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The bar is stainless steel

Product Type The bar is stainless steel
Length 100m/roll
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Stainless steel bars are a type of construction material made from stainless steel, shaped like long, thin bars, with different widths and lengths. Stainless steel bars are often used in construction projects, interior and exterior decoration, household appliance production, etc.


Stainless steel bars have many different uses, including:

  • Stainless steel bars not only make wall braces, PVC panels, and staircase decorations, but also protect and increase the aesthetics of the project. Installation at positions on stairs helps ensure safety when going up and down and creates a beautiful highlight.
  • Stainless steel bars are often popular in projects that require high durability and hardness, especially in harsh environments such as hydropower, cement, and chemical industries.
  • Using stainless steel bars for interior decoration is a smart choice, not only creating a highlight and increasing the aesthetics of villas, homestays, tourist areas, apartments, and hotels, but also helping to highlight and refine the project.
  • In addition, stainless steel bars are suitable for many spaces from classic to modern, bringing a luxurious and harmonious atmosphere to architecture and buildings. The ability to withstand external environments and endure over time are the outstanding advantages of this material.

Two outstanding colors of stainless steel bars

Stainless steel bars have two outstanding colors: mirror coated and mirror gold. Each color has its own characteristics and is suitable for different styles.

  • Mirror-coated stainless steel bars: With 2 codes: LA15_N 0.4 and LA20_N 0.4, it has a shiny, luxurious surface, suitable for modern and neoclassical styles.
  • Mirror gold stainless steel bars: With 2 codes: LA15_VB 0.4 and LA20_VB 0.4, it has a warm, shiny gold surface, suitable for classic and vintage styles.

Stainless steel bars are a versatile accessory, with many advantages such as high durability, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, easy processing, etc. Stainless steel bars are widely used in many fields, bringing a unique look. Beautiful, luxurious and modern for construction and interior projects.

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