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Product code PVC231
Specification 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
Acreage 2.928 m2/panel
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Galawood PVC231 stone grain PVC cladding is a type of plastic wall panel with a luxurious, natural stone surface.

Outstanding characteristics of Galawood PVC231 stone grain PVC panels

Below are the outstanding features of the product:

  • Natural beauty: The panel surface is designed with sophisticated, realistic stone patterns, bringing luxurious beauty and class to the interior space.
  • High quality materials: The product is made from high quality PVC, has high durability, does not warp, shrink, and is termite resistant.
  • Easy construction: The product is light in weight, easy to transport and construct, saving costs and time.
  • Reasonable price: The product has a reasonable price, suitable for the budget of many families.

Product specifications include:

  • Product code: PVC231
  • Specification: 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
  • Acreage: 2.9768 m2/panel

Application of Galawood PVC231 stone grain PVC panels

The product has many of the following applications:

  • Decorate the wall: The product can be used to cover the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc., bringing a luxurious and modern beauty to the space.
  • Ceiling decoration: The product can also be used to cover the ceiling, creating an effective space highlight.
  • Partition decoration: The product can be used to cover partitions, dividing interior space in a delicate and aesthetic way.

What decoration style is Galawood PVC231 stone-grained PVC suitable for?

Galawood PVC231 stone grain PVC panels are similar to other plastic wall panels, are flexible and easily combined with many different decorative styles. Some decorative styles that the product may be suitable for are:

  • Modern style
  • Industrial style
  • Luxury style
  • Contemporary style,…

General, Galawood PVC231 stone grain PVC sheet Capable of integration into many different decorative styles, depending on creativity and combination with other elements in the space.

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