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Product code VN-912X3M5
the size 400 x 26 x 3500mm
Material PVC resin and stone powder
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Partition panels VN-912X3M5 is a high-quality plastic partition product made from PVC materials and stone powder, providing a flexible and aesthetic space division solution for all projects. With modern design, elegant colors and diverse sizes, VN-912X3M5 is suitable for many different needs, from homes, offices to schools, hospitals,...

Outstanding features of VN-912X3M5 Partition Panel:

  • Excellent water and moisture resistance: Thanks to being made from PVC and stone powder, VN-912X3M5 Partition Panel is effectively water and moisture resistant, suitable for use in wet areas such as kitchens, toilets,...
  • High aesthetics: VN-912X3M5 partition panels possess a modern design and elegant colors, contributing to making the space more luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Size diversity: VN-912X3M5 partition panels have 400 x 26 x 3500mm, meeting the needs of many different areas.
Sectional view of partition panels
Sectional view of partition panels

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