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Top 9 new wall cladding materials - the hottest ceiling tiles today

New material It is a type of material that is researched and invented by scientists, but is not readily available. Regularly updating material information and applying them will improve our lives better and better. Here are the Top 9 new wall/ceiling materials compiled by Kosmos, let's find out!


PVC plastic - Material to make new types of wall panels

The latest types of wall/ceiling panels today are mostly made from PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride. This is a new artificial plastic material that is white and non-toxic.

During the long journey of researching and developing PVC plastic, we have been able to apply this plastic in many forms such as: hard PVC plastic for water pipes, soft PVC plastic film for packaging,...

Nowadays, PVC panels have really caused a fever in the interior decoration materials market. They are covered with many layers such as: glue, color film and protective layer. These layers are tightly bonded on a high-tech production line, making it difficult to peel off.

PVC wall panels – Source: Kosmos Vietnam

With the color film layer capable of transforming many types of designs, we can use this panel to decorate walls / ceilings instead of traditional materials such as wood, stone, cement, ...

Plastic panels have diverse and eye-catching designs

PVC plastic combined with stone powder is known as SPC - Stone Plastic Composite. This combination increases the rigidity and durability of the plastic. From there, wall/ceiling materials made from this new material will have better impact resistance.

Testing the bearing capacity of SPC . plastic sheet

PS plastic - The material used to make fluted panels is super light, suitable for ceiling cladding

PS plastic is a new type of plastic created from the synthesis of styrene. This type of plastic is analyzed by scientists and made into many different types of plastic such as: EPS, HIPS, GPPS,...

Because of its light weight, contractors/architects are very fond of ceiling tiles ps . plastic sheet. Besides, ps plastic panels also have diverse and beautiful designs because they are easy to color. We can apply ps plastic to decorate houses in many styles from classic to modern.

ps plastic wall panels – Source: Kosmos Vietnam

Can see, learn and apply new material brings us many practical benefits. Instead of using traditional wall / ceiling materials, ps plastic panels are both easy to install and have high aesthetics. Not only that, the lifespan of ps plastic paneling works can be up to 10-15 years.


Plastic wood - Exterior decoration material imported from Europe

"Old man, new me" is an extremely appropriate idiom when referring to plastic wood material. This is a material that is quite popular in the West, but a completely new material in Vietnam. They were introduced to this country about 1 to 2 years ago but still not known by many people.

Wood plastic material structure – Source: Kosmos Vietnam

In the West, people call wood plastic composite (wpc). This is a new material formed by a mixture of wood pulp, plastic particles and some additives. Plastic wood is able to withstand rain and sun directly without shortening its lifespan. This is the reason the panels made from plastic wood are used for wall / ceiling decoration to decorate the exterior space.

Although plastic wood has many advantages, they need to be installed by skilled workers. Use plastic wood paneling To decorate the wall, it is necessary to use an iron frame and not use it directly.

Plastic wood is a beautiful imitation wood exterior wall covering material

Not only wall cladding, we can apply outdoor plastic wood to many items such as: flooring, making fences, flower trellises, etc. Each item will apply a different type of plastic wood product, with different shapes. suitable shape and size.


Transparent wood - New material used to replace glass

Transparent wood is a new material that can replace glass as glass. Not only that, this material can replace common materials such as plastic to appear on wall / ceiling tiles.

This "invisible" wood was developed by scientists at the University of Maryland - College Park (USA). According to the information gathered, this wood is stronger than traditional wood, easier to decompose than plastic and lighter than concrete.

Transparent wooden panels – Photo source: Rethinking The Future – RTF

This material is made by removing lignin in natural wood, making them transparent. To do that, a series of operations are carried out such as: soaking in a warm solution containing many chemicals, boiling in a hydrogen peroxide solution, impregnation with epoxy resin or PMMA at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.


Cooling brick – Suitable material for hot climates

Cooling brick or "cool brick" for short is a new material that improves your life in high temperature conditions. Different from ordinary building bricks, cooling bricks are made of Polyurethane (PU) core combined with a special cement layer on 2 sides.

Cooling bricks have a common thickness of 20 to 50mm. The size of this tile is about 1200 x 2400mm. Although it has a simple structure, this new material fully promotes its functions. PU plastic core helps dissipate heat significantly.

Obviously, with the main material being plastic, cool bricks are lighter in weight than regular bricks, ranging from about 1 - 2.2kg/1m2. From there, we save transportation and installation time as well as reduce the load on the project. In addition, thanks to the structure of many air holes on the tiles, they also have extremely useful soundproofing features (soundproofing >= 27dB).

Cooling bricks – Photo source: cafeland

In another aspect, this type of brick is quite environmentally friendly. As you can see, a bunch of inventions about new material of human being prioritize the improvement of living environment conditions.


Recycled bricks from cigarette butts – Environmental protection solution

Recycled brick is a type of brick that is produced from waste materials in life, in order to reduce waste. As the name suggests, “recycled cigarette butt bricks” are bricks made from cigarette butts and filters. Specifically, cigarette butts after smoking will be mixed with clay bricks to form this new material. They are cheaper than traditional fired bricks and anti-pollution.

Recycled bricks from cigarette butts – photo source: cafeland

Undeniably, cigarettes are consumed a lot in life, especially from men. The cigarette butts left behind after smoking are collected, creating a significant amount of waste (1.2 billion tons), polluting the land and water sources. To solve this dilemma, Dr. Mohajerani at RMIT University (Melbourne) found a way to recycle them to make building bricks.

In the process of researching and perfecting the material, we are fortunate to discover that recycled bricks from cigarette butts have the ability to insulate, save on cooling and heating costs for users. In particular, this type of brick has a light weight that makes installation easy and reduces related costs such as transportation, construction, etc.


Interior film – New material that can replace wallpaper

Interior Film is a new type of material whose usage is quite similar to Decal (a type of sticker with built-in glue) but is made more elaborately with superior quality. Interior Film's textured layer is protected from scratches by a surface coating.

Interior adhesive film is available with adhesive side

This material is sold in large rolls so there is no need to splicing in large areas. Possessing a variety of designs, Interior Film is a direct competitor to wallpaper. We can use them to decorate surfaces such as walls, doors, cabinets, desks, dining tables, tea tables, etc., but cannot be glued on high-temperature surfaces.

Interior Film – Photo source: Work Design Magazine

Graphene – New material made from Carbon

Graphene is a "new metamaterial" where carbon atoms are linked together into sheets. The most striking feature of this material is that it is ultra-thin, yet strong and durable. Graphene is found to be about 100 times harder than steel. They are highly conductive and almost transparent. Currently, we often use this material in medicine and the production of electronic components.

Graphene is a new material under development – ​​Photo source: Digital trend

In the building materials industry, manufacturing decorative wall/ceiling products, Graphene is used as a coating on the surface. They increase the shine of the material, improve its durability and make the material more resistant to water and heat. In the future, if you know how to combine Graphene with available materials, it will be a big step forward in this industry.


Cemboard – Impressive fiber cement wall panels

Cement board is a new material made from OPC cement, water, silica sand, cellulose fiber and fibrous structural materials (carbon fiber, cellulose fiber, glass fiber, etc.). This material, after passing through the hands of designers, has produced 3 different types of panels:

  • Imitation wood cement panels
  • Fiber cement panels
  • 3D Cement Panels

Fiber cement panels are becoming more and more popular as wall and floor tiles. They have a long lifespan and can withstand all types of extreme weather, including heat and humidity. The installation of this material is not difficult because of its light weight. Cemboard is now a crucial multipurpose material for numerous different construction projects.

Cemboard fiber cement panels are widely used in construction projects

Everything has its downside, the disadvantage of cemboard fiber cement board is that it is easy to crack the edge if it is improperly constructed. Besides, it is difficult to disassemble the product after installation, the flexibility is not high.

Cement panels – Photo source: archdaily

If you haven't used types new material You can review the information above and choose the most suitable type. To update more useful information about materials as soon as possible, you can leave your information in the contact for kosmos or, click subscribe to the newsletter here.

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