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The advantages and disadvantages of stone plastic ceilings that everyone needs to know

The imitation stone plastic ceiling with a variety of colors and designs is familiar with today's works. The delicate beautiful stone vein has helped this material always be in the hearts of users. Join Kosmos to find out the advantages and disadvantages of imitation stone plastic ceilings!


Nature of PVC ceiling with stone pattern

Stone imitation plastic ceiling is also known as stone vein PVC ceiling. Because it has the main ingredient Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC plastic). This material is also known as stone-grained PVC sheet, granite slabs, marble ceiling.

PVC 2001 stone grain PVC sheet
PVC 2001 stone grain PVC sheet

The stone veins are formed on the surface designed to simulate real stone. When seen with the naked eye, it will look like real stone. Bring high aesthetics to ceiling plastic panels. In addition to the ceiling, stone PVC panels are also used for wall cladding, stair cladding, etc.


The structure of the stone-grained plastic ceiling

Different types of ceiling panels will have different structures. But in general, they are all composed of 4 basic layers:

Construction of stone-grained PVC panels
Construction of stone-grained PVC panels
  1. Surface coating: Is a specialized thin Nano layer, transparent color. Has the effect of protecting stone veins, anti-scratch and waterproof for the surface.
  2. Layer of decorative paper: This is a layer of paper printed with natural stone motifs that simulate many available stone samples. This is the layer that creates emphasis and creates diversity for the product.
  3. Plastic core layer: Stone-grained PVC combined with stone powder. Helps to shape and create firmness for the panel.
  4. Balanced sole: This layer consists of PVC resin and very little additives to increase adhesion with glue. To ensure the panel adheres firmly to the ceiling after construction.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fake stone plastic ceiling?

Through the structure, we certainly know some of the features of this panel. Plastic ceiling with imitation stone pattern is becoming the most popular wall ceiling material used today. However, in the process of using we may also encounter some problems.

Advantages of PVC ceiling with stone pattern

  • It is a cheap plastic ceiling covering material on the market.
  • Impact resistance thanks to good elasticity. Because there is a certain plasticity of PVC, the product will not be easily broken.
  • Resistant to water and dirt thanks to the glossy Nano surface.
  • Diverse models and delicate wood grain lines thanks to industrial and modern design. unique and sophisticated stone veins. The authenticity of textures and patterns is up to 99%. Sometimes even more beautiful than real granite, bringing the most luxurious beauty.
PVC stone panels with a variety of designs
PVC stone panels with a variety of designs
  • Easy construction of imitation stone plastic ceiling. Helps save time and money.


Every product will have its advantages and disadvantages, and stone-patterned plastic ceiling models also have certain disadvantages. Some like:

  • Imitation stone surface of some types is not natural: The simulation is not sharp, so the aesthetics are commensurate with the low price.
  • Can be broken, broken when encountering strong impact: There are ingredients from stone powder and plastic that bring many benefits, but should be used with caution because it may break and damage the product.

Should I use a fake stone ceiling?

Compared with other types of marble tiles, granite plastic panels are cheaper. At the same time, the weight is also lighter, very easy for the installation process. From its convenient characteristics, and its popularity. This product is the optimal material for ceiling cladding projects.

Is the stone PVC ceiling durable?

As mentioned above, the imitation stone PVC ceiling material is quite durable and sturdy. Using modern technology, long warranty period up to 15 years. Ensure peace of mind for users.

A small note is that there is a possibility of breakage, so do not be too strong, avoid children playing barefoot, ...

Operate carefully when constructing stone-grained PVC panels

Is the stone-grained plastic ceiling glued as a drive?

In fact, problems from cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, etc. are very concerned by homeowners. Because it directly affects health. The wall paneling is quite thin, about 3cm thick, so it is difficult for cockroaches to nest inside.


Kosmos imitation stone ceiling – High quality Vietnamese goods

Currently, Kosmos Vietnam is currently distributing Kosmos imitation stone ceiling and wall plastic products, fluted PVC panel, ceiling slats High Quality. Products are tested for high quality, manufactured on advanced technology. Rich wood grain designs with 33 different color codes, and 2 types of versions including 3.2cm and 2.8cm. Suitable for most projects large and small according to customer needs.

Thus, our article has shared about the nature, some advantages and disadvantages of imitation stone plastic ceiling. With the latest reference price on the market for your reference. Hope this article is useful for you to read. Any questions about the product and need to become a dealer, please contact here or Fanpage Kosmos Vietnam.

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