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Product code VN-912X3M
the size 400 x 26 x 3000mm
Material PVC resin and stone powder
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VN-912X3M partition panel is a product of the Galawood brand, made from virgin PVC plastic and stone powder. With dimensions of 400 x 26 x 3000mm, this partition provides a flexible solution for dividing space, creating an aesthetic highlight for every project.

Outstanding characteristics

  • Material: VN-912X3M partition panels are made from virgin PVC and stone powder, providing durability and high resistance to external forces and the environment.
  • Modern design: The surface of the partition is decorated with wood grain with a variety of colors and natural wood grain, creating a luxurious and sophisticated beauty for the interior space.
  • Effective sound and heat insulation: Thanks to its honeycomb structure and ideal thickness, VN-912X3M partition panels have good sound and heat insulation, helping to bring a quiet, cool space to users.
  • Anti-fire, anti-termite: The product meets fireproof standards level B1, safe for users. In addition, VN-912X3M partition panels are also resistant to termites and other harmful insects.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof: VN-912X3M partition panels are 100% waterproof, suitable for use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Easy cleaning: The surface of VN-912X3M partition panels is easy to clean and wipe, keeping the space always clean.
  • Simple construction: VN-912X3M partition panels are designed with a smart joint system, making construction simple, fast, saving time and costs.
  • Cost savings: Compared to traditional partitions such as natural wood, VN-912X3M partition panels are cheaper but still ensure high quality and aesthetics.


VN-912X3M partition panels are widely used in construction projects such as:

  • House: Dividing space into living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom,...
  • Office: Create partitions for offices, meeting rooms, etc.
  • School: Division of classrooms, libraries,...
  • Hospital: Create partitions for clinics, patient rooms,...
  • Restaurant Hotel: Dividing the dining area, bar,...

Benefits of using VN-912X3M partition panels

  • Space optimization: VN-912X3M partition panels help divide space flexibly and effectively, creating order and science for the project.
  • Enhance aesthetics: The luxurious and modern beauty of the VN-912X3M partition contributes to enhancing the aesthetic value of the interior space.
  • Improve usage efficiency: VN-912X3M partition panels help create separate areas, serving different needs.
  • Cost savings: Compared to traditional partitions, VN-912X3M partition panels help save construction, maintenance and repair costs.


VN-912X3M partition panels are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a flexible, cost-effective space division solution that brings high aesthetics to the project. With outstanding advantages such as high-quality materials, modern design, good soundproofing, heat insulation, fireproof, termite-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean and construct, wall panels compartment VN-912X3M will definitely meet all your needs.

Sectional view of partition panels
Sectional view of partition panels

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