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AZ HDF wood: origin, characteristics, properties

What is HDF? This is the type of wood used to create high quality laminate flooring. This type of wood core is very popularly used by many laminate flooring brands for their products. It can be said that this is the best wood core with outstanding properties. Find out with us right here!


What is HDF wood core?

Wood HDF (English name is High Density Fiberboard) aka HDF plywood. This is a high density fiberboard plywood. Currently being used very popularly in interior design.

HDF wood board is pressed from wood pulp, and it contains about 80-85% natural wood. The rest are additives to create hardness and wood adhesives. Helps the board last longer and last longer.

HDF wood core is different from others
HDF wood core is different from others

Normally, HDF laminate flooring after surface treatment will be pressed with an additional base layer. Then it is sent to the cutting line according to the available sizes. Then continue to be pressed more layers to create wood grain, and finally add a surface coating. From there, a wooden floor is formed

Origin of development

Year 1898, in England by hot pressing of scrap paper formed the first type of board.

Year 1890, in Canada appeared a low-density fiberboard used as a construction material. At this time, the technology has improved, the wood plank material is also stronger from paper.

By the early 1920s, thanks to the development of industry at that time. The machinery took wet wood pulp to press under high temperature and pressure. Forming a higher density fiberboard material is HDF.

The development of industrial wood planks
The development of industrial wood planks

Features of HDF . wood

Currently, industrial wood planks have HDF cốt core All meet European E1 standards. This is the standard to ensure the product is safe for health. And environmentally friendly. The average density of wood planks with HDF reinforcement is from 800 to 1040 kg/m3. Pressed wood pulp and specialized additives enhance durability, hardness and this product.

HDF wood boards can have different colors, depending on the composition of the input materials, it can be blue or white, yellow, etc. Each color will have different outstanding characteristics.

HDF boards will usually be pressed under pressure from 850 - 870 kg/cm2. And usually has a size of 2000mm x 2400mm, common thickness from 8mm - 24mm. Or other sizes according to user needs.

Smooth, high-strength HDF wood core
Smooth, high-strength HDF wood core

What are the characteristics of HDF laminate?

  • HDF wood flooring is a good quality core today, it has excellent moisture and scratch resistance. Thanks to advanced surface coatings such as laminate, aluminum oxide, UV, melamine, laminate, come,…
  • Effective soundproofing and noise reduction.
  • HDF wood board also helps to insulate well, reducing the hot temperature from outside.

HDF wood core has many preeminent features

  • The most typical feature of HDF reinforced flooring is its super good water resistance. With advanced German technology, it can withstand up to 72 hours, 1000 hours like the Egger series. Other lines also have a very good water resistance period.
  • The hardness of the floor is standard, can withstand quite a lot of pressure. It does not deform or crack when subjected to strong impact.
  • HDF reinforcement board has the ability to capture screws very well, avoiding looseness after a period of use.
  • Friendly to human health and the natural environment thanks to always meeting European E1 standards.

HDF wood core has many preeminent features
HDF wood core has many preeminent features

In addition to natural wood, HDF . laminate flooring It is a great choice for interior design. Or can be used as tables and chairs, wall tiles, other furniture, room dividers or doors. And often widely applied to buildings such as classrooms, offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Some frequently asked questions about HDF wood core

Plates HDF . wood plank Currently, there are many different ways of production and ingredients, coatings, etc. So users have many concerns about these types of products.

What is melamine coated HDF board?

Melamine-coated HDF laminate is a type of wood that is composed of HDF wood core. Add the surface layer is Melamine glue resin. The outstanding advantage of adding a layer of Melamine is to increase high water resistance, improve the ability to withstand external forces. Increase the gloss, protect the wood grain texture and waterproof, etc. for the floor. And it also makes it easy for users to clean and clean quickly

HDF reinforced flooring is covered with melamine for good protection
HDF reinforced flooring is covered with melamine for good protection

Is the green core HDF wood plank good?

HDF green wood plank (green HDF) It can be understood that the board has a slightly different composition than normal HDF. With about 80-85%, glue binds with some other additives such as stone powder, aluminum oxide, copper oxide ...

During the production of laminate flooring, the manufacturer has added Copper II Carbonate powder [Chemical formula: CuCO3] to the normal HDF composition. That makes the core of the wood become green.

This HDF green core wood has the effect of preventing termite attack. It is still safe for health, and does not cause allergies or poisoning to humans according to standards.

Laminate flooring is very resistant to termites
Laminate flooring is very resistant to termites

Thus, our article introduced about HDF What is that? and its advantages and disadvantages. Besides, its applicability in interior construction and life. Hope the knowledge is useful to you! If you have any questions, please contact the information below for the most specific answer.

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