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Are imitation wood simili floor mats good? Applications and prices of all types

Simili imitation wood is currently a widely used material for families in floor coverings. However, there are still many customers who do not clearly understand this product. Learn about it with Kosmos Simili imitation wood, advantages, applications and detailed quotes.


What is imitation wood simili?

Simili imitation wood is a specialized material used to cover the floor surface. They are often made with designs similar to real wood, however the main components of simili floor panels are polyester fibers and PVC plastic.

Wooden imitation simili has many different patterns
Faux wood simili has many different patterns (Source:

From knitted fabrics, people begin to dye them with one or two layers of resin to create fabric and resin bonded together. Then, print the patterns, colors and wood grain to create a complete imitation wood panel.


Is imitation wood simili good?

It can be seen that the level of use of wood grain simili in each family is increasing. Surely this type of material must have certain values. Let's learn about 5 outstanding advantages of this type of carpet.

Faux wood floors have good durability

Simili faux wood flooring is usually quite durable and abrasion resistant because it is made from high-quality plastic combined with polyester fibers, helping it maintain its beauty over time. Simili flooring also withstands moisture and does not rot or crack like real wood. This makes it suitable for applications where durability and abrasion resistance are required.

Simili wood imitation floor stickers are usually quite durable and have good abrasion resistance
Simili wood imitation floor stickers are usually quite durable and have good abrasion resistance (Source:

Diverse designs and colors

Simili wood imitation flooring is diverse in design and color, this is one of its outstanding advantages. Manufacturers can create a variety of faux wood veneers with different textures and grains, from oak to pine and more. They can also adjust colors to match a specific interior or decor style. This allows users to choose and customize according to their preferences, making wood-look floor coverings a versatile and versatile option for interior design and decoration.

Good water resistance and noise resistance

Simili imitation wood flooring is often more water resistant than real wood, especially when equipped with a water-resistant coating from PVC. This makes it a good choice for applications in wet spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Simili has outstanding water resistance
Simili has outstanding water resistance (Source:

The resort imitation wood simili It also has up to 90% better sound insulation than wooden or tile floors, helping to reduce noise and make the living or working environment quieter.

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Good elasticity, difficult to warp or shrink

Imitation wood simili floor mats often have good elasticity, can be bent and folded while still maintaining durability like new. Based on a test study, this type of floor mat is capable of withstanding a force of up to 1kg/cm850. Therefore, you can completely rest assured to use them without worrying about scratches or breakage.

Simili imitation wood flooring panels have very good elasticity
Simili imitation wood flooring panels have very good elasticity (Source:

Cheap price, easy to construct

With a lower price than real wood, this makes woodgrain floor coverings an economical choice for many construction and interior decoration projects. At the same time, the construction of this material is also simpler and easier than working with real wood. You can cut, bend and install faux wood simili quickly, saving time and effort during construction or decoration.


Application of imitation wood simili stickers

Thanks to its versatility, durability and customization capabilities, imitation wood simili has wide application in many fields. Let's learn more about this feature through the following content.

Used for homes and offices

This is the most common application of wood grain floor coverings. They are used as wood-imitation floor coverings to create clean and cozy spaces.

Dental clinics often use imitation wood for flooring
Dental clinics often use imitation wood for flooring (Source:

Used in schools, hospitals, industrial parks

These areas are often crowded with people, using imitation wood plastic flooring will help reduce noise and increase durability in the long term.

Used for swimming pool areas, kitchens, bathrooms

With excellent water resistance, this material is the ideal choice for wet places like above.


Latest updated simili price list for imitation wood flooring

Below is a detailed price list of the latest updated simili types that readers can refer to.

STT Product Origin the size Unit price/retail Unit price/roll
1 Simili Thin 0.5mm Vietnam 2m x 30m 50.000 VND/m2 2.550.000 VND/m2
2 Simili Foam Thickness 1.8mm Malaysia – China 2m x 30m 70.000 VND/m2 4.000.000 VND/m2
3 Simili Fireproof 1.2mm Korean 2m x 25m 130.000 VND/m2 6.000.000 VND/m2
4 Simili Fireproof 1.8mm Korean 2m x 20m 170.000 VND/m2 6.500.000 VND/m2
5 1.2mm Anti-Slip Simili – Button Korean 2m x 25m 100.000 VND/m2 4.500.000 VND/m2

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With information about imitation wood simili that Kosmos shares, hopefully you will understand more about this material. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately via the comments section below to receive the fastest answers.


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