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Product code PVC214
Specification 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
Acreage 2.9768 m2/panel
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Galawood PVC214 stone grain PVC cladding is a unique interior decoration solution, bringing the natural beauty of stone without using real stone. With high-quality plastic material and sophisticated stone-like surface, this product promises to refresh your living space in a luxurious and convenient way.

According to forecasts of the National Institute of Architectural Research, the trend of using lightweight, environmentally friendly materials such as stone-grained PVC panels will grow by 25% per year in the period 2024 - 2028, significantly contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam's construction and furniture industry.

Technical specifications of PVC stone grain PVC214

Technical specifications of PVC214 stone grain PVC panels

  • Product code: PVC214
  • Specification: 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
  • Area: 2.9768 m²/panel.

Advantages of PVC214 stone grain PVC panels

Galawood PVC214 stone-textured PVC panel is a breakthrough product in the field of interior decoration materials, bringing many outstanding advantages compared to traditional materials. Below are the outstanding features of this product:

  • High Quality: Manufactured from high quality plastic, Galawood PVC214 PVC panels are not only lighter than natural stone but also ensure durability and stability over a long period of use.
  • Exquisite imitation stone surface: Designed with a delicate imitation stone surface, the product reproduces up to 99% of all lines and colors of natural stone, creating a stylish and impressive living space.
  • Utilities during transportation and installation: Thanks to the lightweight plastic material, the transportation and installation of this panel becomes much simpler and more convenient than using natural stone.
  • Affordability: With a much lower price than natural stone, PVC214 offers a significant saving solution for interior decoration projects.

Application of Galawood PVC214 stone cladding panels

Galawood PVC214 PVC panels not only beautify the project but also diversify applications in decorating walls, ceilings, partitions, stairs, etc. in interior spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. …

Galawood PVC214 Stone Pattern PVC cladding not only meets interior decoration needs but also brings outstanding advantages in quality, value and convenience. With its diversity of applications, this product will certainly satisfy those looking for modern and convenient decorative solutions.

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