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Specifications of laminate flooring

The quality of a laminate flooring is determined by the specifications printed directly on the back or on the product packaging. Today, Kosmos Vietnam will provide meaningful specifications of laminate flooring to customers.


Specifications of AC laminate flooring (Abrasion Criteria)

Common AC symbols on laminate flooring are: AC1,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC6. Currently, the types of laminate flooring on the market are popular by 2 symbols, AC3 and AC4. So what does the AC wood floor sign mean? The AC symbol is a parameter that represents the level of wear resistance on the surface of a wooden floor, the full name is Abrasion Criteria. AC specifications verified through Taber Test. Abrasion resistance is defined as “the ability of a material, to withstand mechanical action such as rubbing, scratching or erosion”.

AC specifications for laminate flooring
AC specifications for laminate flooring

How to calculate the AC wear resistance parameter of laminate flooring

Taber test uses four abrasive wheels (70-100g/m2) coated with Al2O3 aluminum oxide powder (180grit, grain size 63/100 alpha). The machine creates a friction force on four points on the surface of industrial flooring. They represent objects that regularly create friction with the floor.

To check, laminate flooring is placed directly below the machine. The floorboard is rotated, with a rotation speed of 58 - 62 rpm, the pressure is 5,4 + 0,2N, after 200 rounds will change the new abrasive paper. The more revolutions that laminate flooring can withstand, the higher the AC rating. The higher the AC, the better the level of scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of laminate flooring.

Specifications AC1, AC2 laminate flooring is not suitable for flooring

  • The AC1 index is equivalent to 500 revolutions
  • The AC2 index is equivalent to 1000 revolutions

This is an extremely low index, almost no longer applied in the production line of laminate flooring. The laminates that carry this indicator can only pave places where there is little friction such as walls and ceilings.

Common wear resistance parameters of wooden floors are AC3, AC4

  • The AC3 index is equivalent to 2000 revolutions
  • The AC4 index is equivalent to 4000 revolutions
  • The AC5 index is equivalent to 6000 revolutions
  • The AC6 index is equivalent to 8000 revolutions

Most of the floor factories have a common thickness of 8mm and wear resistance parameters are AC3, AC4, this parameter is enough to serve the needs of indoor travel, even where there is a lot of traffic such as living room, hallway,…

AC3 and AC4 ratings are guaranteed for wooden floors when walking
AC3 and AC4 ratings are guaranteed for wooden floors when walking

Many units produce high-end flooring with a thickness as high as 12mm, the wear resistance parameter of wooden boards is often increased to about AC5. The AC parameter divides laminate flooring into two types: residential flooring and commercial flooring.

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Level of use of laminate flooring Class (KL)

Usually, the AC rating is accompanied by a Usage Class (Utility Class). Some manufacturers replace the Class symbol with the KL symbol, which represents the bearing parameter. Class is not specifically measured, does not pass a test. Class parameter is calculated on the objectivity of the wooden floor production units.

  • Class 31 is equivalent to AC3: Serving works with average traffic density.
  • Class 32 equivalent to AC4: Serving works with common traffic density.
  • Class 33 is equivalent to AC5: Serving works with a high density of people moving back and forth.

Note: Class usage levels will vary slightly with AC abrasion resistance. The specific bearing level announced from European laminate flooring is 80kg/cm2.


IC Index (Impact Resistance)

When planning to install wooden floors, calculating abrasion resistance and level of use is not enough, we must consider cases where the wooden floor is affected by an impact force. IC is a standard parameter that measures the impact force on the wooden floor surface, calculated in kg/m2.

Laminate flooring is resistant to abrasion
Laminate flooring is resistant to abrasion

Currently, the impact index has only two levels: IC1 and IC2. Most impact resistance index printed on laminate flooring boxes is IC2, indicating that the floor can withstand a force of 850 - 870kg/mXNUMX.2.

How to calculate impact resistance index IC2 on industrial floor

Tools used to test IC2 laminate flooring parameters include:

  • The diameter of the steel ball is 5mm.
  • 0-9kg force spring 100mm long.

We insert the ball into the spring and shoot it Laminate wooden floor surface. If after the shot there are no marks left, then the impact force of the floor can withstand it. IC2 parameter is calculated using an impact force of 20N.

There is another way to calculate the IC2. That is for a cylindrical iron, 11,3mm in diameter, 780g in weight, dropped from a height of 1,2m without damaging the floor surface.


Parameter E, measurement of formaldehyde emissions

Emissions Formaldehyde It is a gas that is harmful to human health. Temporarily, there is no way to completely eliminate this substance from laminate flooring. Formaldehyde gas is produced during the bonding process of wood reinforcement. When burning wood, formaldehyde emissions are also released into the environment in a certain amount.

E1 standard laminate flooring
E1 standard laminate flooring

Factories do everything possible to reduce emissions as low as possible. Intervention by modern technology production line, so all good floors meet E1 standard. The lower the E index, the safer it is for human health.


Specifications of industrial laminate flooring index B1 (Burn Resistant)

Industrial flooring contains mainly wood pulp. It is extremely important to consider the case of a fire on the floor.

B1 (Burn Resistant) is a good fireproof standard. The higher the index, the weaker the fire resistance. Test whether the floor is fireproof B1 or not by leaving a burning cigarette on the floor. Until the cigarette burns out, without leaving any traces, it is qualified. All industrial wood floors meet B1 fireproof standards.



Each brand of laminate flooring will have different specifications designed specifically such as: heat resistance for fireplace installation, percentage of swelling due to water .... But the 5 most common specifications that all laminate flooring must have are: AC, B, E, IC, CLASS. Hopefully, the information Kosmos provides will help customers have enough knowledge to choose good laminate flooring for their projects. If you have any questions about laminate flooring, please contact us here or Fanpage Kosmos Vietnam.

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