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10+ models of wood imitation plastic bar to decorate the living room durable & beautiful

Using wooden plastic bar for living room decoration is the choice of many families today. This item is unique and impressive by its appearance like real wooden slats, bringing high aesthetic value to any installation space.


What is imitation wood plastic bar?

Wooden imitation plastic bars are products with main ingredients from PVC. The structure of the wood-imitation plastic bar consists of many layers. Typically, there are plastic reinforcement layers, bonding layers, decorative grain layers, and surface protection layers.

The bars used for ceiling cladding are called ceiling slats. They will be equipped with brackets to ensure safety for all works.

Use fake wood plastic bar to decorate the living room

Many people have chosen to use fake wood plastic bar to decorate the living room. This product gradually replaces the natural wooden slats in the decoration of living space. Since then, solving the current problem of scarce forest resources.


Outstanding features of imitation wood plastic bar

Wood imitation bar has many outstanding features such as diverse designs, natural beauty like real wood, effective termite resistance,...

Various models

Wood imitation plastic bar has many designs thanks to the decorative grain layer applied with modern technology. Featured with natural, classic, and modern wood colors, each model has its own unique points, thereby giving users a variety of different choices for the family's lifestyle.

In addition to applying fake wood plastic bar to decorate the living room, you can also use this product in many other areas including the decoration of the bedroom, kitchen,…

Wood imitation plastic bar with many designs

Bring the natural beauty like real wood

As mentioned, the fake wood slats have natural beauty, creating living spaces with high aesthetics. They are applied advanced technology, so they can recreate every detail from real wood. This has also created a lot of confusion for users today.

Not only natural beauty, this product is also equipped with surface protection. Since then, the wooden plastic bar has a longer durability, resistant to all the effects of external factors, contributing to maintaining and protecting the beauty of the blue bar and the whole building.

Wood grain plastic bar has a natural beauty like real wood

Resistant to termites, mildew

Thanks to the good waterproofing feature, many families choose fake wood plastic bar to decorate the living room. The product is not affected by moisture because it is mainly composed of plastic. The faux wood slats don't warp or rot, making them the perfect choice for wet spaces.

Because it is made of plastic, this product is also not affected by the impact of insects. Users can be assured of durability and safety when choosing plastic bar to decorate living space.

Easy to construct and install

This product has a relatively light weight, suitable for many construction items that need to minimize the load. So, The process of installing living room partitions with wood-imitation plastic slats It will be easy and save a lot of time.

In addition, the wood grain plastic bar also has a smooth surface that is hard to catch dust, bringing convenience to users during cleaning and cleaning after using the product for a long time.

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3 locations to install wood-imitation plastic louvers in the living room

Application of fake wood plastic bar to decorate the living room can be installed in many different locations. The most common is in the walls of the house, the ceiling, the stair area, etc.

Space partition

The use of plastic slats to simulate wood Space divider for living room increasingly popular. Blue bars help create privacy and divide space appropriately. Along with light weight, termite resistance, and good waterproofing, the product is not only convenient but also safe during use.

Using fake wood plastic bars as space dividers (Source:

Walls, ceilings

Ceiling and wall tiles are common places where plastic bars are installed. With a natural wood grain film, the product will create a highlight, bringing elegance and unique beauty to the space.

Ceiling tiling with wood imitation slats has high aesthetics

Decorative shelf

Wood imitation plastic bars are also used as shelves to display decorative items or books, toy models, etc. As can be seen, fake wood bars not only bring modern space decoration ideas but also convenience. with many unique applications.

Shelves decorated with wooden plastic slats

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10 samples of wood plastic bar to decorate the living room beautifully

Wooden fake plastic bar for living room decoration has many different sizes. They are commonly available in two forms are 100x50x3000(mm) and 60x60x3000(mm). During construction, the worker will cut the bar to achieve the right size for the installation locations.

Here are the popular wood imitation plastic bars used for living room spaces:

Using wooden plastic bar for living room decoration will make you surprised by the quality and aesthetics it brings. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you soon choose decorative items for your living room space to be more lively and classy.

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