol or alcohol to handle it. With alcohol you can let them evaporate on their own, and with alcohol, use a towel to dry. This is also one of the quick and effective ways to clean fake wood wall panels.

Note: Alcohol should be diluted before use to avoid affecting the color fastness of the product.

When you get dirty with grease, you should use a wet towel immediately
When you get dirty with grease, you should use a wet towel immediately

How to preserve Kosmos panels for a long time

In fact, proper cleaning alone is not enough to prolong the life of PVC wall panels. You need to know how to preserve to limit mold and damage. Here are the ways to preserve Kosmos tấm plate Don't miss:

  • Clean the wall panels regularly
  • Periodic cleaning about once a week or when you see dirt appear
  • Do not install plastic wall panels in high temperature places
  • Do not clean Kosmos panels with harsh chemical cleaners. In that case, use diluted salt water or warm water to clean.

In general, to remove stains on the surface of wood plastic wall panels. You can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove some dirt and dust on the plastic sheet. Use water or a mild detergent solution to clean stubborn stains. After that, you must dry the fake wood plastic sheet to ensure long-term beauty. Hope the above sharing of Kosmos will help readers.

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