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Product Type Stainless steel screws
Uses Used for iron beams & stainless steel latches
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Umbrella head stainless steel screw (code: VITDDU)  – Versatile, convenient, easy to use

Umbrella head screw (code: VITDDU) is a type of screw with many outstanding advantages, suitable for many purposes, including the construction of plastic wood floors/plastic wood panels. Screws are made from stainless steel (also known as stainless steel). 

Advantages of stainless steel head screws

Stainless steel head screws have the following advantages:

  • Withstand harsh conditions: Stainless steel has good resistance to corrosion and oxidation, even in environments with high humidity, salt, etc. Therefore, stainless steel head screws (code: VITĐDU) are suitable for use in outdoor projects, where have harsh weather conditions.
  • Sturdy, highly durable: Stainless steel has high hardness, good durability, and is less deformed when used. Therefore, Kosmos distributed head screws can be used for a long time without damage.

How to use VITDDU umbrella head screws 

VITDDU head screws can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Connect iron beams and stainless steel dowels when constructing plastic wood floors

Stainless steel dowels are used to fix the plastic wooden floor bar to the iron beam while still leaving a gap of about 3mm for the floor to expand and drain. The umbrella head screw is drilled into the center hole of the stainless steel dowel, pinned tightly to the iron beam.

  • Connect the panel with the iron beam

Umbrella head stainless steel screws can penetrate iron beams easily and quickly. It helps connect the panel to the frame directly (for plastic wood panels with long and thick edges), or through stainless steel joints (for panels with short and thin edges).

Note when using VITDDU

  • Do not use with plastic latches when constructing plastic wood floors.
  • Do not use on plastic wooden beams when constructing cladding panels.
  • Only use stainless steel dowels and umbrella head screws on plastic wood floor construction projects with small areas, covered areas, stable temperature, little water contact and a minimum height of 50cm such as: yacht decks, prefabricated houses (huts),...

Preserve stainless steel screws with parachute heads

To best preserve umbrella head screws (code: VITDDU), you should:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid contact with strongly corrosive chemicals.

Umbrella head screw (code: VITDDU) is now widely sold on the market. You can purchase at Kosmos product distributors to ensure the project has the best durability.

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