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Product code VN-916X3M5
the size 400 x 26 x 3500mm
Material PVC resin and stone powder
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VN-916X3M5 partition panel is a product of the virgin PVC partition line. With modern, luxurious design and high-quality materials, VN-916X3M5 provides the perfect solution for dividing space in homes, offices, stores,...

Outstanding characteristics

  • Various sizes: VN-916X3M5 has a popular size of 400 x 26 x 3500mm, suitable for any space.
  • High quality materials: The product is made from virgin PVC and high quality stone powder, has high durability, good water resistance, termite resistance, and warping.
  • Elegant colors: VN-916X3M5 possesses an elegant paper-grain white color, creating a spacious and luxurious feeling for the space.
  • High applicability: The product can be used to divide the space of living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, store,...

Benefits when used

  • Flexible space division: VN-916X3M5 partition panels help you easily divide space according to usage needs, creating privacy and comfort for each area.
  • Increase aesthetics: The product contributes to improving the aesthetics of the space, creating a luxurious and modern highlight.
  • Cost savings: Compared to traditional partitions such as brick walls, VN-916X3M5 partitions have lower construction and installation costs, helping you save costs effectively.
  • Easy to clean: The surface of the GVN-016 partition panel is smooth, easy to clean and hygienic, helping you save time and effort.


VN-916X3M5 partition panels are widely used in many fields such as:

  • House: Dividing space into living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom,...
  • Office: Create partitions for offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, etc.
  • Shop: Divide product display areas, payment areas, etc.
  • School: Create partitions for classrooms, laboratories, libraries,...
  • Hospital: Dividing medical examination and treatment areas, waiting areas, administrative areas, etc.

Note when using

  • Do not use sharp objects to rub the surface of the partition.
  • Avoid letting chemicals come into direct contact with the partition.
  • Clean the partition with a soft cloth and warm water.
Sectional view of partition panels
Sectional view of partition panels

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