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Product Type Fabric-textured panels
Color Metallic gold
Characteristic Scratch and moisture resistant
the size 2800 x 1220mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 3.416m2/Panel
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Fabric-textured bamboo charcoal panel TT-819CX is a high-end interior decoration product, manufactured from bamboo powder, completely safe for users. The product has a natural, luxurious fabric surface, suitable for many architectural styles.


  • Product Type: Fabric-textured panels
  • Color: Metallic gold
  • Characteristic: Scratch and moisture resistant
  • Size: 2800 x 1220mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Specification: 3.416m2/Plate

Fabric surface material brings many outstanding benefits

  • High aesthetics: The natural fabric surface creates a highlight for the interior space, bringing sophistication and luxury. This makes the TT-819CX bamboo charcoal panel suitable for many different architectural styles.
  • Scratch resistant: The fabric surface is highly durable, scratch-resistant, helps maintain the product's beauty over time and is easy to clean.
  • Moisture resistant: PU coating makes the panel waterproof and moisture-proof. This not only protects the product from environmental influences but also increases its lifespan.
  • Colors suitable for many styles: The product's metallic yellow color creates a cozy and luxurious feeling, suitable for many interior styles such as modern, classic and minimalist.
  • Meets technical and environmental standards: The fabric-textured bamboo charcoal panel TT-819CX is not only a high-end interior decoration product but also fully meets technical and environmental standards, ensuring friendliness and safety for users' health.

Diverse applications

  • Decorate the wall.
  • Create a partition between the living room and worship room.
  • Decorate ceilings and TV walls.

With outstanding aesthetic properties, scratch and moisture resistance and metallic fabric texture, the product is suitable for many styles. This metallic bamboo charcoal cladding panel TT-819CX promises to be the perfect choice for those who want to decorate their interiors in a high-class, luxurious and durable way.

Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel
Cross section of bamboo charcoal panel

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