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Fluted panel wall panels – Elevate the Vietnamese house

Fluted panel wall panel A touch full of personality, impressive. The product created a craze as soon as it was launched and immediately satisfied the expectations of customers and is the perfect replacement for wall tiles, helping your walls always look new.

The space of the house is enhanced by the fluted panel
The space of the house is enhanced by the fluted panel

What is fluted wall panel?

Fluted panel wall panel Top cheap wall cladding materials today. Wide range of products suitable for all styles from classic to modern. This type of material is used in most of the decorative installations of walls and ceilings. The manufacturer is committed to exploiting and using clean green raw materials. Committed to avoiding disrupting the balance of the ecosystem and the surrounding environment, by using virgin plastic compounds polystyrene or Polyvinyl Chloride. The use of specialized additives is limited to the maximum extent.

Fluted panel wall panel is a unique interior decoration material
Fluted panel wall panel is a unique interior decoration material

In particular, kind Korean fluted panel The presence of activated carbon compounds helps to disinfect, remove unpleasant odors. They provide a cleaner living space for every family.

Composition, shape of fluted panel

Fluted panel wall panel has a composition of 100% virgin plastic combined with surface coatings to create corrugated plastic panels with high durability and aesthetics. The wood grain surface of the panel creates a realistic feeling at first sight.

The corrugated board has two forms: solid core or hollow core. The manufacturer always guarantees durable and sturdy materials for you. The smart locking system is easy to remove and disassemble, connecting the bars to form a seamless unity.

The cladding has the form of a long, wavy bar
Panels have the form of long, wavy bars

The general structure of the fluted panel

Kosmos fluted plastic wall panel is composed of 4 extremely luxurious and classy layers.

  • Protective film: The product is coated with a layer of UV protection and anti-scratch for plastic wall panels. Helps prevent fouling and increases hygiene.
  • Decorative pattern class: This layer helps the fluted wall panel to be diverse in colors and decorative motifs
  • Kleiberite glue layer: help link layers together. This glue is imported directly from Germany and is not waterproof.
  • Sole layer: Made entirely from virgin pvc. In addition, on the market, there are slides made from ps plastic base like Korean fluted panel.
Structure fluted pvc panel Kosmos
Structure fluted pvc panel Kosmos

Fluted panel wall panel has many types.

There are many types of fluted panels on the market today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depends on the material then yes fluted panel PS , and fluted PVC panel. Based on shape then we have a 2 wave slide, a 3 wave slide, a 4 wave slide, a 5 wave slide, and so on. Even if based on the textured surface there are wall panels with imitation wood, fluted panels with imitation of stone, fluted panels with imitation of cement, etc.

Kosmos brings many choices to customers
Kosmos brings many choices to customers

What features does the fluted panel feature stand out?

When choosing any material for wall cladding, the first factor that needs to be taken into account is its ability to waterproof and resist moisture. Since its appearance on the market, fluted panel has been chosen by many customers because of the advantages it brings.

About water resistance, moisture resistance, no warping, cracking, impact resistance of fluted panel Kosmos has been tested and certified by specialized agencies and organizations. In particular, when installing fluted panels, the ability to resist termites will be a perfect plus. Products bring to works and projects optimal aesthetics and stable quality. With sophisticated design in every detail, the fluted panel Kosmos for customers is selected depending on personal preferences.

The fluted panel provided by Kosmos is equipped with many useful features
The fluted panel provided by Kosmos is equipped with many useful features

Outstanding advantages of fluted panel

Fluted panel is durable, heat-resistant, and extremely resistant. Besides, the transportation, installation and cleaning are also quick and easy, saving time and human costs. In addition, fluted wall panels also help reduce heat absorption and sun protection. The product contributes to creating a cool and comfortable home. In particular, the product also has good soundproofing and noise resistance, thereby helping to create a quiet and private living space.

Application of fluted wall panel

According to experts in the field of design and construction, fluted panel is a highly applicable product. The product adds modern beauty to the house. Lam wave can be used to decorate houses or buildings of commercial centers, hotels, conference centers, etc. Or simply to create eye-catching accents and the ability to "catch the trend" extremely high when the page is displayed. the edges of the stairs.

Substitute for ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is a wall covering material that has been around for a long time. The nature of heavy ceramic tiles, slow response to ambient temperature, should bring a feeling of hot in summer and cold in winter. But fluted panels can completely overcome the above disadvantages. Panels are light, helping to build quickly and air-condition the house.

Laminates can replace ceramic tiles when walling
Laminates can replace ceramic tiles when walling

Fluted panel completely overcomes the disadvantages of wallpaper.

Wallpaper easily causes peeling, poor waterproofing. Fluted panel has 100% virgin plastic composition, so it is waterproof. Up to 10 years of use, wall peeling is completely impossible

Replace paints

Instead of having to use water-based paints or conventional paints for construction, affecting aesthetics. The corrugated board is considered to be the optimal alternative when it saves time, is completely odorless, and is easy to clean. In addition, the fluted panel creates a prominent highlight in your home with a modern and youthful style. Using a fluted panel will not get termites to help protect your home better.

Plastic panels have many designs to make interior decoration more impressive than paint
Plastic panels have many designs to make interior decoration more impressive than paint

Thanks to its high applicability fluted wall panel become one of the indispensable choices when interior decoration. Kosmos Vietnam warehouse provides all kinds of fluted panels such as: Korean fluted panel, wood imitation pvc panel, ... If you want to learn more information about the product, you can contact us via Hotline or leave information in the section Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage.

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