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Product code PVC232
Specification 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
Acreage 2.928 m2/panel
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Galawood PVC232 stone grain PVC cladding is a modern and luxurious interior decoration solution that brings out the uniqueness and natural beauty of stone without using real stone.

Product details

With unique stone pattern, the product has marked the advancement and quality in Galawood's stone wall panel product line. Below are the product specifications:

  • Product code: PVC232
  • Specification: 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
  • Acreage: 2.9768 m2/panel

Why is Galawood PVC232 stone grain PVC panel popular?

Stone-textured PVC panels are gaining popularity from many people for many different reasons, including the features and advantages that the product brings. Here are some main reasons:

  • Bring natural beauty: Galawood PVC232's stone-grained PVC panels are designed with natural stone patterns, bringing luxurious beauty to the decorative space.
  • Easy to install: The product is light in weight so it is easy to install, reducing the effort and time needed during the interior decoration process.
  • Decorate and protect walls effectively: This product has the ability to protect wall surfaces from scratches, dirt and damage, keeping the wall always new and durable.
  • Affordable price: Galawood PVC232 stone grain PVC panels have a reasonable price, suitable for the needs and budget of many users today.


Galawood PVC232 stone grain PVC cladding gives users optimal choices for interior decoration, promising to increase the aesthetic value and comfort of living spaces. This product will meet all expectations of quality and design, even the most demanding customers.

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