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Flat wall/ceiling nano panels made from water-resistant plastic

Nano panels are also known as flat plastic wall panels. This is a water-resistant plastic wall and ceiling decoration material that is easy to clean and a quick aesthetic solution for interior spaces.. Thanks to possessing many diverse designs, they have won the love of the majority of Vietnamese users. Below is all the information about nano panels, as well as the most popular models on the market.

Nano panels are plastic interior ceiling wall cladding materials
Nano panels are plastic interior ceiling wall cladding materials

What is nano cladding? Characteristics and classification

Nano panel is a plastic wall and ceiling panel used for interior spaces. The product is designed as a flat sheet with a decorative film layer (various models) covered on the surface, providing a beautiful wall surface at an affordable price.

Nano-panel construction

Surface protection layer

The transparent coating on the surface of the nano panel has the effect of preventing UV rays (found in the sun) from fading the product. At the same time, this coating also plays the role of protecting the plate surface from scratches caused by friction. Not stopping there, the surface of the plate has a light shine, less dust, and is easy to clean by cleaning.

Decorative Film Class

The panel design depends entirely on this decorative film layer. Thanks to the Film layer, the product has eye-catching colors, with tones ranging from warm to cool. Besides traditional wood grain patterns, on the market there are still nano panels that imitate stone grain or have classic flower motifs, etc.

Adhesive layer

The adhesive layer is used to bond the film layer to the plastic substrate. Under high-quality glue (Kleiberit Germany), the panel is not easy to peel off, separate layers, ... ensure the aesthetics of your project.

Plastic base layer

Nano panels are divided into 2 types based on the plastic base: Nano PVC panels (using primary Polyvinyl Chloride plastic base layer), nano SPC plastic panels (using Stone Plastic Composite plastic base layer). On the base layer, hollow holes are designed to make the panel lighter, increasing effective noise filtering.

Nano-panel construction
Nano-panel construction
PVC Nano Panels

PVC nano panel is a flat plastic wall panel using a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) base layer. Under the advanced technology line, the base layer is equipped with many coatings, bringing high aesthetics to the product. Many units also increase the impact resistance of the product by thickening the plastic base.

The PVC nano sheet size (thickness, width, length) is:

  • 9 x 400 x 3000 mm
  • 9 x 125 x 3000 mm

To ensure the safety of the health of the whole family, you should look for nano-panels that use primary plastic (the type has a milky white color), instead of recycled plastics (the type with many impurities, discolored colors). dull).

SPC . plastic nano-panel

SPC nano panel is an upgraded version of nano PVC panel. The only difference between the two is the plastic base. Under the support of stone powder, this plastic wall and ceiling panel has higher durability, better impact resistance.

The size of the SPC nano sheet (thickness, width, length) is 8 x 400 x 3000 mm.

In general, nano-panel panels possess many outstanding advantages such as: easy construction, easy cleaning, high aesthetics, electrical insulation, heat resistance, noise resistance, fire spread resistance, not easy to peel off. Buy high-quality nano plastic wall panels, using primary plastic that does not cause unpleasant odors, does not affect user health.

Durable nano-panel, not easy to break
Durable nano-panel, not easy to break

Beautiful nano plastic wall panels samples

There are hundreds of designs of wood grain, stone grain, sophisticated texture of nano panels on the market, but the 4 most searched models are cream wood grain, orange yellow, dark brown and gray color.

Cream wood grain pattern

Elegant, elegant, gentle are suitable adjectives for the cream-colored wood grain nano panel. It can bring sophistication, background decoration materials and make space become brighter.

Orange yellow wood grain pattern

Orange-yellow wood grain pattern often creates a striking, cheerful and dynamic space. They often act as focal points in the space and are extremely suitable for the extrovert type.

Dark brown wood grain pattern

The dark brown wood grain pattern of the nano panel often creates a classic and cozy space. It can bring uniqueness and luxury feeling to the space. However, this color is not suitable for covering the entire wall, but is often used for bordering and accents.

Gray wood grain pattern

Modernity will be the only thing that comes to mind when we see the gray wood grain nano-plastic panel space for the first time. This is a bold combination of gray and sliced ​​wood grain pattern. Create an elegant space but no less luxurious.


How to build nano plastic wall panels

To install nano plastic wall panels we just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Apply glue behind the plate.
  • Step 2: Install nano plastic sheets on walls and ceilings.
  • Step 3: Fix the diploma bitch , and stainless steel screws.
  • Step 4: Install the next panels through the locking chuck.
  • Step 5: Cover the final score of the degree wow, len, splint.

Note: Nano plastic wall panels must be installed on a flat and dry wall, otherwise they must be mounted on a skeleton. You can learn more about how to install this product here.

Beautiful and easy to install, nano panel is an interior wall/ceiling cladding material that is sought after by many households. If you really like this product and want to be an agent, or simply looking for more information to buy, you can call Kosmos for advice. Kosmos Customer Care staff is always ready to serve you via Hotline (+84) 903 093 221

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