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Is WPB panel review good? Applications and selling prices of WPB panels

WPB panels What is that? Is it good to use WPB panels in interior decoration? These are questions that receive the attention of many people. Therefore, in this article Kosmos has researched and learned about WPB panels to bring the most valuable information to you.

WPB waterproof panels
WPB waterproof panels (Source:

What is WPB panel?

WPB panels (Water Proof Board) is made from PVC, has a lightweight structure, is fire retardant and is especially extremely water resistant. In addition, with a smooth, flat surface, WPB panels can also be used to construct or cover other materials such as Laminate, Acrylic, Paint or PVC film to create diverse colors.

WPB panels are quality materials in the interior decoration industry
WPB panels are quality materials in the interior decoration industry (Source:


Below are its detailed specifications WPB panels.

  • Ingredient: PVC plastic is the main material
  • Color: Ivory white color
  • Proportion: 600-650 kg/m³
  • Specification: 1.220mm x 2.440mm
  • Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm

Outstanding advantages of WPB panels

Known for its series of outstanding advantages, WPB panels is the top choice with outstanding features such as.

Good water resistance

True to the name Water Proof Board, WPB panels Has extremely good water resistance thanks to the main ingredient from PVC plastic. This advantage makes them the ideal choice for projects that require high water resistance such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

WPB waterproof panels cover the lavabo shelf
WPB waterproof panels cover lavabo shelves (Source:

High aesthetics

WPB panels Covered with Acrylic or Lacquered laminate, creating uniformity in color and high aesthetics.

WPB panels have high aesthetics when making cabinet doors
WPB panels are highly aesthetic when making cabinet doors (Source:


WPB panels Made from PVC, a material that is not easily affected by termites. This helps increase the longevity and durability of the product when used in wet environments.


Thanks to the waterproof properties of PVC plastic, WPB panels is more resistant to warping than many other materials. This helps maintain the texture of the surface, avoiding deformation due to the impact of water.

WPB limits warping well
WPB limits warping well (Source:

Health safety

WPB panels do not contain toxic substances and are not harmful to users' health. This makes it a safe choice for use in interior and construction applications.


Application of WPB waterproof panels

Thanks to many outstanding advantages, WPB panels Used in many different categories such as:

WPB panels installed in the bathroom
WPB panels installed in the bathroom (Source:
Cladding bathroom partitions with WPB panels is highly aesthetic
Cladding bathroom partitions with highly aesthetic WPB panels (Source:

Water Proof Board price quote updated 2023

Below is the latest price quote for WPB panels updated at the end of December 12. Explore the detailed prices in the following table.

Specification Unit price (VND/plate)
1220 2440 x x 3mm ~ 185.000
1220 2440 x x 5mm ~ 260.000
1220 2440 x x 6mm ~ 325.000
1220 2440 x x 8mm ~ 435.000
1220 2440 x x 10mm ~ 540.000
1220 2440 x x 12mm ~ 655.000
1220 2440 x x 15mm ~ 815.000
1220 2440 x x 17mm ~ 980.000

Note: The above price list does not include 10% VAT.


Kosmos - Distribution address for quality interior and exterior decorative materials from PVC plastic in the Vietnamese market

Kosmos has more than 10 years of operation in the field of reputable distribution of interior decoration materials from PVC plastic in the Vietnamese market. With a commitment to providing high quality products and perfect services, Kosmos has affirmed its position in this industry.

Kosmos warehouse always brings quality products
Kosmos warehouse always brings quality products

Outstanding with the diversity and richness of products, from Stone grain PVC, fluted panel, Nano panel,... Kosmos constantly improves quality to meet the diverse needs of customers.

It can be seen that, with the perfect combination of durability, aesthetics and wide applicability, WPB panels is not only good but also a solution worth considering when building or interior decoration. Through this article, we hope that you will have for yourself a beautiful project from WPS panels.


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