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Construction of fake wood plastic bar to make a beautiful staircase partition

Construction of imitation wood plastic bar Making stair partition / space dividing wall is a construction item that is requested by customers quite a lot. Here are detailed instructions on the installation steps that you cannot ignore.


7 Steps to build fake wood plastic bar

Construction and installation of plastic rails as stair partitions include 7 steps as follows:

B1 Determine the installation location of the plastic bar

First, we need to determine the installation location imitation wood plastic bar. The distance between the slats depends on the designer's aesthetic.

To ensure the bar is installed evenly and straight, we need the help of a laser meter. Next, we use an ink pen to mark the mounting position of the keel based on the chopped blue circle. Note, we must mark both the inside and outside of the blue circle.

B2 Install the keel in the marked position

When finished, the keel will be inside the bar body so we will install them based on the ink mark inside. The installation procedure is as follows:

1 – Place the keel on the position to be installed.

2 – Use a pen to mark the screw holes on the keel.

3 – Take out the keel to drill the screw position.

4 – Put the hatchling in the drilled hole and then put the keel back in.

5 – Fix the screw firmly to the construction area.

B3 Cut out the leg of the plastic bar to attach it to the keel

We put the bar close to the keel to mark the exact location of the foot cut. The height to be cut is the height of the keel. As for the horizontal, we just cut horizontally of the bar. Note, we must collect the cut bar cover to reuse in the next step.

B4 Shoot the screw to fix the plastic bar to the ke

We push the snap bar to the top and bottom keels. Then, we proceed to shoot stainless steel screws, fixing them together from the inside.

B5Put the cut plastic bar cover back in place with glue

The blue bar shell collected in step 3 will come into play at this stage. We put them back in their original positions to hide the cut part. Just using glue, the blue bar was able to restore its beauty.

See more: Models of wood imitation plastic bars for beautiful interior decoration

B6 Apply glue to fix the connection part of the fake wood plastic bar

Please apply more special glue around the connecting part of the bar (bar leg, bar tip) to fix them. If you want to increase the aesthetics of the building, you can use an extra layer of base around the base of the bar.

B7 Install the base for the fake wood bar (if any)

We use negative angle molding of the same model or the same color to install the base for the fake wood plastic bar. The slats are cut into 4 pieces to hug the blue leg when installed, specifically:

1 – Cut the bar into 4 pieces in the shape of a blue bar.

2 – To connect the right angle beam, the cutting angle must be inclined 45 degrees.

3 – Place the standard size prepared molding on the bar.

4 – Use glue to connect the joints to complete the base.

5 – Use special glue to attach the base to the bar.

See close-up construction and installation steps via video at here.

B8 Install horizontal brace on bar body

The horizontal brace is a small detail used to decorate the partition with a more beautiful blue bar. Depending on the design and needs of the homeowner, the construction worker will perform this additional stage. The operations to install the horizontal brace on the body of the fake wood plastic bar include:

1 – Measure and cut the bar as a crossbar.

2 – Attach the keel to the required position on the bar body.

3 – Cut the end of the bar to attach to the keel.

4 – Fix the bar to the keel with stainless steel screws.

5 – Put the bar cover back in place with glue.

6 – Fix the 2 vertical bars with clear tape.

7 – Fix the horizontal bar to the vertical bar with glue.


The benefits of constructing fake wood plastic bars as partitions

There are 4 practical benefits of the construction of wood-imitation plastic bars as partitions: dividing space, creating feng shui and satisfying aesthetics.

Space division

Using blue bar partitions not only helps to divide the layout of the house, but also increases the area of ​​​​the house, creating an airy atmosphere. Imitation wood plastic bar as a stair partition is a construction item for open space apartments.

Construction of fake wood plastic bar to create feng shui

Feng shui is a theory studied to improve living space. A popular feng shui concept in Vietnam is:

  • Do not let the front and back doors connect.
  • Don't let the front door look directly into the kitchen.

The space divider helps to neutralize feng shui without making the apartment as mysterious as a closed wall.

Ensure aesthetics

Partitions with imitation wood plastic bars are often used to replace stair handrails. In addition to ensuring safety when moving, the partition also increases the aesthetics of the apartment. The genuine imitation wood design of the plastic bar helps to draw close to nature without worrying about mold and termites.


Wood imitation plastic bar is a specialized decoration material for interior space.

If you want to decorate the outdoor space, you can refer to the line wood-plastic bar.

In particular, interior ceiling decoration can be used with hanging bar products (ceiling slats) for ease installation

Note: The instructions are for the most basic construction cases of materials and are for reference only. However, there will be the most flexible and appropriate construction methods, but priority will still be given to surveying the project. specifically and propose the most reasonable construction plan.

Generally speaking, construction of fake wood plastic bar Making a stair partition / space divider will make the house less cramped and create an eye-catching impression. Hope the above installation steps will help you. If you have a need to buy quality decorative bar, you can leave information in the section contact or call the Hotline (+84) 903 093 221.

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