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Product Type Wood grain panels
Color Brown
Characteristic Moisture resistant
the size 2800 x 1220mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 3.416m2/Panel
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Bamboo charcoal panel TT-823 is a panel with wood grain patterns made from heat-pressed bamboo charcoal fibers. The product has a beautiful, natural wood grain surface, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the space.


Typical technical parameters of bamboo charcoal panels TT-823:

  • Product type: Wood grain panels
  • Color: Brown
  • Feature: Moisture resistant
  • Dimensions: 2800 x 1220mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Specification: 3.416m2/Panel

Outstanding advantages

Take a look at the outstanding advantages of bamboo charcoal fiber multi-purpose panel TT-823:

  • Natural beauty: The product is made from natural bamboo materials, the film layer creates a beautiful, delicate wood grain effect. Besides, they are highly durable, do not warp or shrink, bringing long-lasting beauty to the space.
  • Moisture-proof, fire-proof: The cladding panels are highly resistant to moisture and fire, helping to protect the building from the effects of weather and the environment.
  • Easy to construct: TT-823 panels are light in weight, easy to construct, saving time and costs.
  • Environmental friendliness: The product is made from natural, environmentally friendly bamboo materials.

Applying TT-823 panels to interior decoration

TT-823 cladding panels can be used for wall cladding in many different interior spaces, such as:

  • Kitchen wall: The panel has high moisture and fire resistance, suitable for use on kitchen walls.
  • Bathroom wall: Bamboo charcoal panel TT-823 has high moisture resistance, suitable for use on bathroom walls.
  • Living room wall: The wood grain surface is beautiful and luxurious, suitable for use on living room walls.
  • Bedroom wall: The panel has warm, relaxing colors, suitable for use on bedroom walls.

Appropriate design style

TT-823 bamboo charcoal panel has a natural brown color, suitable for many different interior design styles, such as:

  • Natural design style: TT-823 cladding panel has a natural, rustic beauty, suitable for natural design style.
  • Modern design style: The product has a delicate, luxurious wood grain surface, suitable for modern design style.
  • Minimalist design style: TT-823 plate with warm brown color, suitable for minimalist design style.

Bamboo charcoal panel TT-823 is a high-end interior decoration product, bringing natural beauty, durability and many outstanding advantages. The product is suitable for many different interior spaces and many interior design styles.

Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel
Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel

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