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15mm stainless steel bar

Mirror yellow color
Mirror white color
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Color Mirror yellow color
Product Type The bar is stainless steel
Length 100m/roll
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15mm Stainless Steel Bar is a high quality product, commonly used in many different applications. With a unique design and variety of colors, this product meets the diverse needs of construction and interior decoration projects.


  • Product Type: The bar is stainless steel
  • Length: 100m/roll
  • Color: Mirror coated, mirror gold
  • Size: 15 mm

Popular apps

The bar is 15mm stainless steel often used in construction projects and interior decoration. Main applications include:

  • Interior: 15mm stainless steel bar is a great choice to increase luxury and modernity in the living space, as a highlight for PVC panels, bamboo charcoal panels,...
  • Application in industry: Thanks to its high hardness and durability, 15mm stainless steel bars are popular in industries such as mechanical and chemical industries.

Color meaning

Mirror finish

  • Luxury: The mirror finish color creates a luxurious and modern feeling for the space used.
  • Expand space: This color has the ability to increase spaciousness and comfort in small spaces.

Mirror gold

  • Warmth: Mirror yellow brings a feeling of warmth and light to the space.
  • Light reflection: This color helps enhance light reflection, making the space brighter.

The 15mm stainless steel bar product not only meets technical requirements but also brings high aesthetic value to construction and decoration projects. With a variety of colors and sizes, this product is the ideal choice to enhance the beauty and quality of every project.

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