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Product Type Monochrome cladding
Color Brown
Characteristic Moisture resistant
the size 2800 x 1220mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 3.416m2/Panel
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Monochrome bamboo charcoal panel TT-817 is a great choice for those who love simplicity and sophistication in interior decoration. With the main color being brown, this product not only brings exquisite beauty but also possesses outstanding features, fully meeting the necessary elements for a classy living space.


  • Product Type: Monochrome bamboo charcoal cladding
  • Color: Brown
  • Characteristic: Moisture resistant
  • Size: 2800 x 1220mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Specification: 3.416m2/Panel


  • Natural beauty: Monochrome brown creates warmth and closeness to nature, creating a highlight for the interior decoration space. This color is especially suitable for modern interior design style.
  • Moisture resistance: Moisture-proof properties help protect the product from the effects of humid environments, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Bend and round corners easily: The product can be installed immediately at extremely beautiful right angles and right angles

Featured application

Monochrome bamboo charcoal cladding panel TT-817 can be applied in many different spaces, including:

Living room

Brown bamboo charcoal panel TT-817 is the perfect choice to decorate the living room. Warm brown colors create a luxurious and sophisticated space, highlighting warmth and comfort for everyone.


The combination of monochrome brown and natural wood grain creates a peaceful and comfortable environment in the bedroom. This is the ideal place to relax after a stressful day of work.

Work room

In the workspace, TT-817 bamboo charcoal cladding brings professionalism and modernity. Brown creates a warm, interesting work setting and enhances creativity.

Dining room

In the dining room, brown can combine perfectly with the interior and create a cozy space, creating a friendly and comfortable feeling for family meals.


The moisture resistance of bamboo charcoal cladding makes it an ideal choice for spa areas. The warmth and sophistication of brown helps create a relaxing and pleasant space.

Business area

With professionalism and elegance, this product is also suitable for decorating business areas such as cafes, restaurants, or other commercial spaces.

Monochrome bamboo charcoal panel TT-817 is not only a perfect combination of color but also care for every detail in the design. With moisture resistance and luxurious beauty, this product promises to be a great highlight for your living space.

Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel
Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel

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