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VIETBUILD International Exhibition HCMC 2023 – 1st time

VIETBUILD International Exhibition HCMC 2023 – The 1st is one of the major annual events of the construction industry. Kosmos would like to announce information about VIETBUILD exhibition through the following article.

Information of the exhibition VIETBUILD

VIETBUILD exhibition is organized to introduce achievements, share the development of all aspects of industries in many fields. Popular fields are industrial construction, civil construction, interior and exterior decoration, etc.

VietBuild Fair Exhibition
VietBuild Fair Exhibition

In 2023, VIETBUILD exhibition cooperates with the City People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh directed the organization. Here are the specifics:

  • Exhibition time: 12/04/2023 - 16/04/2023
  • Venue: Phu Tho Sports Stadium – 01 Lu Gia, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC
  • Topics: Construction, building materials, architecture and interior and exterior decoration, industrial machinery, ...
  • Participating units: Units, enterprises in the fields under the above topic.
  • Exhibition scale: 1000 booths

Activities Program VIETBUILD International Exhibition HCMC 2023 – 1st time

The program of activities of the exhibition consists of the following four main parts:

  • Product introduction display

In the field of construction, building materials and architecture: Introducing the achievements of units in all fields. Share about outstanding works, construction materials, machinery and equipment in construction. Consulting on products, construction design services, architecture,…

Displaying VietBuild laminate flooring products
Displaying VietBuild laminate flooring products

In interior and exterior decoration: Share about the outstanding achievements of the unit. Introduction of interior and exterior decoration products, machines used for construction and installation of materials. Sharing about the potentials of construction investment cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.

  • Prize Competition: Commendation to units with outstanding achievements that have accompanied VIETBUILD and Vietnam's construction industry. At the same time, honor the units with good achievements in the exhibition. In terms of factors such as booth size, beautiful design, impressive to attract viewers,...
  • Seminar: Introducing and sharing about new technologies and advanced products of the construction industry in integration and development. Sharing and creating investment and cooperation opportunities between units in the field of architectural construction. Introduction of planning projects in districts as well as new urban areas across the country.
  • Business Forum Conference: A place for exchanges and meetings of domestic and foreign units and businesses. There were exchanges, sharing, introduction as well as advice on the products and services of the units together.

Displaying Egger wooden floors at VietBuild

Regulations of VIETBUILD . Exhibition

In order for the event to go well, this unit has introduced the following regulations during the exhibition period:

  • Handover ground: Time to receive vacant premises from 8:00 am on April 08, 4. Units renting empty space for display need to design a booth floor 2023cm high, ensuring safety in all weather conditions.
  • Construction and cleaning of booths: Construction time is from 8:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. daily. Time to remove from 18h00 on 16/04/2023. During the implementation process, it is necessary to comply with the regulations on time, construction specifications, regulations on booth height, etc.
  • Product display and introduction: Comply with the provisions of the law on products and goods. Comply with the regulations on decoration, product promotion, etc. Any unit that violates the rules will be handled according to regulations.
  • Storage of cargoes: Self-assigned units to preserve goods. Strictly follow the regulations to be resolved when other problems arise.

Above are the sharing about the International Exhibition VIETBUILD HCMC 2023 – 1st time. Hopefully the above sharing will provide readers with useful information. If you have more questions about VIETBUILD exhibition or interior and exterior decoration materials. Please feel free to contact Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here for a quick reply!

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