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3mm . white foam

Product Type Styrofoam floor mats
Thickness 3 mm
Width 105 mm
Length 100m
Specification 100m/roll
Standard CL
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3mm white foam floor covering is a perfect solution to bring comfort and protection to your living space. With a thickness of 3mm, this product not only helps reduce noise but also creates a soft cushion for the floor, helping to create a comfortable feeling when walking.

Outstanding features of the product

  • Product Type: Styrofoam floor mats
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Width: 105 mm
  • Length: 100m
  • Specification: 100m/roll
  • Standard: CL

Effects of 3mm white foam flooring

3mm white foam flooring has many uses, including:

  • Soundproofing and heat insulation: The foam layer has a hollow structure, helping to prevent sound and temperature from transmitting through the floor.
  • Waterproof, anti-mold: The 3mm foam floor pad is waterproof and mold-proof, helping to protect the floor from environmental impacts.
  • Anti-vibration and damping: The product has high elasticity, helping to reduce vibrations when walking, creating a smooth and comfortable feeling.

How to use white foam sheets properly

To use foam flooring properly, you should note the following points:

  • Prepare the floor: The floor needs to be clean, dry, and flat before construction.
  • Cut the foam sheet to the appropriate size: The size of the foam board needs to be cut according to the size of the floor.
  • Spread foam sheets on the floor: Foam sheets need to be spread on the floor so that they fit tightly together.
  • Installing wooden floors: After laying the foam board, you can proceed with the installation of wooden floors.

3mm white floor foam board is a useful product, helping to improve the quality of the floor. The product has many outstanding effects, bringing quality life to users.

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