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The Phuong - Dat Do, Ba Ria - Vung Tau: outdoor plastic wood, wooden floors, plastic floors, plastic wall panels, interior design and construction

Dat Do is a district located in the southeast of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. This district has an area of ​​189,58 km² and a population in 2017 of 77.367 people. The economy here is mainly based on agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

The socio-economic development of Dat Do district has led to increased demand for construction and decoration. This has created opportunities for many units providing decorative construction materials to develop, including The Phuong store (The Phuong, The Phuong furniture). This is one of the major agents of Kosmos depot in Dat Do district. The store specializes in providing outdoor plastic wood materials, wooden floors, plastic floors, plastic wall panels, interior design and construction,...

The Phuong dealer specializes in supplying decorative materials from Kosmos
The Phuong dealer specializes in supplying decorative materials from Kosmos

What makes The Phuong Furniture stand out?

The Phuong Furniture is a familiar name to people in Dat Do district, in the field of providing interior and exterior decoration materials. Most of the outdoor plastic wood products, wooden floors, plastic floors, and plastic wall panels distributed at this store come from the Kosmos Vietnam warehouse. Not only providing wholesale and retail of decorative materials, The Phuong is also a place specializing in designing and constructing extremely sophisticated and beautiful cabinets, beds, walls, TV walls, decorative shelves, etc.

The Phuong is an agent of Kosmos
The Phuong is an agent of Kosmos

The Phuong Furniture also impresses users with its extremely thoughtful and dedicated customer service. Product warranty information is provided transparently, all support activities usually come with the product and are not charged. Thanks to these advantages, the store has gained a solid foothold in the hearts of consumers in Dat Do district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

To see more lines of interior and exterior decoration products at the store, as well as unique designs of cabinets, shelves or partitions, etc. Customers can contact directly through the information below.

Contact information:
  • Address: October 26, Tan Hoa Hamlet, Long Tan Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
  • Phone: 0937010454 (Mr. The)

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Outstanding products and services at The Phuong store?

Currently, the store focuses on providing outdoor plastic wood products, wooden floors, plastic floors, plastic wall panels with professional interior design and construction services.

Wood-plastic Composite

Outdoor plastic wood is a product line designed for the purpose of decorating outdoor spaces. Customers can choose outdoor flooring, panels, louvers, Pergola posts, plastic wood grills and accompanying accessories depending on their needs.

The two main plastic wood brands in The Phong are currently Galawood and Kosmos. Depending on your needs, you can consider choosing the right material.

Galawood Wood-plastic

This is a cheap plastic wood line with a 3-year quality warranty and a product lifespan of up to 10 years.

Kosmos Wood-plastic

The Kosmos outdoor plastic wood line at The Phuong store is a high-quality plastic wood line, which has been inspected for quality by the European Intertek standards certification organization. Customers can completely feel secure in choosing this material for their projects.

Kosmos outdoor plastic wood product lines
Kosmos outdoor plastic wood product lines

Laminate Flooring

Wood floors distributed at The Phuong are diverse in design and origin, serving many segments of user needs.

Egger Laminate Flooring

Egger Laminate flooring is high-quality imported German laminate flooring that is resistant to water and termites. The product commits to a water warranty of up to 1.000 hours. In addition, Egger wood floors also have good abrasion resistance and achieve AC4 certification, formaldehyde concentration (a gaseous organic compound with a pungent odor and negative effects on human health) reaches E1, safe for users.

Egger wooden floors come from Europe
Huynh Huynh with the Egger wooden floor collection
Egger laminate flooring
The three best-selling Egger Laminate flooring color codes at The Phuong store

Robina Laminate Flooring

Robina Laminate flooring is Malaysian imported laminate flooring that is termite-proof and water-resistant. The Robina Aqua line has a 10-day submerged warranty policy, making it a suitable choice for Vietnam's climate conditions.

Robina wooden flooring is suitable for Vietnamese weather conditions
Kim Hoa along with the Robina Laminate flooring collection
Robina Laminate Flooring
Three Robina Laminate flooring color codes are sold the most at The Phuong store

Kosmos Laminate Flooring

This is a line of good quality Vietnamese wooden floors manufactured using advanced German technology. The products have a variety of designs at affordable prices, promising to bring great experiences to users.

Kosmos . laminate flooring
The three best-selling color codes of Kosmos Laminate flooring at The Phuong store

With the characteristics of water resistance, termite resistance, force resistance, and heat resistance combined with a design that simulates the rustic nature of wood, laminate flooring at The Phuong store is the optimal choice to decorate your living space. Customers.

Laminate flooring has never been hot in Vietnam market
The wooden floor project was constructed by The Phuong

Plastic Flooring

Plastic floors are made from stone powder combined with virgin plastic, equipped with a layer of wood grain paper and two advanced Nano and UV coatings. Thanks to this special structure, plastic flooring products have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Currently, the wood imitation plastic flooring product line here is often chosen by customers to beautify the interior space.

Plastic Wall Panel

Plastic wall panel products distributed at the store include: Korean fluted panel, Nano panel, stone-grained PVC,... which have passed quality tests from Quatest 3 center. This material line is highly resistant to dirt, fire spread due to cigarette butts and formaldehyde content 16,2mg/100g,... Indicators show that plastic panels are environmentally friendly materials and safe for users' health.

Interior design and construction

The Phuong Store also specializes in interior design and construction, providing customers with a beautiful, modern and comfortable living space. Including the lines guest room dividers, TV walls, cabinets, shelves, kitchens, etc. With a team of experienced workers and endless creativity, The Phuong promises to meet all customers' needs and desires.

As a direct distributor of outdoor plastic wood products, wooden floors, plastic floors and plastic wall panels of the Kosmos Vietnam warehouse in Dat Do district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, The Phuong has received high praise. Extremely positive quality prices from consumers. Come directly to this store or contact us by phone: 0937010454 (Mr. The) to receive the most professional and dedicated support!

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