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Product code PVC225
Specification 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm
Acreage 2.9768 m2/panel
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Galawood PVC225 stone grain PVC panel is a beautiful masterpiece, offering a unique choice to transform your living space into a modern and impressive work of art.


Product code Specification Acreage
PVC225 1200 x 2.6 x 2440 (+-1)mm 2.9768 m2/panel

What are the advantages of Galawood PVC225 stone grain cladding?

Below are some main advantages of Galawood PVC225 stone veneer:

  • Natural beauty: The combination of gray and white veins not only creates a harmonious beauty but also enhances the aesthetics of the decorative space, creating a sophisticated and impressive appearance for the product, increasing its value. aesthetics for interior space.
  • High quality PVC material: Using high quality PVC material, Galawood PVC225 cladding panels are not only light and easy to install but also ensure durability and longevity.
  • Moisture resistance: With moisture resistance, this product is suitable for use in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and wet places.
  • Easy to transport and install: Thanks to its lightweight material, this Panel minimizes transportation and installation problems, optimizing user convenience.
  • Size diversity: Galawood PVC225 is offered in a variety of sizes, helping to meet everyone's decorative needs and preferences.
  • Good value: Despite its classy appearance and high quality, Galawood PVC225 stone-grain PVC panels still maintain a reasonable price, bringing long-term value to customers.

Application of PVC225 cladding panels

Galawood PVC225 stone cladding panels can be applied in many different interior spaces, including:

  • Walling: Galawood PVC225 stone grain panels can be used to cover the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The product brings luxurious, modern beauty to the living space.

  • Making partitions: Used as a partition between rooms, creating a clear space division.

  • Stair side skirting: Can be used to cover the side of the stairs, creating a highlight for the interior space.

  • Cabinet panels and interior shelves: Galawood PVC225 panels can be used to cover cabinets and interior shelves, bringing a luxurious, modern beauty to the living space.

It can be seen that Galawood PVC225 stone grain PVC panel is not only an interior decoration product, but also a symbol of creativity and utility in design. Lightness, ease of installation, along with outstanding value, Galawood PVC225 stone grain PVC panels promise to bring a classy and effective decoration experience. Using Galawood PVC225 panels, your living space will be refreshed, adding sophistication and class.

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