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Product code KNANO9-017
the size 400 8 x x 3000mm
Guarantee is 10 years
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Nano panel KNANO9-017: Structure, characteristics and applications

KNANO9-017 Nano panels are made from PVC mixed with stone powder, we call this material SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) for short. The product has higher rigidity than 100% PVC, making the product more impact resistant and significantly extending its lifespan. Carry Bright yellow wood grain, the panel brings a cozy feeling to the interior space when covering the wall/ceiling.

Nano KNANO9-017 panel has a bright yellow wood grain pattern
Nano KNANO9-017 panel has a bright yellow wood grain pattern

With a neutral color scheme, the product is easy to coordinate with many different colors in the installation space. KNANO9-017 can be used in large spaces as well as small spaces with little light.

Technical specifications of Nano KNANO9-017 panels

  • Product code: KNANO9-017.
  • Models: Wood grain is bright yellow.
  • Plate Length: 3000mm.
  • Plate Width: 400mm.
  • Sheet Thickness: 8mm.
  • Warranty period: 10 year.
Illustration of warranty card for Nano KNANO9-017 panel
Illustration of warranty card for Nano KNANO9-017 panel

You can refer to it more clearly Terms of warranty policy for Nano KNANO9-017 panels here.

Structure of plastic wall/ceiling panels KNANO9-017

KNANO9-017 plastic wall/ceiling panels have up to 4 layers tightly bonded together and a "negative - positive locking system" located on the edge of the panel, specifically:

  • Surface protection layer: Less dusty, protects decorative motifs/patterns of panels from damage due to abrasion and scratches.
  • Decoration class: Simulates the beauty of natural wood with long wood fibers located along the surface of the panel. Modern printing technology is very effective in promoting its use when KNANO9-017 clearly shows the lines and shines a beautiful yellow color.
  • German Kleiberit adhesive layer: Keiberit is a famous Pur glue manufacturer in Germany, with high adhesion, perfect water resistance and heat resistance. That is why Kosmos uses this type of glue to bond the layers that make up the Nano KNANO9-017 panel. Make sure the product does not peel or separate layers during use.
Structure of Nano SPC panel code KNANO9-017
Structure of Nano SPC panel code KNANO9-017
  • SPC base layer: This is the biggest difference between this product line and the 1st generation Nano panels. The base layer of KNANO9-017 is not only made of virgin PVC, but is also mixed with stone powder to increase rigidity and durability. product durability. They are not easily dented or broken when accidentally impacted by external forces.
  • Positive and negative locking system: This is the part that helps each KNANO9-017 Nano panel form a large surface area without revealing joints. When constructing, we fix the recess of the panel to the wall/ceiling/frame surface with stainless steel screws and screws. When installing the positive groove into the negative groove, the screw and stainless steel screw will be completely hidden.
The panel has a smart locking system
The panel has a smart locking system

To better understand how to construct this product, you can refer to the article "Instructions for installing Nano panels directly on the wall” or watch the visual video below!

Application of Kosmos plate KNANO9-017


Kosmos KNANO9-017 panels are specialized for wall cladding in interior spaces. We can also put them on a frame built in the middle of the house, making partitions instead of traditional concrete walls. In particular, we can set up a hidden door on this partition, how to do it will be thoroughly guided in the following video illustration!

Ceiling tiles

Kosmos KNANO9-017 panels can be placed on the ceiling. To ensure safety, please use additional frames at this location. The skeleton will ensure the durability of the project and allow us to use this product in peeling/mouldy wall/ceiling areas. Watch the video of ceiling tiling with Nano panels right below!

Characteristics of SPC plastic panel KNANO9-017

100% anti-termite

Bright yellow wooden wall surface Nano KNANO9-017 cladding gives you 100% termite resistance. We do not need to spray termite pesticides or spend a huge amount of gas on regular maintenance/maintenance. This is the ideal product for those who love the beauty of wood but are afraid of termites.

Good water resistance

Since it is a product made from plastic, the product's water resistance is absolute. We can soak the plastic sheet in water without worrying about discoloration or deformation. However, sheet adhesive can loosen if exposed to water for a long time. We can install panels in bathrooms, areas with humid weather, etc., but we cannot install panels outdoors, in places exposed to rain.

Nano KNANO9-017 wall panels do not change color or deform due to water
Nano KNANO9-017 wall panels do not change color or deform due to water

KNANO9-017 cladding panels also cannot be exposed to direct sunlight because UV rays will fade the grain color. This is a material specifically used for interior decoration, absolutely not installed in outdoor spaces.

Cleaning is easy

The surface of the panel rarely collects dust, so we only have to clean it once every 2 to 3 months. Just dip a clean towel in water, wring it dry, then wipe over the surface and the cleaning process is complete. Sometimes you encounter stubborn stains such as: grease, pens, etc. You can dilute dishwashing liquid with water to clean them cleaner.

>>>>> See more: Instructions for properly cleaning wood-imitation plastic wall panels.

Quick installation

It will save quite a bit on the cost of hiring workers and installation time if you choose KNANO9-017 as the wall/ceiling material. Because of its light weight, the product installation process is quite quick and easy, without causing much dust and smoke at the construction site.

Insulation, heat resistance

The product has good thermal insulation properties, making the living space more comfortable against the harsh summer sun. No need to use electric fans or air conditioners at full capacity to keep the house cool, saving you money on electricity.

Note: The product is not a material specifically used for insulation.

Safe when using

The outstanding advantage of Kosmos Nano panels is that they use virgin plastic for production, ensuring they do not contain harmful impurities or cause unpleasant odors. Besides, this product line also prevents fire spread and effectively insulates electricity, ensuring your safety during use.


Kosmos warehouse has tested the strength of Nano panels with:

  • Cargo vehicle (weighs 500kg).
  • 4-wheeled car (weighs 1 ton).
  • Pickup truck (weighs 2 tons).

All three were controlled by Kosmos staff and ran onto the surface of the plate without denting or breaking the product.

Nano Kosmos plastic wall panels have high strength
Nano Kosmos plastic wall panels have high strength

KNANO9-017 panel model accessory and product set

Nano KNANO9-017 panel has the same design as:

To make the construction of Nano Kosmos panel code KNANO9-017 more perfect, you can add additional accessories of the same color as follows:

If you have any questions about the code SPC plastic nano panels KNANO9-017 of Kosmos, you can directly call the company's hotline number +0903 093 221 XNUMX, we will provide answers as soon as possible!

Cross section of Nano KNano9 panel
Cross section of Nano KNano9 panel

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    Instructions for constructing Kosmos Nano panels

    Warranty policy for Nano Kosmos panels

      Out of warranty coverage:

      • 01 Quality problems due to wrong shipping and construction.
      • 02 Due to the impact of natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances.
      • 03 Damage caused by user error, improper maintenance, maintenance.
      • 04 Outside of the above warranty period.

      The product is warranted under the following conditions:

      • 01 Corrosion by termites; warping; rift; deformation when properly installed.
      • 02 Technical defect due to manufacturing process.
      • 03 Warranty period 10 years.

    Quality certification



    Kosmos wave slides (sheet 1) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.


    Kosmos wave slides (sheet 2) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.