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Receive immediately 50 million if you discover the total wholesale warehouse of Kosmos Vietnam retail

Say NO to retail, Kosmos Vietnam is wholesale warehouse of interior and exterior decoration materials. We understand that the sudden addition of a wholesale warehouse to retail activities will cause a lot of damage to intermediate distribution agents. For agents to feel more secure when cooperating, we are willing to compensate 50.000.000 VND (Fifty million VND) if violate our commitment not to retail.


What is Retail – Wholesale?

To better understand the importance of wholesale warehouse To carry out the act of retailing, readers need to know the difference between retail and wholesale as follows:

Retail Wholesale
Concept Retailing is a business where products/services are sold directly to the final consumer.

Ps: The end consumer is someone who purchases goods for personal use.

Wholesale is a business activity in which products/services are sold to companies, organizations, agents,... but not to the end consumer.
Quantity of goods Small Bulk
Business scale Retailer scale is usually small, sometimes this business is done through online sales channels instead of opening a store. Wholesalers often have a large scale to respond well to large commodity transactions and contracts.
Price The retail price is higher than the wholesale price due to the addition of many fees such as profits, store operating costs, advertising costs, etc. Wholesale prices are lower than retail prices because goods are sold in bulk.
Wood flooring retail agent for Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.
Wood flooring retail agent for Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.

Here, readers can understand wholesale warehouse (wholesale warehouse) is a place to supply and distribute goods to agents, direct sellers, other businesses, etc. in large quantities and at wholesale prices. Their customers have a need to buy goods to resell or use for business purposes.

Kosmos Vietnam is a wholesale warehouse of wooden floors, panels, plastic wood, decorative accessories.
Kosmos Vietnam is a wholesale warehouse of wooden floors, panels, plastic wood, decorative accessories.

Obviously, consumers will benefit more if dealing directly with wholesalers, rather than retailers. That is also the reason why retailers will suffer a lot if the unit providing goods/services for them becomes a direct competitor.


Why do general warehouses tend to sell retail?

The relationship between distribution warehouses and retail agents has been a symbiotic relationship since ancient times. The warehouse will deliver the goods to the agent, and the agent will deliver the goods to the final consumer.

However, many warehouses are switching to retail for the following reasons:

  • Starting point is an agent, store or sales staff: Because they used to sell retail, when they became a warehouse, they still kept their retail habits.
  • Hoping to sell more products and have higher revenue: Many warehouses believe that the important thing is to have sales, the more orders sold, the higher the income.
  • Learn from retail factories: On the market, there are many factories that both produce and sell to both wholesale and retail customers, so they consider that wholesale warehouses have the right to retail.
  • Undetermined business trend: Many warehouses cannot identify their target customers and business trends. These warehouses only worry about selling immediate orders. There are many warehouses that operate in a "bisexual" style, selling wholesale to agents in the provinces and retail to agents in big cities.
  • Do not trust agent loyalty: Many warehouses believe that their agents not only sell their own products but also sell goods to many different warehouses. Therefore, the warehouse also has retail rights to increase sales.

There's no denying that adding retail to my business model has helped wholesale warehouse expand customer base, and increase revenue significantly. However, this is only a temporary benefit and contains many potential risks. They will have to change the entire business model so that it can serve both different customer base: retailers (resellers) and end consumers.

Should wholesale warehouses retail or not?
Should wholesale warehouses retail or not?

On the other hand, no agent accepts the fact that their good suppliers becomes a direct competitor for the following reasons:

  • Losing customers: consumers will buy goods directly from a wholesaler without going through a retailer for reasons of price or convenience.
  • Take over control: instead of deciding on prices on their own, retailers will have to follow the policies and regulations of the warehouse.

In addition, the warehouse may be distracted, reducing the ability to provide good service to the agent, affecting the relationship between the two parties. Therefore, the depot of a wholesale warehouse with retail activities may have risks of losing a large number of its agent customers.


Kosmos Vietnam wholesale warehouse is committed to NO RETAIL

As a wholesale warehouse of diverse and reputable materials, Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company focus only on supplying goods to dealers. With the goal of creating a fair and transparent business environment, as well as protecting the interests of its agents, Kosmos is committed to not retailing and is willing to compensate immediately. 50.000.000 VND (Fifty million VND) Let the Kosmos detection agent do this.

When retail customers contact, Kosmos staff will ask for address information to direct them to the nearest dealer. Therefore, the fact that Kosmos Vietnam General Warehouse promotes brand marketing strategy is only to better support sales agents.

In particular, Kosmos dealers still enjoy attractive prices when buying 1 item individually instead of in bulk as usual. You can see more Kosmos Vietnam dealer policy at HERE.

Kosmos Vietnam General Warehouse just wants to bring the best benefits to its agents
Kosmos Vietnam General Warehouse just wants to bring the best benefits to its agents

Generally speaking, Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company leaves wholesale warehouse , and pledge not to retail. We understand that, in the business process, compliance with commitments is very important, so we have set a compensation limit of 50.000.000 VND (Fifty million VND). If retail Kosmos is found, dealer please provide clear testimonial photo and contact Kosmos here or Hotline: (+84) 903 093 221.

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