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Are PVC wall panels good? 5 most beautiful models today

PVC wall panels and materials are very popular today. It is famous as a material that brings high aesthetic beauty, and has the effect of protecting the walls of the house. So should we use them? Let's find out in detail the features of this material. And check out the TOP 5 hottest wall tiles today.


Should I use PVC wall panels?

Plastic panels used for wall cladding are industrial panels made from primary raw materials Polyvinyl Chloride. Also known as PVC for short. The characteristic feature is that the upper surface of the PVC panel has a beautiful decorative shape. Such as stone grain, wood grain,... help bring more diverse beauty and color. Besides bringing beauty, what other features does it have?

Are PVC wall panels good?
Are PVC wall panels good?

What are the characteristics of PVC panels?

  • Good sound and heat insulation, depending on the type.
  • No warping, distortion, or distortion.
  • High water resistance.
  • Anti-fire spread.
  • Color fastness, no fading thanks to a special coating.
  • Can withstand the impact of external forces very well.
  • Non-toxic to the user.
  • Easy to install and disassemble.

Why are PVC panels so popular?

PVC panels of all kinds for walls and ceilings commonly used to decorate houses, restaurants, cafes, offices, karaoke rooms, etc. It can be said that the latch pattern for this type of material is popular with many users and tends to increase. .

Wood grain plastic panels are suitable for wall cladding
Wood grain plastic panels are suitable for wall cladding
  • Thanks to the cheaper price than natural wood, real brick stone.
  • Lighter than other materials, easy to grip and long lasting.
  • Convenient to use with no danger to the user when bumping.
  • Increase vibrancy, create a special aesthetic highlight compared to other works.
  • Enhance the value of your building or home.
  • Friendly with nature like trees,…
  • Cost saving, clean construction.
  • Comfortable for the user, thanks to thermal insulation.
  • Increase the life of the house, thanks to the moisture-proof feature.

It can be seen that plastic panels are the ideal wall covering material. Multi-functional and very beautiful for wall decoration. With many conveniences for users, especially the very soft price, saving a lot of budget for users.


TOP 5 models of the most beautiful PVC wall panels today

Nowadays, the decoration of ceiling walls is gradually becoming an indispensable thing when constructing works. Especially for business, office and entertainment projects. The wall panels both increase the aesthetics and increase the ability to protect the walls of the house.

Stone grain PVC panels

This is a type of plastic wall cladding material with imitation stone motifs. Imitation stone ceiling walls of all kinds bring delicate and attractive beauty from the beauty of natural stone. Any type of stone can be imprinted on these panels. Depending on the choice and requirements of the customer.

Luxury living room wall decoration pvc panels
Luxury living room wall decoration pvc panels

Wood grain pvc 3D wall panels

Similar to stone veins, PVC wood grain wall cladding materials are also very diverse in patterns and types of wood. All meet the needs of the buyer. Wood grain color brings a warm, close beauty. Moreover, the wood grain decorates the house more luxuriously.

Modern fluted plastic panel

Fluted panel is a hot material for ceiling walls today. There are two types of wall waves: star wave and low wave. Waves often have a wood-like color but no grain. Very popular at entertainment facilities, restaurants, shops, etc.

Wood grain pvc corrugated board decorates the office beautifully.
Wood grain pvc corrugated board decorates the office beautifully.

Cement imitation plastic wall panels Hot trend

This year, users tend to choose neutral colors to decorate the house. The color of cement has many types of roughness, not rough, 3D, smooth, etc. Each type of construction brings a different mysterious elegance. This type of motif is continuing to rise.

Hot Trend Cement Imitation Plastic Sheet
Hot Trend Cement Imitation Plastic Sheet

3D cube PVC wall panels

This type of cladding is also widely used in domestic and foreign markets. At restaurants, offices, coffee shops, etc. The motifs are mainly shapes, icons, etc. of the same color. The shape of the 3D wall panels to decorate the school adds a modern, youthful, breaking way to your space.

Korean style 3D wall panels
Korean style 3D wall panels

Good tips to choose the best durable stone PVC wall panels

On the market today there are many types of decorative plastic wall panels from PVC. Each manufacturer will produce products with different quality. It depends on the needs and preferences of each homeowner. The criteria for choosing wall cladding products are also different.

5 notes to choose beautiful ceiling wall panels are:

  • Choose the right color and texture for your home space: Each different space needs a wall covering product suitable for it.
  • Pay attention to the features of the panel type: If you are looking for a type that can be used for bathrooms, WCs, saunas, etc. Make sure that high quality moisture-proof, waterproof, thick is the ideal choice.
  • Prestigious construction site, fast warranty and after-sales service.
  • Consult the price of PVC wall panels on the market and negotiate the price before buying: Each geography will have its own sales policies. The reference helps you choose a safe and affordable place.
Choose a reputable and high quality plastic wall panel supplier
Choose a reputable and high quality plastic wall panel supplier

Thus, this article has shared with you about the good PVC wall panels and the 5 newest models. Customers refer to the characteristics to note and the types of flooring, contact us for advice and choose the most suitable type.

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