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Product code VN-916X3M
the size 400 x 26 x 3500mm
Material PVC resin and stone powder
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Galawood VN-916X3M PVC partition panels: Perfect solution for interior space

Product overview

Galawood VN-916X3M PVC partition panels are ideal wall cladding products for all interior spaces. With a modern, luxurious design and high-quality materials, VN-916X3M partition panels bring outstanding advantages in terms of aesthetics, durability and utility.

Outstanding characteristics

  • Trademark: Galawood - a leading prestigious brand in the construction materials and interior decoration industry
  • Product code: VN-916X3M
  • Size: 400 x 26 x 3000mm
  • Material: Primary PVC plastic and stone powder
  • Color: Paper grain white

Benefits of using Galawood VN-916X3M PVC partition panels

  • Good sound and heat insulation: The honeycomb structure helps VN-916X3M partition panels have effective sound and heat insulation, bringing a quiet and cool space to the house.
  • Anti-fire, anti-termite: VN-916X3M partition panels meet fireproof standards level B1, safe for users. In addition, the product is also resistant to termites and other harmful insects.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: VN-916X3M partition panels are 100% waterproof, suitable for use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: VN-916X3M partition panels are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, meeting E1 standards, safe for users' health.
  • Easy cleaning: The surface of the VN-916X3M partition panel is high quality, has high color fastness, good scratch resistance and is easy to clean with a wet towel.
  • Easy construction: VN-916X3M partition panels are designed with a smart locking system, making construction easy and quick.
  • Cost savings: Compared to other wall cladding materials such as natural wood, VN-916X3M partition panels are cheaper while still ensuring aesthetics and durability.


Galawood VN-916X3M PVC partition panels can be used for many different spaces such as:

  • House: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom,…
  • Office: Office room, meeting room, reception area,...
  • School: Classrooms, laboratories, libraries,…
  • Hospital: Clinics, patient rooms, waiting rooms,…
  • Restaurant Hotel: Reception area, dining room, bedroom,…

Note when using

  • Do not use sharp objects to rub the surface of the partition.
  • Limit the use of strong detergents to clean partitions.
  • The partition panels should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Galawood VN-916X3M PVC partition panels are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a beautiful, durable and cost-effective wall cladding solution. With outstanding advantages, VN-916X3M partition panels will contribute to bringing you a modern, luxurious and comfortable living space.

Sectional view of partition panels
Sectional view of partition panels

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