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5+ Latest exterior materials today

If you you look for a type new exterior materials for our apartment to be more modern, we have a few suggestions as follows:

Wood Plastic – Wood Plastic composite

Plastic wood is a relatively new line of materials used for exteriors in the Vietnamese market. This is a synthetic material between plastic and wood, accompanied by some additives used for adhesion or coloring.

There are many products made from plastic wood materials and are classified based on uses such as: panels, floor bars, pillars, etc. Therefore, the applications of this material are unlimited!

Using plastic wood materials for outdoor flooring.
Using plastic wood materials for outdoor flooring.

The international name of this new exterior material is Wood Plastic Composite. As you can see, this is a line of composite materials. They are created during human exploration and development of available materials. By mixing wood pulp and plastic beads, we have created a product line that is good for outdoor use.

Plastic wood products are not afraid of rain, not afraid of the sun and out of the attack of termites. However, wood-plastic composite has not been widely used because of its high cost. Some types of plastic wood products have quite complicated installations that only when you really have a need to renovate the exterior, do you consider them.

Use wood and plastic materials for exterior wall cladding
Using plastic wood materials for exterior wall cladding.

Besides, plastic wood is an ideal alternative to natural wood today. They are designed in wood tones from dark to light and have sunken and 3D wood grain designs that are quite realistic. .

The design of plastic wood products is quite similar to natural wood.
The design of plastic wood products is quite similar to natural wood.

Aluminum sheet – New exterior material

Hearing the name "aluminum panel" may be a bit strange, but perhaps you have heard of its other names such as "aluminum plastic panel", "aluminum metal panel". So, is this a plastic or metal material in the end?

Specifically, aluminum sheet is also a new material formed by combining two different materials. Here, the aluminum metal layer is pressed onto the two surfaces of a polyethylene plastic sheet. Not only that, they also apply a protective paint on the surface of the material.

This new material is lightweight, rust-resistant and weather-resistant, so it can be used outdoors. However, because of the plastic core layer, the aluminum aluminum plate has a lower heat dissipation ability than the ordinary aluminum plate.

Aluminum aluminum panels are a new exterior material
Aluminum sheet is a new exterior material.

Stabilized Aluminum Foam

One could argue that stabilized aluminum foam is a novel kind of exterior material, not just in Vietnam but also in the European market. They have not yet been widely used, but due to their exceptional qualities, many people will be aware of them in the near future. There are numerous exhibitions that feature this material.

To make it simpler for you to visualize, the stable aluminum foam surface resembles soap bubbles and sponges quite a bit. Despite their apparent lightness, they are definitely stiff. Foaming has been applied to molten aluminum material, which contains tiny ceramic particles, to produce this new material. They take on a distinct hollow porous shape after they harden. The voids in the material aid in sound absorption and noise reduction.

Stable aluminum foam - Photo source: interior daily
Stable aluminum foam – Image source: interior daily.

The stable aluminum foam sheet's size is unrestricted because production is done on a continuous line. You can find materials with the standard size of 1220 x 2440 mm if you don't need to order them separately. It is a flammable-free, corrosion-resistant, and recyclable substance. Your house can be completely transformed into a work of art with stable aluminum foam wall cladding!

Fiber cement panels – New outdoor materials

Cement, sand, water, and fibrous materials (wood fiber, carbon fiber, etc.) are just a few of the ingredients used to make the modern material known as fiber cement panels. This material can be used to clad exterior walls and ceilings. You can choose from a wide range of suppliers of fiber cement panels, including Swisspearl, Duraflex, and others, all of which use various production techniques.

Fiber cement panels do not harm the environment or the health of their users because they are made entirely of green materials. The slab appears to be quite thin but is made of concrete. They outlast conventional materials because they don't rot or crack. This new kind of exterior material has a 50-year lifespan on average.

Fiber cement panels can be used on exterior walls
Fiber cement panels can be used for exterior wall cladding.

IMP – Insulated Metal Panel

In terms of new materials used for exterior wall/ ceiling cladding, it is impossible to lack IMP (Insulated Metal Panel). This is a material known for its outstanding heat insulation and heat resistance. Keep your home cool from the hot, dry air outside.

This new material has a foam core and a steel outer shell. They are lightweight, easy to install, and have a lower carbon content than conventional building materials (e.g. concrete). This is a great choice for exterior wall cladding of factories, companies, etc.

IMP metal cladding is a new heat-resistant exterior material
IMP metal cladding is a new heat-resistant exterior material.

Sintered Stone – Sintered Stone

Stone is always a good candidate for outdoor use. Under the growing technology, a new type of stone was born that you should not ignore that is sintered stone (Sintered Stone). This is an artificial stone created by sintering technology (Sintering), has a large format and high heat resistance.

This brand-new exterior material is much harder than natural stone thanks to sophisticated production methods. They can withstand heavy loads and are not easily chipped. Sintered stone is a brand-new material that is made entirely of natural materials, making it safe for users. This material is suitable for use as a kitchen table where food will be in direct contact.

Sintered stone is sturdy, meets aesthetics and health safety
The sintered stone is sturdy, meets the aesthetics and health safety.

Corten Steel Sheet – The newest exterior material today

The most modern exterior material available today is corten steel plate, which can withstand all severe weather conditions. They don't require additional protective coatings because they have good oxidation resistance. The steel plate has undergone a contemporary metallurgical mechanism to accomplish this. Corten steel plate develops a layer of corrosion resistance based on the impact of the weather by combining a variety of metals and anti-oxidant elements.

This material can withstand high temperatures and has excellent strength. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. Although used directly in outdoor space, where exposed to sunlight and rain, the steel plate still lasts up to 80 years.

Corten steel panels are the newest exterior material today
Corten steel plate is the newest exterior material today.

How do you feel about the new exterior materials Kosmos suggested above? Hope this article contains the information you are looking for. Kosmos General Warehouse will also update new material lines for you. To receive the latest material information, you can subscribe to Kosmos at HERE.

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