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Product code KOP105-001
the size 105 9 x x 3000mm
Guarantee is 10 years
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Nano cladding panel KOP105-001 is one of the lines plastic wall panels with many outstanding features such as water resistance, termite resistance, simulating the natural beauty of wood, easy construction,...

Benefits and outstanding features of the product

Nano cladding plate code KOP105-001 Main ingredients are stone powder and plastic powder, designed with a convenient lock. When using this product for interior decoration, it will not take much time but still ensures good project quality.

In the middle of the panel are hollow holes that help save material costs and at the same time contribute to limiting noise in the space. Currently, this product applies modern technology in the production process, the panel surface impresses with uniform and beautiful wood grain patterns.

Nano cladding panel KOP105-001
Nano cladding panel KOP105-001

Using Nano panel KOP105-001 In interior decoration, it will well meet aesthetic needs, simulating a space with natural beauty without using expensive real wood materials. If you are looking for types wood imitation plastic sheet To decorate your living space, please refer to this product immediately.

Technical specifications of cladding panel KOP105-001

Technical specifications of this type of cladding are:

  • Product code: KOP105-001
  • Width: 105 mm
  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Length: 3000 mm
  • Guarantee: is 10 years

today, Nano panel Manufactured with standard size 3000mm long, suitable for many different spaces. However, during the construction process, workers will still measure and cut materials to appropriate sizes for each location. This factor will ensure accuracy, flexibility as well as aesthetics of the entire project.

The following structural layers have been combined together to create: Nano panel code KOP105-001 Has waterproof properties, bringing new experiences to users. The 4 main structural layers of the product include:

  • Surface protection layer
  • Decorative layer
  • Glue layer
  • SPC đế sole layer
Structural layers of Nano panels code KOP105-001
Structural layers of Nano panels code KOP105-001

2 main applications

With light weight, easy to install, waterproof, good termite resistance,... Nano panel code KOP105-001 is a leading popular material in the field of interior decoration with two main applications: wall cladding and ceiling cladding.

Possessing beautiful patterns with light weight and easy construction, it saves time and costs effectively while still creating a classy living space. Besides, using Nano panels for wall and ceiling cladding also brings convenience to users because this is a material that is easy to clean and preserve.

KOP105-001 Nano panels come in the form of long bars used for interior wall/ceiling cladding
KOP105-001 Nano panels come in the form of long bars used for interior wall/ceiling cladding

>>> Watch more video instructions on how to properly install Nano panels.

Accessories come with the Nano KOP105-001 panel

Nano plate code KOP105-001 As well as many other material lines, there will be accompanying accessories to support the installation process and contribute to increasing aesthetics. Some outstanding accessories include:

Accessories come with Nano panels
Accessories come with Nano panels
Negative angle brace
Negative angle brace

Negative angle brace Dimensions are 40 x 20 x 3000mm, used for installation in the inner corner of the wall or ceiling, helping to increase the aesthetics of any project.

End brace
End brace

This accessory is installed at the top or bottom of the Nano panel, dimensions are 30 x 13 x 3000mm. We can also use it splint ends to border around the wall, creating a highlight for the space.


V brace accessories of Nano cladding panels with dimensions of 30 x 30 x 3000mm, installed on the outer edges/corners of the columns. We can also use this type of splint to finish the end of the material sheet.

Pointing the back of the wall
Pointing the back of the wall

With standard dimensions of 55 x 23 x 3000mm, this is a popular accessory in the construction of picture frame systems for walls and ceilings. This product also has the effect of covering eyelid marks and joints between the two ends of Nano panels. In addition, the application molding back wall Many users choose to use lamri panels, finish the ends of material panels or decorate door frames.

Bare neck
Bare neck

Ceiling neck accessories of Nano panel has dimensions of 100 x 26 x 3000mm, with grooves for quick installation, increasing the aesthetics of the project. This type of cornice is mainly used in projects installing Nano-level ceilings. Not only does it create a unique highlight, the product also helps effectively hide the gap between the wall and ceiling.

Decorative floats
Decorative floats

As well as waist cornices, kind of decorative cornice Used to create special space highlights on walls, ceilings, door frames, etc. Dimensions of the product are 70 x 30 x 3000mm, construction workers can measure and cut to adjust the length of accessories. suitable for the installation location.

>>> See more detailed videos from A-Z of Nano panel accessories.

Hopefully the above sharing will help readers understand better Nano panel KOP105-001. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us here Now!

Cross section of NANO KOP105 panel
Cross section of NANO KOP105 panel

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    Instructions for constructing Kosmos Nano panels

    Warranty policy for Nano Kosmos panels

      Out of warranty coverage:

      • 01 Quality problems due to wrong shipping and construction.
      • 02 Due to the impact of natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances.
      • 03 Damage caused by user error, improper maintenance, maintenance.
      • 04 Outside of the above warranty period.

      The product is warranted under the following conditions:

      • 01 Corrosion by termites; warping; rift; deformation when properly installed.
      • 02 Technical defect due to manufacturing process.
      • 03 Warranty period 10 years.

    Quality certification



    Kosmos wave slides (sheet 1) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.


    Kosmos wave slides (sheet 2) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.