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What is a ceiling bar? Latest apps and collections now

Ceiling slats is a unique ceiling decoration material in the interior space. The latest collection of fake wood plastic ceiling slats today will be compiled by the article right away!


What is a ceiling bar?

Ceiling slats is a ceiling/font decoration material, bringing uniqueness to the interior space. Thanh nan is often confused with blue bamboo. However, we can call this material a U-shaped bar or hanging bar. In general, ceiling-mounted bars are long, hollow, box-shaped decorative materials with interlocking joints.

Ceiling slats are also known as hanging bar, U-shaped bar
Ceiling slats are also known as hanging bar, U-shaped bar

The structure of the fake wood plastic spokes consists of 4 layers, including:

  • Surface protection layer anti-scratch, anti-UV.
  • Decorative film layer of wood grain.
  • Bonding layer (hot melt pur glue).
  • Core layer (primitive PVC plastic).
Structure of wooden ceiling slats
Structure of wooden ceiling slats

Thanks to the application of new technology with many structural layers, the beauty of the slats is comprehensively protected. The surface of the bar is smooth, difficult to attract dust, and easy to clean. As long as you do not use the product in direct sunlight, the color will remain intact throughout the long months of use.


Application of hanging bar

Hanging louvers have a unique application: ceiling/backdrop decoration in interior spaces. The emerging trend of unique interior design makes flat ceilings no longer a suitable choice. Slat ceilings create a 3D embossed effect with trendy striped lines that have begun to prevail in recent years.

The application of the hanging bar is to decorate the interior ceiling
The application of the hanging bar is to decorate the interior ceiling

The ceiling hanging bar is widely used in interior spaces such as restaurant halls, commercial centers, etc., creating an eye-catching effect for large spaces. Besides, the gaps between the bars bring a sense of spaciousness to the space.


The latest collection of ceiling slats today

The latest collection of ceiling slats from Kosmos has the main pattern of imitation wood. The colors in the collection range from light to dark including: light golden brown, neutral fawn and dark brown.

Ceiling slats U40X100-003

The ceiling seemed to glow with light ceiling slats U40X100-003. Bright yellow-brown faux wood slats bring a warm feeling to the living space. The sharp ash wood grain on the surface makes the blue bar even more attractive. Under the combination of yellow light, the shimmering beauty of blue will make the viewer ecstatic.

Wood imitation slats U40X100-003
Wooden imitation plastic slats U40X100-003

Ceiling slats U40X100-011

The golden brown color mixed with the faux wood film layer is a great combination for an elegant space. The smooth wood grain is reproduced on the decorative grain of the wood hanging bar U40X100-011 extremely true. The neutral color makes blue can be present in any interior design style.

Wood imitation slats U40X100-011
Wooden imitation plastic slats U40X100-011

Ceiling slats U40X100-008

At first sight, the curving wood grain lines of U ceiling slats code U40X100-008 completely convince the buyer. Not to mention the classic deep brown color of natural wood is reproduced perfectly. The spokes will be the highlight in the space of contrasting light tones such as gray, white, etc.

Wood imitation slats U40X100-008
Wooden imitation plastic slats U40X100-008

Advantages of Kosmos wood imitation plastic ceiling slats

Kosmos nhựa plastic ceiling slats chosen by many users because of its durability. In high and dangerous locations such as the ceiling, it is necessary to use materials with high safety properties. The joints of the Kosmos slats are thick, clinging tightly to the hanging bone bar, creating a solid connection. PVC plastic core is produced entirely from virgin plastic, does not emit toxic gases, and is safe for health.

The bar is a unique but no less aristocratic home decoration solution. The faux wood decorative film layer reproduces the clear wood grain, bright colors, and catches the eye. The product brings the beauty of wood into the space without worrying about termites. Because it is a 100% waterproof plastic material, users do not have to worry about mold and swelling problems.

Kosmos faux wood ceiling slats are safe for users
Kosmos faux wood ceiling slats are safe for users

Summary, ceiling slats giving the building a whole new look. The fake wood-plastic ceiling is suitable for large spaces such as restaurants, resorts, etc. Recently, ceiling hanging bars have gradually appeared in apartments pursuing modern style. The latest Kosmos ceiling slats collection promises to create a new wave. Immediately contact Kosmos Vietnam here or Fanpage Click here to get detailed information about this product!

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