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Truong Phat Binh Tan - HCM: wooden floor, plastic floor, plastic cladding, imitation wood PVC panels, molding

Truong Phat Furniture Dealer is one of the most reliable and prestigious addresses in the furniture market today. With many years of operation in the field of product distribution laminate flooring, plastic flooring, plastic cladding, imitation wood PVC panels, molding. Truong Phat Agent has built a prestigious brand and is highly appreciated by customers.


Find out information about Truong Phat agent

If it comes to the area of ​​Binh Tan district, TP. In Ho Chi Minh City, customers about furniture products will immediately remember Truong Phat furniture dealer - a place affiliated to Kosmos specializing in providing the most prestigious wooden flooring, plastic flooring, plastic cladding products, etc.

Truong Phat is an agent of Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.
Truong Phat is an agent of Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.

Truong Phat's strength is that its distribution products have a combination of modern and traditional styles, creating unique and classy interior products.

In addition, Truong Phat dealer also stands out with extremely attractive interior products combined with modern production technology, ensuring aesthetics, durability and safety for users.

Contact information:
  • Truong Phat agent address: No. 561 An Duong Vuong, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Contact number for Truong Phat agent: 0982799997 or 0945306080

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Some products distributed by Truong Phat agents

Truong Phat agent (under Kosmos) here the most prominent and best-selling product is Kosmos plastic flooring. In addition, the following product lines are always trusted by customers such as wooden floors, plastic panels, imitation wood PVC panels, molding:

Plastic Flooring

Plastic Flooring Distributed by Kosmos is a best-selling product at Truong Phat dealer. Kosmos SPC especially with luxurious colors, combined with sizes suitable for all types of different living spaces.

The product is made in Vietnam, which helps the product initially gain the trust of customers, and at the same time, the product packaging is quite neat and reasonable, can be easily transported and easy to use. .

Durable plastic flooring imported from Kosmos Vietnam warehouse
Durable plastic flooring imported from Kosmos Vietnam warehouse

Laminate Flooring

Another outstanding product at Truong Phat furniture dealer is the product wood floor distributed by Kosmos. At Discovery School, there are wooden floors: Egger, Galamax, Povar, ...

Similar to plastic flooring products, this model of wood flooring offers customers unique features such as:

  • Light brown wood color is suitable for active and creative living space.
  • The product size is extremely suitable for installation in all different living spaces.
  • Products are carefully packed and quality can save shipping costs and time.
High quality wooden floors bring aesthetics to living space
High quality wooden floors bring aesthetics to living space

Plastic Panels

Plastic Panels of Truong Phat is a product used to wall or ceiling in construction works. Customers can currently choose from two types of fluted plastic panels, Kosmos and Korean.

This product has many advantages such as high durability, sunlight resistance, moisture resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, plastic panels also have sound and heat insulation features to help reduce noise and retain heat well.

With the above advantages, plastic panels of Truong Phat agent are widely used in construction projects such as houses, offices, commercial centers, tourist areas, industrial parks and many other projects.

Truong Phat dealer distributes plastic wall panels provided by Kosmos
Truong Phat dealer distributes plastic wall panels provided by Kosmos

PVC sheet imitation stone

PVC sheet imitation stone Truong Phat's furniture is a new interior material product, made from high quality PVC and stone powder, which makes the product highly durable and color fastness up to 15 years.

Truong Phat's stone-grained PVC panels have a variety of colors, which can be customized to suit the needs and design styles of customers.

Kosmos provides high quality beautiful imitation stone PVC sheet for Truong Phat dealer
Kosmos provides high quality beautiful imitation stone PVC sheet for Truong Phat dealer

Sigh only

Truong Phat agent is one of the agents that provide furniture products trusted by customers. In there, molding It is considered as one of the most loved by customers.

If you are looking for a classic for your living space, the Korean molding product of Truong Phat furniture gives customers' living space a delicate, luxurious and unique beauty.

Cornices - Decorative accessories loved by many people for their luxurious and classy beauty
Thread - A decorative accessory that is loved by many people because of its luxurious and classy beauty

Choose Truong Phat agent to redecorate your house

With the best values ​​that Truong Phat agent has been bringing to customers, it is not surprising that the agent always receives the trust and appreciation from domestic and foreign customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for an address that provides products, wooden floor and plastic floor With prestige and professionalism in the field of furniture, Truong Phat agent will be the perfect choice for you.

See more information about Kosmos Vietnam warehouse that distributes interior and exterior decoration materials.


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