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Fluted panel – New material for every project

Fluted panel A touch full of personality and impression. The product created a fever as soon as it was launched and immediately satisfied customers' expectations. Fluted panel plastic wall panels are a new wall and ceiling cladding material with outstanding advantages. Corrugated slats are a perfect replacement for traditional wall cladding materials such as ceramic tiles, wallpaper, etc., helping your walls always look new.


What is fluted panel?

Flute panel is an item used for wall cladding, ceiling cladding, room dividers, lamri, etc. Fluted panel is only installed for the interior and not for the exterior. Because fluted panel is made from the main material PVC or PS plastic and about 5% of other safe additives to help increase the durability of the product.

Fluted wall panel for interior decoration
Fluted wall panel for interior decoration

Fluted plastic panels are manufactured under increasingly modern technological lines. There should be many types and more diverse designs, the surface is wood grain, cement, ... very authentic. Bringing the luxurious beauty and embossed texture is a special impression for every living space.

Fluted panel wall panel fully certified by the Ministry of Construction on product quality, with extremely strict parameters in accordance with Vietnamese technical standards/regulations.

  • Specific gravity according to: TCVN 6039:2008 with 1,87g/cm3
  • Shore D hardness according to: TCVN 4502:2008 reached 80
  • Possibility Anti-tarnish ability: based on ISO 4586:2015 standard. With substances such as: coffee, dry tea, detergent solution, glass cleaning solution reaching level 5, visually there is no change.
  • Change color: ISO 175:2010. Slides soaked in hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution do not discolor.
  • Change in size when heated: TCVN 10102-1:2013. In a constantly changing temperature environment, Kosmos fluted panel wall panels change from -4,3% to +0.9%.
  • Flammability: ISO 11925-2:2010.

Structure of fluted panel for interior

Fluted panel is composed of 4 layers, each layer has different composition and uses.

Fluted panel construction
Fluted panel construction
  1. Surface protection layer: This is the top coating of the panel, the color is transparent. Has the function of protecting the surface of the fluted panel from scratches and abrasion upon impact.
  2. Decorative pattern layer: Using advanced printing technology with sophisticated patterns. Printed designs are suitable for many different interior styles.
  3. German Kleiberit adhesive layer: This layer has the effect of connecting the pattern layer to the perfect plastic core layer. Specialized glue for panels is imported from Germany so it is very sturdy and water resistant.
  4. Plastic base layer: Mainly made of PVC or PS plastic, it is highly durable and protects the fluted plastic panel from moisture and warping.

Why is fluted panel so popular today?

Laminate wall and ceiling tiles possess many outstanding features in both features and quality. Should be applied a lot in interior decoration for projects from civil to commercial. Such as houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, etc. It is clearly shown through the following characteristics:

Laminate with luxurious design – Various models

More than 100+ color codes, and many fluted panel designs with different designs such as 3 waves, 4 waves, 2 double waves, 5 waves, etc. This trendy color variety and colors keep up with the latest trends to satisfy. usage needs of the Customer. Users can completely choose the colors and designs that best suit their preferences.

Fluted panels are designed in a variety of designs to suit all interior spaces
Fluted panels are designed in a variety of designs to suit all interior spaces

Absolutely waterproof plastic corrugated board – Prevent termites

The panels are made from virgin plastic, so they are 100% waterproof, anti-termite, unaffected when exposed to water and when the humidity of the air changes. You will avoid unpleasant situations like mold or termite nesting.

Wood-imitation plastic corrugated board, fireproof material - good insulation

Although it is a plastic material, the fluted panel is designed with a surface that is resistant to fire spread, heat and heat insulation very well. The product is proven to have low thermal expansion after undergoing quality testing from the testing agency. When in hot climate season, fluted panel helps to separate hot air from outside significantly without heat distortion.

Note: The product is heat-insulating and resistant to hot weather, not applicable to artificial heat generated in factories and workplaces with excessively high temperatures.

Fluted panel has a warranty period of up to 15 years

On the Vietnamese market, there are many fluted panel products with different prices. The product segmentation both meets the needs of use and demonstrates the quality and durability of this product. Normally fluted panels have a warranty period of 10 to 15 years

It can be seen that the fluted panel meets the criteria of today's standard wall cladding material. Provide users with richer designs in interior design and decoration. Ensure the safety of users in the long run.

Produced according to the lines of authentic natural wood and close to nature. The above-mentioned outstanding features and diverse sizes help the fluted panel to bring a completely new experience to Vietnamese consumers.

What are the disadvantages of fluted panel?

Normally, plastic wall paneling materials are researched and produced on modern technology. Completely adaptable to the environment, weather changes, helping the product stick firmly and ensure aesthetics during use.

However, when using plastic materials, you also know that it will not be as hard as metal, not as natural as wood. For many people this is a limiting point, but this is the physical properties of plastics in general.


Application of fluted wall panel

According to experts in the field of design - construction, Lam wave construction is a highly applicable product. The product adds modern beauty to the house. Lam wave can be used to decorate houses or buildings of commercial centers, hotels, conference centers, etc. Or simply to create eye-catching accents and the ability to "catch the trend" extremely high when the page is displayed. the edges of the stairs.

Fluted panel plastic wall panels have many outstanding benefits
Fluted panel plastic wall panels have many outstanding benefits

Substitute for ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is a wall covering material that has been around for a long time. The nature of heavy ceramic tiles, slow response to ambient temperature, should bring a feeling of hot in summer and cold in winter. But fluted panels can completely overcome the above disadvantages. Panels are light, helping to build quickly and air-condition the house.

The fluted panel completely overcomes the disadvantages of wallpaper

Wallpaper easily causes peeling, poor waterproofing. Fluted panel has 100% virgin plastic composition, so it is waterproof. Up to 10 years of use, wall peeling is completely impossible

Replace paints

Instead of having to use water-based paints or conventional paints for construction, affecting aesthetics. The corrugated board is considered to be the optimal alternative when it saves time, is completely odorless, and is easy to clean. In addition, the fluted panel creates a prominent highlight in your home with a modern and youthful style. Using a fluted panel will not get termites to help protect your home better.


6 steps to construct fluted panel wall panels and things to pay attention to

To ensure the durability of the wood-plastic fluted panel, proper construction techniques also contribute greatly to the service life of the fluted panel. To proceed with the construction of fluted panel wall panels, it is necessary to perform the following 6 steps.

Use fluted panel 3S200X15-005 wall panel
Use fluted panel 3S200X15-005 wall panel
  • Step 1: Prepare equipment such as a stapler, cutter, grinder, ruler, pencil, marker, and special glue.
  • Step 2: Measure and set up the standard angle according to the design by laser machine before construction. This step needs to be done very carefully because it determines the fast or slow construction progress, fluted panel after finishing aesthetic or not.
  • Step 3: Cut fluted wood imitation wood panel according to the measured size.
  • Step 4: Shoot glue and proceed to paste. Note that you need to shoot glue in a wavy pattern so that the glue is neither too much nor too little (too little will affect the adhesion of the fluted panel, too much will affect the surface thickness). Make sure the amount of glue on the plates is the same.
  • Step 5: Use the fixing bracket again so that the fluted panel is in place while waiting for the glue to dry.
  • Step 6: Repeat steps 3 to 5 until the end of the area where the fluted panel is to be installed.

Types of wall panels – fluted panel Kosmos

Fluted panel Kosmos Also known as fluted wood plastic panel is a new material widely used in all constructions. To meet the increasing interior decoration needs of consumers, Kosmos launches various types of fluted panels. Each style includes many color codes designed according to the latest user trends in Vietnam, Korea, …

Besides, fluted plastic panel has high applicability because it can be used for wall cladding, ceiling tiles, partitions, TV wall panels, stair wall tiles, etc. From there, different types will have different heights, lows, and sizes. very aesthetically pleasing.

PS . plastic panel

Product's name Dimensions (mm) Product code
Lam 3 waves 122 12 x x 3000mm


L03-110, L03-111,

L03-113, L03-114,

L03-115, L03-112D

L03-120D, L03-122D

L03-112N, L03-120N, L03-


Lam 2 high waves 122 12 x x 3000mm


L02K-110, L02K-116

L02K-117, L02K-121

L02K-113N, L02K-122DN

Lam 5 waves 122 12 x x 3000mm


L05-110, L05-111

L05-118G, L05-120,

L05-122D, L05-123,


Lam 2 waves 20 . high 122 20 x x 3000mm


L02-110, L02-111, L02-

112, L02-114, L02-115,

L02-116, L02-117, L02-

121, L02-122

PS plastic wall panels

PVC panels

Product's name Dimensions (mm) Product code
Lam 3 low wave 15 200 x x 3000mm

(0.6 m2/bar)












Lam 3 high waves 30 205 x x 3000mm

(0.615 m2/bar)




Lam 3 waves VIP 15 200 x x 3000mm

(0.6 m2/bar)

Lam 4 low wave 9 150 x x 3000mm

(0.45 m2/bar)










Lam 4 high waves 25 200 x x 3000mm

(0.6 m2/bar)





Lam 4 waves VIP 9 150 x x 3000mm

(0.45 m2/bar)

Stone-grained PVC panels combined with fluted panels to decorate the living room
Stone-grained PVC panels combined with fluted panels to decorate the living room

What do you get when you buy Kosmos interior wall panel fluted?

Coming to Kosmos, no matter which area you are in, large or small orders will enjoy consulting services, shipping support, quality commitment and genuine warranty under the contract. With enthusiasm and the fastest service for you. Give Kosmos Customers a satisfied experience and cooperate for long-term, increasingly prosperous development.

Thus, this article introduces an overview of fluted panels for interior use. Hope this article is useful for you to read. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at Fanapge Kosmos Vietnam

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