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Are PU plastic panels good? Characteristics and applications

PU plastic panels is a product made from Polyurethane plastic, used specifically to make cushions. They have an anti-vibration effect, protecting the machine from impact and abrasion. PU plastic sheets are usually transparent yellow, chicken fat yellow and can be customized in color. Similarly, the size of the product is also extremely diverse depending on the manufacturer's specifications, and can be cut individually upon request.

Yellow PU plastic sheet
Yellow PU plastic sheet (Source:

Technical specifications of PU plastic panels

Dimensions length x width
  • 300mm x 300mm.
  • 500mm x 500mm.
  • 1000mm x 1000mm.
  • 2000mm x 1000mm.

Plate thickness

1mm - 100mm.

PU plastic sheets come in a variety of sizes
PU plastic sheets come in a variety of sizes (Source:
30 – 95 shore A

Shore A hardness is a unit of measurement used to determine the hardness of elastic materials. This unit of measurement was invented by Albert F. Shore in the year 1920 and the measuring device is Shore Durometer. To measure the hardness of PU plastic sheet flexible, we use a flat measuring head with a thickness of approx 0.79 mm and has beveled corners 35 degrees to ensure accuracy.

530%~600% depending on product hardness.

Heat resistance
-40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.
PU panels have good heat resistance
Good heat-resistant PU panels (Source:

The temperature plasticizes the PU sheet
> 90 degrees

Strength of flexible PU plastic sheet
51 - 80MPa

Density of PU plastic sheet
1,3g / cm3

Characteristics of PU plastic sheet

Sheet PU plastic is abrasion resistant and customizable in color

PU panels have outstanding abrasion resistance, folding 3-5 times Compared to regular rubber, it creates durability for the used surface.

In addition to the abrasion resistance of PU panels, there is the ability to customize color and size, which helps users choose products according to their aesthetic taste.

Polyurethane panels have the ability to customize colors
Polyurethane panels have the ability to customize colors (Source:

In addition, there is a type of plastic that is very easy to color that Kosmos would like to introduce to you PS plastic.

PU plastic panels are oil and solvent resistant

Products made from PU plastic should resist oil and solvents well, preventing damage and corrosion caused by these substances.

Has good load-bearing and bearing capacity

The product can withstand loads 1,3g / cm3 and magnetic force 51 to 80MPa.

5mm PU plastic sheet is highly durable
Highly durable 5mm PU plastic sheet (Source:

PU panels have high elasticity

PU panels have high elasticity, so deformation when compressed is low, maintaining stability during use. The product is extremely tough, not easy to tear or crack when pulled or repeated bending process many times. Depending on the hardness of the product, the elongation can be up to 530% ~ 600%.

Good weather resistance and aging resistance

PU plastic panels ability heat resistant (from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius) and Good weather resistance, not much affected by the effects of the external environment. At the same time, the product also has capabilities against aging, increasing the life of the material.

Solid PU plastic sheet has good ability to withstand harsh conditions
Solid PU plastic sheet has good ability to withstand harsh conditions (Source:

On the market, products made from PVC are also popular because of their good heat resistance and water resistance. You can refer to this information to consider using it for yourself.

Good noise reduction and damping

The product creates a feeling of smoothness and safety during use.


Application of flexible PU plastic sheet

PU plastic panels Flexible plastic is often used as a cushion against impact, abrasion, shock absorption, etc. and is used to make other useful accessories such as:

Anti-vibration tripod pad

PU panels can withstand high loads and protect the floor from subsidence and scratches when heavy machinery is placed on top. Using PU panels to support the tripod helps effectively prevent vibration and noise when the machine is operating.

PU panels are often used to support tripods in factories
PU panels are often used to support tripods in factories (Source:

PU gasket/ PU seal/ Air seal

Gasket/seal is a part used to seal machine parts, limiting liquid and gas leakage. Gaskets/seals made from PU (polyurethane) plastic Possesses outstanding advantages such as good resistance to abrasion and pressure, and is suitable for both water and oil environments.

Cushion made from highly durable PU plastic sheet
Cushion made from highly durable PU plastic sheet (Source:

Roller cover

Roller Often used in production lines, supporting product transportation. Rubber-coated rollers with a Polyurethane plastic surface layer have better friction and adhesion, noise and vibration resistance when transporting metal products. The coating also limits slippage when rolling over wet or greasy surfaces.

Rubber-coated rollers covered with PU plastic panels have high friction
Rubber roller covered with PU plastic sheet with high friction (Source:

Making accessories in the automobile industry

  • Making shock absorbers: PU plastic sheets can be used to make shock absorbers that have good strength and reduce vibration.
  • Make a shield: PU panels have good impact resistance, suitable for creating protective shields for important details in the car.
  • Making the steering wheel: Using PU plastic to make the steering wheel, helps increase durability and comfort when driving.
  • Making control devices and signal panels: Polyurethane sheets can be used to create details in automotive control equipment and signal panels, ensuring accuracy and durability during use.
  • Making anti-slip chains: PU plastic often makes car tire chains to prevent slipping when walking on snow, mud, and sand.
PU plastic in sheet form is used to make car accessories
Sheet PU plastic is made into car accessories (Source:


PU plastic panels Necessary products in factories and workshops. The product helps machine operation become smoother, reduces vibration and noise significantly. Not only that, sheet PU plastic is also used to make accessories such as: gaskets (seals), roller covers,... and many other applications that you can refer to in Article specializing in Pu plastic.

PU plastic can be applied in many diverse categories
PU plastic can be applied in many diverse categories (Source:

If you have any questions about PU plastic sheet Please leave a comment below, we will respond to you as soon as possible!

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